Nitto NT555 G2 Review: Intense Performance All-Season Tire

Several things have greatly improved in the features and performance of our tires today. The advent of research and innovation have made numerous enhancements in producing quality tires to meet the dynamic demands of customers in the global market. Consequently, this made the choosing process more complicated with lots of options in the market. Thus, the customer tends to do extensive market research to find the right tire to meet all requirements.

Today, we are going to review the Nitto NT555 G2 Intense Performance All-Season tire. Based on its features and performance, this tire claims to be an excellent option for your all year round, all season highway tire. Together, we are going to examine its essential features and how it relates to performance. Likewise, we included a chart for the pros and cons to have a better light of things and avoid biases.

About Nitto Tire CompanyNitto Company Logo

The makers of these quality tires have been in the industry for almost 68 years. They have successfully maintained great market strength with its core principle for innovation and passion. Before releasing a new tire, they do several testings to ensure its performance meets customer demands. Research and development have been their main pillar for continued excellence.

Nitto NT555 G2 Features

Tire features are essential parameters in gauging the quality of any tire. We include tire compound, tread design, and warranty service for the evaluation of its features. A closer look at these things will enhance your judgment about this tire.

Tire Compound

The longer tread life of this new tire is mainly attributed to its enhanced tire compound used in its production. They added new components to enhance molecular interaction in the rubber compound making it more tough and rigid. This increase the tire’s resistance for chips and cuts. Likewise, silica particles are incorporated to provide better biting grip in every turn. High-tensile steel belts and full-width nylon are also built underneath the tire to reinforce rigidity and balance in wearing.

Tread Design

This tire has four main highlights for its tread design: wider shoulder tread blocks, circumferential grooves, enlarged tapered tread blocks, and twin center ribs. The tread patterns of this tire play an essential role in its traction, braking, handling, steering response, and cornering capabilities.


This tire offers the standard warranty service for eligible conditions. The after-sale service of tire matters to any customers particularly if something odd happens on the early purchase period.

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Performance of Nitto NT555 G2

We are done looking at its features, now let us discover the potential performance derived from the features of this tire. Performance evaluation will give us a practical assessment of the tire’s overall quality and credibility.Performance of Nitto NT555 G2

Off-Road Performance

Looking at the tread patterns and rigidity of this tire, it does not have enough traction and toughness to withstand the harsh off-road environment. You can still use it for off-road rides but expect for limited power and traction capabilities. Likewise, it will easily wear off considering its construction is not engineered for this driving condition.

Dry Traction

Its overall dry traction performance rating is around 90 percent efficient. This rating covers dry traction, handling, cornering, and steering responsiveness. This excellent result is strongly linked to its tread patterns. The enlarged tread block designs contribute to better stability and handling abilities. Its twin center rib and huge tapered tread blocks add more biting grip and dry traction. Further, the wider shoulder blocks with lateral grooves provide better cornering abilities.

Wet Traction

Overall wet traction performance of this tire is equivalent to its dry traction rating. Indeed, they have successfully made innovations to this new model. This overall rating covers wet traction and hydroplaning resistance. The improved wet traction ability is attributed to its silica particles and lateral grooves. While hydroplaning resistance is increased through the circumferential grooves of the tire which quickly redirects water out from the tire surface.

Snow Traction

This is one weakness for this tire as it can only hold up for light snow conditions. It does not have the extreme ruggedness of an all-terrain off-road tire which can move along deep snow conditions.

Noise Level and Comfort

The overall performance rating for its noise level reduction and comfort is around 80 percent. This result complements the claim of being a high-performance and convenient tire. The effective noise level reduction can be linked to its enlarged tapered tread blocks and wider shoulder blocks. Likewise, this feature also promotes the comfortable driving experience for it efficiently maintains a stable ride even for slight bumps along the way.

Tread Life

The new compound added which improved molecular bonding of the tire compound greatly prolonged its tread life by around 80 percent. This feature gives you more cost savings considering you will be having a longer time of utilizing the features of this tire. Moreover, the high-tensile steel belts and full-width nylon underneath the tire enables balance wearing.



Overview: Nitto NT555 G2 Review

We have seen all the features and performance ratings for this tire. Overall, we see this tire as an excellent choice for an all season, high-performance highway tire. Indeed, there are few things to love and gripe about this tire. However, its overall benefits are much greater compared to its setbacks. Perhaps, the best thing you can do is take a step back and reflect on the details you have seen.

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