Yokohama AVID ENVigor All-Season Radial Tire Review: The Closer Look

This review is no other different from other reviews you have come to encounter before. What makes this so far different is the fact that what we are about to scrutinize is a Yokohama Avid ENVigor tire. If you are a car enthusiast, then it is not surprising for you to keep on reading different perceptions about tires. It is among the best and highly-regarded tires which is also everyone’s dream tire. With this, let’s take a closer look and figure what makes it exceptionally everyone’s dream tire.

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Let’s Learn More About The Company

It is a product line of the Yokohama Rubber Company, LTD which is a Tokyo-based company. It was founded on October 13, 1917, with the joint powers and partnership of Yokohama Cable Manufacturing and B.F. Goodrich. The company took its first international expansion in 1969 and dominated the US market. The company has two manufacturing sites in the US; one in Virginia and the other one is in Mississippi.

It is a world-renowned brand which supplies and actively participates in various outdoor activities. One of which is the American Le Mans Series, IMSA GT3 Cup Challenge, and Japanese Super Formula.

The Yokohama Avid Envigor Key Features

Many would inevitably ask what makes this type of tire exceptional than the other brands in its competition. Let’s explore every inch of details how this brand stand out among the crowd. Aside from its advanced technology which gives better performance, safer drives, and suitable tires for long-distance rides, let’s dig more. Below are the critical key features which makes it exceptionally everyone’s dream tire:

Advanced Run-Flat Technologyyokohama avid envigor review

This feature helps maintains the performance and stability of the tire to run up to 50 miles and 50 mph. I could not contain the amazement in knowing this helps me identify unnoticed tire status. To add more to my delight, it is not required to match up with any specialized wheels.

Exclusive Contour

Its run-flat technology feature also provides a closed contour that increases the resilience to provide extra stability performance.

Sidewall Reinforcement

When driving with low air pressure, the sidewall supports the vehicle’s mass to keep and sustain its strength. This is honestly a great help whenever I forgot to check the tires before embarking on a road trip.

Full Power Bead Filler

With its supportive bead filler that comes along with its run-flat technology, I happily and contently have a relaxed ride. The bead filler corrects the tire pressure and helps enhance its firmness especially in low air pressure condition.

Sturdy Bead Wire

During flat run situations, its bead wire secures the fit by forming a hexagonal pattern to withstand the condition. With this, the run-flat technology which promises to keep you running up to 50 mph is feasible and achievable.

All-Season Resistance

Another critical feature which I genuinely love is its all-season resistance. With this, I am guilty of using it daily and have entirely zero plans on replacing it even when the season changes. Since it can be used in any type of season—rainy or dry, it is less hassle for change tires. I figured that its angled groove walls help resist hydroplaning and makes it flexible even for wet and winter seasons.

Easy To Maneuver

Another thing which I notice in using these tires is its effortless handling gives trouble-free drive. Later on, I realize that it is because of its uniblock shoulder and the tapered center rib which escalates stiffness. This is very useful and much appreciated during wet and winter seasons which are crucial and accident-prone periods.

Six-Pitch Tread Variation

What I hate most is noisy, and that is not far different when it comes to selecting tires. I don’t know with everyone, but surely some people will agree with me in this part. We just want a smooth and quiet ride, nothing more and nothing less. Fortunately, I am happy to bring to you the excellent news that this tire has six-pitch tread variation feature. With this feature which separates the tread blocks into six variations, every one of us can now enjoy a quieter ride.

The Pros:

The Cons:

Yokohama Avid Envigor Over-All Performance

This type of tires once again proved its viability to compete in the market. Despite the numerous all-season tires variations in the market, I am still confident of having this brand as one of my top choices. Its overall performance is to die for. The traction, grip, and run-flat features are all favorable in any road conditions. The six-pitch tread variation adds more to its unfair advantage of providing smoother and quieter rides.

Tread Life and Warranty

Overall, this tire is perfect to handle in all summer, fall, and spring seasons. Also, surprisingly, it does great even in the winter season and on the first snow phase. Tread life is still good and still in good condition even after two summer seasons. I tested it out and drove around 20k miles, and I could have gone more, but it is getting a little slick in wet conditions. It has an excellent performance throughout its tread life though I should be honest and say others could have done better.

yokohama avid envigor review

Final Verdict

With all the wide variations of all-season tires available in the market, having Yokohama AVID ENVigor tires is still a solid choice. If you are looking for a reliable and high-performance tire, Yokohama will never let you down. It has already proven itself for years, and it continuously strives for its place in the market.

For years, it has always been one of the best choices for all-season high-performance tires. It is not hard to convince someone the reason why they are still keeping their place amidst the competition. It is because those who have on-hand experience with these tires are living proofs that they are worthy of being around.

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