Starfire Solarus AS Tire: A Complete Review

Starfire Tires is well-known for its offered affordable all-season tires. This tire brand is affiliated with Cooper Tires and is known for its tire products with uncompromised quality despite the price.

Starfire is a tire manufacturer in the USA that produces high-quality tires with exemplary mileage and excellent performance, yet staying budget-friendly. These tires are designed for different types of vehicles such as trucks, passenger cars, crossovers, and even performance vehicles, and SUVs.

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The Starfire Solarus AS at a glance

The all-new Starfire Solarus AS All-Season Radial Tire is the most recent offering of the Cooper Tire & Rubber Company; it is an addition to the Starfire line of tires. In a nutshell, this new tire model is designed with an all-season performance, perfect for crossover cars and passenger vehicles at different price ranges.

This all-season tire provides a more improved tread compound, as well as tread profile for its all-season traction feature. This tire offers you a smooth riding experience with easy handling control, not to mention its deep, lateral shoulder grooves, which creates excellent traction throughout the tire’s lifespan.

The tire’s sipes with biting edges were strategically positioned to counter dry, wet, and winter seasons. Also, the new tire offering prevents your speed rating from exceeding. This tire also provides wider fitments compared to its predecessors.



Features and performance

starfire tires logoThe Solarus AS tire is made as functional as possible for all-season performance. It is perfect for consumers who are looking for a tire that has a lot to offer. Everything you want in a tire can be found in it including great mileage, excellent traction, and good fuel efficiency for CUV and car drivers.

With this all-season tire, you will get to experience a whole new level of driving because of its functionality and detailed design. Its sipes and tread profile and compound provide efficiency in different weather conditions. Consequently, this tire is made from industry-leading materials that guarantee outstanding quality.

Furthermore, this tire has an improved contact footprint, thanks to its spiral nylon overwrap. The tire’s sturdy center rib supports stable handling, which in turn provides a trouble-free ride. To prevent tire noise while driving on the road at high-speed, this all-season tire was installed with variable pitch tread.

Excellent handling

Every driver should know that handling is an essential factor one must look for in any car tire-set. Just imagine if the treads don’t make a good touchpoint with the road, this is only a red flag for serious trouble. This makes the Solarus AS tire exceptional among others. It can stop even on sudden brakes and smooth curves with stability.

The tire’s consistent and outstanding performance owes it all to its reasonable and functional design. The manufacturer of this all-season tire has put a lot of effort into improving the handling of their tire models by integrating unique and special characters into each offering.

Regardless of the tread design of the tire having larger contact patches or asymmetric patterns and longitudinal grooves, the manufacturer has ensured that everything necessary for a superb driving experience is in this all-season tire. Expect high-speed stability, risk-free hydroplaning, and smooth handling from this tire.

Quality craftsmanship

starfire solarus as halfWe may not realize it, but the truth behind high-quality tires is the product of superior craftsmanship, not to mention the bold decision to incorporate advanced and innovative technology with the tire. Above all else, the performance of rigorous testing. Consequently, following the aforementioned parameters fully will therefore result in a remarkable car tire.

Undergoing the tire to serious testing is essential to bring out the best in the tire. Comparing their product with premium competitors lets them earn a gold standard. This all-season tire was tested for its brake system and handling under wet and dry conditions and its results are unbelievable!

Moreover, this tire has exceeded giant names including the Bridgestone in wet braking tests. In the U.S. where the testing has been undergone, the wet braking test result of this all-season tire was recognized widely, emphasizing that a local manufacturer that produces cheap tires was able to surpass industry-leading tire brands.

Competitive price

For hopeful buyers, price is also an important consideration when buying a tire-set. Many drivers look for a budget-friendly tire that is of high-quality and high-performing as well. It is a very generous offer that sparks joy upon drivers.

This new tire model is crafted with affordability in mind. The manufacturer values good tire quality, excellent tire performance, and reasonable tire pricing. Purchasing a set of these tires for your sedan may only cost you $400. If you are on a tight budget, then you must consider this tire brand.

Improved fuel efficiency

Due to technological advancements and additional innovative approaches, this tire model has accomplished decreasing rolling resistance without reducing tire traction. Most people would think that having more traction results in poor efficiency on fuel. However, in the current era of modernity, tires have become cost-effective even at gas stations.

Durable treading

This all-season tire is tried and tested as highly resistant. It is intended for heavy-duty driving and fares well under any weather condition. Additionally, this tire model is 99.9% long-lasting due to its boosted tread life.

Reliable brand

Although Starfire is not a leading, premium tire brand in the US, it has been valued in the industry for many decades. Up until now, they are still thriving in the business. Being associated with Cooper Tires, this tire brand has been endorsed as manufacturers of affordable tires that do not compromise quality and performance.

The unique selling proposition or USP of this tire brand is affordability and exceptional quality. This all-season tire brand is ideal for any kind of vehicle, providing superb mileage and performance at a cheap price. On top of that, these tires were manufactured and tested in the U.S. so that should assure us. Besides, it works well on US roads.

So whether it shines or rains, you can rely on that this tire brand has got your back and will perform with consistency and quality without costing you a lot of money.

Starfire Solarus AS specifications

The tire is absolutely an all-season tire, which is ideal whether in passenger vehicles or crossovers. This tire model is a replacement for the previous models SF340 and RS-C2.0. Compared to its older versions, it works better at a low price. For guaranteed and improved performance, this all-season tire was integrated with an advanced tread compound and tread profile.

The tire’s traction is ensured to work well throughout the tire’s life span with its deep lateral shoulder grooves. This design provides a comfortable ride and controlled driving.

On the other hand, the tires are also structured with unique siping that is designed to improve traction under whatever weather there is. It is with no doubt that this all-season tire model offers a lot of benefits and advantages, which is why it is not surprising that many drivers prefer this option.

  • Treads are intended for passenger type vehicles
  • Certified all-season and daily tire
  • Features a 98 load index
  • Superb high-speed rating
  • Included a service desc of 98H
starfire solarus as review

Final Verdict: Is the tire worth it?

The tire brand is initially designed to gear-up vehicles such as passenger cars, trucks, SUVs, crossovers, and high-performance cars.

Considering the Starfire Solarus AS All-Season Radial Tire price and outstanding quality and performance, you can never go wrong in choosing this tire model. Starfire is valued as Cooper’s best-selling brand. As of today, this tire brand is competing with the other five leading brands in the market.

What makes this tire brand ahead of the pack is that its products are not just made in the USA, it is also tested in their land as well. This gives more assurance that all of their tire models are exceptional and excellent in performance without the compromise of tire quality with affordability.

And also, you can be confident that this tire brand and tire models are in a competitive state in the market today.

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  1. Stuck in a debate with myself on whether to purchase the Cooper Starfire Solarus AS All-Season Radial Tire for $66 size 225/65/R17 for my 2010 Chevy Equinox LTZ or the Michelin Douglas All Season tire for $77. Both sound like decent tires. I’ll have to decide here today and order. ??

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