Yokohama YK740 GTX Review Smoother All-Season Performance

Choosing the right tire is like finding the best car in the market. The presence of thousands of options makes the process even more challenging. Today, we are going to review a tire from Yokohama, that is, YK740 GTX All-Season Tire.

We are going to look into its features and performance to evaluate if this is a good All-Season tire for the regular sedans and minivans. We will evaluate if the features match the claimed performance of this unit.

Moreover, to have a better view of it, we are going to show the pros and cons of this tire. After that, you will have a better judgment about the cost-efficiency of this unit and if it meets your requirement. Stay tuned and let’s roll.

About Yokohama

This company was born in 1917 with roots from Japan and garnered the first ISO-9001 certification for delivering high-quality products and services in the global market. In North America, Yokohama Tire Corporation is a marketing and manufacturing branch of the mother company in Japan.

They have been in the industry for quite some time in producing high-quality tires that are priced reasonably to fit the budget of the population. Technology, Research and Development is their main key to continually enhance the performance of their tires.

YK740 GTX Features

Quality is directly seen in the features of any product. Below are the specific sub-sections we have looked into for evaluating the quality of this tire.

Dimension and Size

Before buying any tires, you need to check what is the size requirement suitable for your vehicle. The size of this unit is fairly compatible with coupes, passenger cars, minivans, and sedans. Some of the specifics you need to look into include load index, aspect ratio, section width, and rim diameter.

Tread Patterns

It has a symmetric tread pattern which ensures the equal wearing of rubber and smoother performance. Tread patterns contributing to its quieter performance are its variable tread block designs and the center twin rail rib.

You would also see the four circumferential grooves which help channel water out from the tire surface. It also has a criss-cross traction sipe which provides a better grip on the road surface.


The tire compound matters as it influences the tread wear of the unit. For this, it is composed of a Tri-Plex Compound meaning you have three layers comprising the rubber compound of your tire. This provides you with longer tread life and balanced tread wear.

Moreover, in its internal structure, it has the twin steel belts reinforced by nylon threads to have sufficient shock-absorbing capacity.


The warranty service of any product reflects the company’s confidence in its quality. For this tire, it has a 30-day trial satisfaction guarantee and a mileage warranty of 65,000 miles.


We are done with the features, now let us go over the performance of this tire if it can suffice your need. A tire’s performance is an actual measurement of its true value aside from the features you readily see.

Dry Traction

For this all-season tire, its tread patterns can effectively deliver excellent dry traction on paved surfaces. This includes grip, steering response, and stability when moving around curves.

Its excellent handling and steering response is attributed to its hard rubber compound and sidewall which effectively absorbs vibrations and shocks. The good grip is attributed to the tire’s lateral and longitudinal grooves and sipes.

Off-Road Performance

Overall, this tire does not have enough aggressiveness in its tread designs and sipes to have a stronger biting grip on harsh conditions. The depth of its channels is also not capable of handling muddy surfaces. Moreover, there is not enough sturdiness on its sidewall to withstand sharp stones and objects along the way.

Wet Traction

For an all-season tire, its dry and wet traction are almost always the same. For this, it has excellent wet traction abilities because of its tapered circumferential grooves, rain channels and cross traction sipes.

The first two features help in channeling water out from the rubber surface so there is more contact between the tire and the road. Meanwhile, the sipes are responsible for increasing grip on wet surfaces.

Snow Traction

The cross traction sipes and grooves of this tire are only suitable for light snow traction. For medium to heavy winter conditions, this will not survive. Likewise, for extreme cold conditions, you need to have a flexible rubber material to prevent freezing.

Noise Level

This tire can effectively remove around 79 percent of noise when traveling due to its variable shoulder tread blocks and central twin rail rib. These features effectively break noise into tiny rhythms while ensuring a stable ride.

Comfortable Driving

The overall comfort provide by the tire’s features is around 82 percent and this is attributed to its central twin rail rib, durable tread compound, and shoulder tread blocks. The combined effect is a well-balanced and smoother ride on highway surfaces.

Pros And Cons

Knowing the benefits and setbacks of this tire is necessary for you to have a better gauge of its value for money. Likewise, if it can cater to all majority of your requirements.

The Pros:

The Cons

Let Us Wrap Up

Based on our evaluation, we can say that this tire is good for its purpose of being an All-Season tire for your daily on-road travelling. The price is more than reasonable against the features and performance it offers for dry and wet surfaces. Likewise, its level of performance for smooth, comfortable, and quiet ride exceeded our expectations. You can have this tire as your main or reserve tires for emergency cases. Always remember to have a closer look at quality and not price, as the cheaper ones can be unreliable and would cost you more for unforeseen events. Hopefully, we have given you much insight about this tire.

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  1. 2nd set of 4 that I have purchased in the last 12 months, I have two identical Kia Sportages and these tires are very smooth and quiet. The life of these tires is great….

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