Toyo Proxes ST Review: The High-Performance All-Season Tire You Truly Need

Finding a highly-performance with exceptional styled tire for your SUVs or sports car is a daunting task. The tight market competition and wide variation of choices we currently have do not seem to help. On the contrary, it even adds up to our dilemmas in choosing and finding the right brand. Hopefully, this review will help you learn about the product and the one-of-a-kind experience it promises to offer.

All About Toyo Tires

Toyo Tire Corporation manufactures and markets automotive parts such as tires for passenger vehicles, trucks, buses and many more. It was founded in 1945 and was expanded in the United States in the year 1966 as Toyo Tire Corporation. Today, Toyo Tires is a global brand which is fully trusted in its performance and speaks of quality.

Toyo Proxes ST Highlighted Features

Toyo as a global brand has a well-respected reputation when it comes quality. Toyo Proxes ST All-Season Radial Tire-305/40R22 114V is one of its product lines. This ultra high-performance street tire is a good selection for both off-road and offers you a good ride in any season. Here are some highlighted features to convince you more of its quality and reasonable price:

Sturdy Grip Design And Tread Wear Indicator

Appearance matches performance features in Toyo tire technology. I recommend this for sports drivers and crossovers because of its ability to handle maximum traction on wet or dry roads. The durability of the tire well matches the responsive steer which works best for aggressive drivers who are after the performance. Its very sturdy design gives a fully high-performance that thrills anyone who loves adventure.

V-shaped Tread With Sporty Sidewall Design

The V-groove on the tire allows the water to shift to one side. In return, it enables the tire to hug even the wet pavement smoothly. Its double V-shaped tread pattern moves water out of the tire’s footprint which serves as good feature in preventing hydroplaning. To add more to its magnificent performance, its stunning sidewall design adds an incredible look on your truck.

Nylon Reinforced Constructed Steel Belts

Had I mentioned about the durability of this brand? Its slipped nylon-dual belts are definitely not should be taken lightly. With its nylon-dual belts, it could outstand load pressure and give you more stable rides throughout your way. It also comes with sizes variations; thus there is no need for you to get worried about the size. Available sizes range from 16 to 24 to give you a more full range of selection to match your car’s needs.

Minimal Noise Technology

I should give credit to the dealer who once introduced me about Toyo Tires. What I figured out upon using it is this particular feature they have which stands them out from the crowd. This tire uses a unique technique to reduce the noise and to provide a more quality ride. This is one of the exceptional features which I amazingly feel gives a full advantage for them. Their research and engineering team is unstoppable in their rigorous effort to seek for more advanced technology to utilize and improvise.

Here is some example of benefits with this new technology which I just recently figured and leisurely enjoy:

  • More refined and improved uniformity in at high speeds
  • Upgraded high-speed endurance
  • More comfortable and fun ride
  • Low to significantly zero levels of noise emission

Belt Defender Technology and High Elongation Steel Cord

One of the highlights I came to realize as I examine the features of this newly found item is its protector ply. With the perfect combination of belt defender and high elongation steel cord, it gives the ultimate protection for your tires. It amazes me with its combined powers and capacity to protect the casing from cutting, chipping, and brake impacts.

Belt Defender Technology

I am now confident that my tires have ultimate protection and robustness to withstand any forms of the unwanted substance. What I significantly notice with past tires which do not have this feature is that it easily get damaged and rusted.

High Elongation Steel Cord

High Elongation Steel Cord is another fantastic feature of this product which kicks back the anxious side of me. I no longer have to worry about the durability of my tires whether on smooth or rough roads. With high elongation steel cord, it presents fiber with tight twists to give better and more improvised protection of tread area.

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Conclusion: Toyo Proxes ST Review

Even if the Toyo Tires offers a low advantage on snow season, it is still a recommendable brand for heavy trucks and passenger vehicles. This is just a small portion of a disadvantage you can get compared to other aspects which it excels a lot. The overall domination amongst other brands especially on the price range always proves that Toyo tires are a great buy.

Typically, with the environmental test, loading and pressure capacity and the guarantee to have a quieter driving experience a lot of premium brand tires offers significant price difference. The manufacturer understands the needs of drivers to have a valuable product must have without hurting so much their pocket.

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