Nokian enNTYRE 2.0 Review Affordable All-Season Comfort & Performance

All-Season tires are built to provide excellent balance on dry, wet, and light snow traction performance on highway surfaces. There are plenty of these tires to choose from in the market that even car enthusiast are finding it hard to find the best one.

Today we are featuring a tire of this type manufactured in the northernmost part of the globe. They came from the coldest regions and are an expert in making winter tires but this one we are featuring is their all-season tire.

We are going to uncover its features and benefits to see if it is worth your time and money. The best thing about this tire is that it offers comparable benefits with some famous brands but at a more affordable cost. We are also showing the pros and cons of this product to help you have a clearer picture of it.

About Nokian Tyres

Nokian Tyres have a strong customer base in Scandinavian countries and Russia. Today, they are gradually making their market in North America and Central Europe for winter and all-season tires that meet the requirements of the people.

From their stronghold winter tires, they have made constant innovations to manufacturer tires that can perform satisfactorily in all types of climate. To reinforce their competencies, they have the Vianor chain which provides outstanding tire maintenance services.

Nokian eNTYRE 2.0 Features

We are going to look into the features of this tire to check if it delivers its claimed performance and benefits. These features cover dimension, tread patterns, compound, and warranty.

Dimension and Size

Nokian eNTYRE 2.0 Features

The section width, aspect ratio, and rim diameter of this tire are suitable for coupes, sedans, mini vans, and crossovers. Make sure you check the size requirement of your vehicle before buying any tire model.

This tire can effectively lift 1,819 pounds of weight. Likewise, it can effectively run on a maximum speed of 149 mph before wearing rapidly.

Tread Patterns

This tire has a directional and unsymmetrical tread pattern which provides excellent benefits for all-season performance. The directional V-shape patterns are responsible for directing water out from the tire surface.

Whereas, the unsymmetrical pattern delivers reliable traction both on dry and wet surfaces. It also exhibits good traction on light winter conditions.


Nokian has made a good enhancement on the tire compound of this unit. From their flexible winter tires, they have made good improvements on its sturdiness to withstand summer and rainy conditions. The rubber compounds of this tire have triple layers to have a longer tread life. Likewise, to ensure balance wearing, it has steel belts underneath wrapped around with nylon fabrics.


The limited warranty service of this tire is 75,000 miles. You need to refer to its eligibility conditions to avail of the warranty service and replacement.


Features are the first thing you can observe that reflects the quality of the tire. Here, we are going to look at the performance of this tire and if it meets your needs. We are covering different facets such as dry, wet, winter traction, off-road performance, noise level, and comfortable ride.

Dry Traction

The overall effective dry traction delivered by this tire is around 80 percent. We can link this to its unsymmetrical tread patterns. Its micro sipes, diagonal grooves, and variable tread pitches improve the biting grip action of this unit.

Off-Road Performance

The rigidity of its tread patterns and toughness of its sidewalls is not enough to withstand the harsher conditions of off-road surfaces. A constant ride on these surfaces will hasten the tread wear of this tire.

Likewise, the depth of its grooves proves to be not ample to survive muddy conditions. Mud can easily fill up the gaps which lead to lesser traction. The sidewalls have no stone ejectors to push away from rocks and sharp objects.

Wet Traction

Meanwhile, the effectivity of its wet traction is around 70 percent, not far from its comparable brands. We can link its good grip on wet surfaces with its directional tread patterns, circumferential grooves, and sipes.

The directional pattern redirects water in one direction to have a larger tire surface area in contact with the road. The circumferential grooves do the same thing while the sipes enhance tire grip for this situation.

Snow Traction

The features of this tire are not for extreme winter conditions but lighter ones only. For a winter tire, the micro sipes must be plenty and more rigid. Likewise, the lateral and longitudinal grooves must be deeper so the snow won’t easily fill it up.

Noise Level

The variable shoulder tread pitches of this tire are capable of reducing noise by approximately 79 percent. This is further enhanced by its central rib patterns which strikes balance in every turn. It proves to be a good on-road tire for this reason.

Comfortable Driving

Based on various test drives and customer feedback, the comfort level of this tire is around 75 percent and handling accuracy is 60 percent. This enhanced handling and cornering abilities are linked to the tire’s unsymmetrical pattern.

The outside section of this tire has larger tread blocks for better cornering on dry surfaces, while the inside and middle section if for wet and light snow traction.

Nokian enNTYRE 2.0 Pros and Cons

We are done scrutinizing its performance, not let us look at the benefits and gripes about this tire. This helps you have a more solid idea on its value for money.

The Pros:

The Cons

Nokian eNTYRE 2.0 Review

Let Us Wrap Up

Based on the things we have discovered, we find this tire to be cost-effective on being an all-season tire that delivers reliable comfort and performance. You get all these benefits for a price lower than $100, that is a good bargain. The benefits we like from this tire include comfort, better handling and cornering, quieter ride, and affordable price.

Nevertheless, you need to do your market research to further speculate if this tire is really good for the price. It is still better if you have several options when choosing the right tire for your need. There are plenty of options you can try in the market and this Nokian enTYRe 2.0 is a good unit you can try.

Like any other tires, this one has its limitations too. Once the 50 to 60 percent tread of nanotech pro and the multi-cell compound is completely used up then it loses its winter abilities. This is not a definite negative thing considering you have gained many benefits from using it as your winter tire. Moreover, it did lost its winter abilities but you can still use it as your all-season spare tire.

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