Pirelli Cinturato P7 Review Premium Green All-Season Performance

When you are looking for a tire that has been eco-friendly made with high-performance abilities, this one from Pirelli can be your top options. For the price below $160, the features and performance of this model are excellent for premium and regular cars. This tire is great for your all-around driving experience whether on hot summer days, rainy season and light snow conditions.

The perceived benefits from this model come from its latest “Green material” that enhanced its fuel efficiency and comfortable driving performance. Here, we are going to scrutinize its features to see if it matches its claimed performance. Stay tuned until the last section of this article to fully understand the benefits of this tire.

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About Pirelli

This tire company was founded by Giovanni Battista Pirelli in 1872 as G.B. Pirelli & C. They started as a manufacturing firm for rubber materials then later shifted to tires in 1901. Their full transformation of being a tire company happened in 2010.

Similar to other popular companies, they also put great investments in research and technology. Likewise, they constantly do a market test on their tires to check if it is of premium quality or not.

Pirelli Cinturato P7 Features

There are features to admire and gripe about this tire which we will uncover in this section. Our discussion for features covers dimension, tread compound, warranty, and tread pattern.

Dimension and Size

In general, this tire can match for your regular sedan, crossovers, SUVs, minivans, and sports car. Its rim size and section width are 17” and 225-mm, respectively. Each tire can accommodate a weight of 1,477 pounds or 670 kg.

Moreover, this one got an excellent UTQG rating of 700 A-A. It means its durability is 7x more effective than the regular “100” rating. The traction and temperature performance of this tire is graded A for both – the highest grade.

Tread Patterns

Pirelli Cinturato P7This tire has unsymmetrical tread design which complements for its purpose on fuel efficiency and comfortable performance. The various tread designs and sequencing on this tire are responsible for its comfortable driving performance.

The other important tread patterns worth noting include rigid central tread blocks and four circumferential grooves. In the performance section, we will discuss its function and benefits.


The rubber material of this tire has been enhanced for comfort, handling, and even tread wear. It is incorporated with a patented silica-rubber compound that provides enough rigidity and flexibility for all-season performance. The strong steel belts underneath are also responsible for its even tread wear.


Pirelli offers fair warranty service for all its tire models. Just refer to their warranty service policy and terms for further details.

Performance of Pirelli Cinturato P7

We are done dealing with the excellent features of this tire. Let us move to the performance derived from its features. This is a practical way of checking any tire’s functionality and value for money.

Dry Traction

The overall effectivity of its dry traction is around 80 percent. We can link that performance to the tread patterns and material of this tire. Its rigid central tread blocks contribute to better handling and steering performance. Likewise, the advanced silica-rubber compound provides the majority of the dry biting grip of this tire.

Off-Road Performance

Unfortunately, not all tires can have it all. Like this one, it is not built for off-road performance. The tread block designs and sidewalls are not that sturdy and aggressive to compensate for the harsh off-road conditions.

Inevitably, you can still use this tire but do not expect much from it. There will be faster tread wear and less biting action, particularly on muddy and rocky surfaces.

Wet Traction

Pirelli tires

The wet traction performance of this tire is similar to its dry grip action, that is, 80 percent effectivity. We can link that to its excellent four circumferential grooves that increase hydroplaning resistance. Its silica-rubber material also contributes to its better biting action even on wet surfaces.

Snow Traction

This tire is not built for medium to heavy snow conditions. On light snow surfaces, you can still feel fair traction for this tire, but for safety purposes better have separate winter tires. There is not much 3D micro-sipes and depth on its grooves to survive winter.

Noise Level

This tire has four different tread designs which are sequenced repetitively and separately on each circumferential tread blocks. The arrangements and designs contribute to its effective noise reduction capacity. In highway driving, you will hear not a single irritating noise from this tire.

Comfortable Driving

This tire can effectively deliver comfortable driving and mileage performance by around 90 percent. The varied tread patterns of this tire do not only reduce noise but also promote better handling, cornering, and steering abilities.

Despite running at a moderately fast speed, you can expect better braking, accelerating, and cornering actions with its hybrid tread compound and compact central blocks. The effective noise reduction and steering performance of this tire contribute to its overall comfortable ride.

Pros And Cons

Before wrapping it up, let us have a quick summary of the good and bad side of this tire. This is an excellent way of giving you a holistic view of the worth of this model.

The Pros:

The Cons

Pirelli Cinturato P7 Review

Summary: Pirelli Cinturato P7 Review

The features of Pirelli Cinturato P7 tire can live up to its claimed performance of being a Premium Green All-Season tire. You can fairly see that from its tread patterns, circumferential grooves, central blocks, and material. We hope to give you substantial details on the value for money of this model.

You can do your market research to check on some details about this tire. If you have further questions or comments, feel free to have that in our comment section below.

Nevertheless, if you find this article useful, refer it to your friends and colleagues who might need it. We have other related articles you can check out for other tire models and topics related to tires.

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