Vredestein Quatrac 5: A Complete Review

All-season tires were valued for their flexibility and durability. Whether you drive them during freezing winters or hot summers, the all-season tires promise a comfortable and convenient experience. It boasts superb traction, a strong grip, and precise brakes. That being said, all-season tires have become the benchmark for most public vehicles of today.

However, some say that all-season tires are quite a compromise. They say that it is nothing compared to summer tires on dry and wet pavements during the hot season. Consequently, even the most excellent all-season tire that you can find in the market may be lacking in important controls such as adequate traction or decent brakes when driving over ice.

Unfortunately, many drivers are not well-informed about the cons of all-season tires and some still use them even on cold winters, which happens to be unsafe. All-season tires tend to be unpredictable and they seem to perform poorly over snow compared to winter tires, which are meant to endure cold temperatures.

Be that as it may, not all all-season tires are as inadequate as the others. There are some which are designed with better improvements. We call this tire the all-weather tires but it still falls under the all-season tires. And as the name suggests, it works well whatever the weather condition is–even on icy and snowy surfaces.

The Vredestein Quatrac 5 at a glance

The Vredestein Quatrac 5 is an all-weather tire, which is made of more improved tread compounds that deliver satisfactory performance during wintertime. Not to mention the design and the material that is used to mold the tires–a fiercer tread pattern with more sipes for added traction. Hence, an all-weather tire is in between a winter tire and a regular all-season tire.

Take note that only a few tire manufacturers produce all-weather tires. So, we suggest that before you purchase a tire, do your research first and examine the area where you live. For more information about all-weather tires, you may go through our website. It also features those that are excelling in the business.

In this article, we will review one of our top picks for all-weather tires and that is none other than this tire. You might not be familiar with this brand but they are 100% reliable. Vredestein is a Dutch-based tire company, which is admired for its excellent performance.

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Features and performance

Vredestein described the Quatrac 5 as an all-purpose tire that suits any weather conditions. They also noted that despite its flexibility, it does not compromise safety and steering accuracy. What a bold statement, right? But this claim does not come from anybody, it is from a reputable and trusted tire company.

This all-season tire is ideal for vehicles such as sedans, crossovers, and coupes. If you are looking for a tire that has strong traction on snowy roads and is easy to control on wet and dry pavements, then you will never go wrong with this all-weather tire. Moreover, it is marked with 3PMSF–the winter-excellent performance symbol meaning, “Three-peak mountain snowflake”.

In a nutshell, the Vredestein Quatrac 5 Grand Touring All-Season Tire provides drivers a one-tire solution that performs well under any weather conditions, whether it be in the hot season or the cold season except for heavy winter seasons.

Keep in mind that winter tires are still more suitable in heavy snow, but this all-weather tire works far better in lighter snow compared to a proper all-season tire.

Great tread design

In achieving their claim of a high-performing all-weather tire, Vredestein chose a tread compound made from high-silica that is shaped into different asymmetric designs that are condition-focused. Other features of this tire include outboard shoulders, rigid tread blocks, and circumferential grooves, designed to strengthen traction and make handling easier.

Additionally, this all-weather tire is also fitted with inboard ribs and shoulders for safe driving during cold and wet seasons. On the other hand, its lateral notches help clear the water in the tires during heavy rainfall. For smooth driving on the snow, the tire’s tread patterns were intended to be winter-focused so it is jam-packed with dense zig-zag sipes.

As for the interior structure of the tire, it is designed according to what is the standard of its kind. It is built with a single-ply polyester cover that comes with dual steel belt support. The use of polyamide enhanced the tire’s rigidity. It helped improve the tire’s stability and responsiveness.

Innovative technology

  • Cutting-edge tread design: designed with an outer longitudinal asymmetrical groove for firmness and improved handling on drylands.
  • 3D Grip Claws: excellent cornering grip and quicker speed increase on ice or snow.
  • Brilliant and captivating design: performs great in both hot and cool weather.
  • Green EU tire label: a quiet tire, has low rolling resistance, does short-time braking distance on wet roads.
  • Ingenious Full-Silica Tread Compound: heavy-duty and long-lasting.

Excellent all-weather performance

All-weather tires are commonly presumed to work poorly during tire dry handling. However, according to our evaluation, we discovered that this tire responds extremely well for an all-weather tire. It performs on a par of a standard all-season tire.

It is significant to note that this tire supports the driver with a strong cornering grip. You will also notice that this all-weather tire is surprisingly predictable. Moreover, this tire holds high traction, especially when speeding up, and also provides short-distance brakes.

Reliable in wet conditions

It is quite satisfactory that this all-weather tire’s handling and braking perform well even in wet conditions. So far, this all-weather tire is potentially the best we have tried if we are going to talk about wet handling. As mentioned earlier, we said that this tire is very predictable. This implies that it is safe to drive on wet surfaces, giving confidence to the driver.

Furthermore, this tire’s braking distances in wet conditions make it the best in its category considering its price. The only downside that we have noticed is that it lacks hydroplaning resistance, however, do not fret because it is still safe to use for everyday driving.

Good snow traction

With regards to driving over snow and slush, the Quatrac 5 is undoubtedly the best all-weather tire. Compared to others, it provides shorter distance brakes but is a little bit longer than the best.

Kudos to Vredestein because their all-season tire has impressed our handling unit. Unlike all-season tires, this tire-set feels safer and more secure when driven over the snow. We also observed that its traction fares well too, so you should not worry about getting stuck in light snow.

Nonetheless, this tire is a perfect tire solution for people living in wintry areas that have light snow occurrences but not for heavy deep snow conditions.

Wide range of vehicle compatibility

This all-weather tire is available in various sizes that range between 13- to 20-inches. This is suitable for multiple vehicle types including an ultra-small vehicle, and middle-size and big-size sedans, even small SUVs and crossovers. However, we highly suggest that you do check and examine what you need first before purchasing.


To summarize, Vredestein’s all season tire is valued for the following characteristics:

  • Excellent on wet surfaces: short-distanced brakes, great handling, and lateral stability.
  • On par aquaplaning resistance.
  • Outstanding dry performance.
  • Fairy long snow braking distance, has good handling, traction, and slalom.
  • Has the highest noise level.
  • Superb rolling resistance.

Do you still have questions about this tire? Below are some of the frequently asked questions we’ve answered:

Is the Vredestein Quatrac 5 noisy on the road?

Due to its added features like the sipes and tread patterns, most all-weather tires tend to have a high noise level compared to all-season tires. Although it is not too loud, its competitors have lower noise.

vredestein quatrac 5 amazon

Final Verdict: Is the tire worth it?

If an added noise on the street is not a big deal to you, then the Vredestein Quatrac 5 Grand Touring All-Season Tire will do excellently as an all-weather tire. It is one of the most-sought after tires in the market today. It is almost the same as the premium tires that work best on any surface–wet, snowy, and dry.

What’s great about this tire is that you don’t have to pay more for good performance. Hence, these points are more than enough evidence for the all-weather tire of Vredestein to be deemed highly recommended in ratings.

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