Nexen Tires Review: The Secrets Of Top Automakers

nexen tires review

If we have an individual choice and preference when it comes to choosing our tires, top and leading automakers also have theirs. When comfort and performance are tackled, automakers only trust one brand—Nexen Tires. The brand is considered to be the most trusted name in the industry, and most insiders use it for several reasons.

In this Nexen tires review, we are going to unveil the top secret of most automakers in the market today. I made a list of the most awarded and highly regarded product lines of the company. We are going to examine and evaluate each model. Together, we are going to figure out the reason why it is considered the most trusted brand among automakers.

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Product Name Image Rating Item Weight Load Index Amazon Link
Nexen N Fera SU1 34 26 lbs 97 Check Price
Nexen Roadian MTX 35 32 lbs 108 Check Price
Nexen CP672 All-Season 36 52 lbs 108 Check Price
Nexen N Priz AH5 37 34.9 lbs 111 Check Price
Nexen N7000 Plus nexen2 21.2 lbs 94 Check Price

1. Nexen N Fera SU1

The Pros:

The Cons:

If you are looking for an ultra-performance both in dry and wet pavement, Nfera SU1 is the best choice for you. It is primarily designed to suit for sport coupes, performance sedans, and drivers who love stiff and excellent traction model. The first thing I notice in this tire is its asymmetric tread pattern. It is very intriguing and is more appealing to me. Here are more of its exciting features on this Nexen tires review:

4G Tread Compound Technology

The asymmetric tread pattern is not only pleasing in the eyes, but it can be pretty functional, too. It is made to provide dependable traction and gripping stability both in dry and wet conditions. I was blown away when I experienced it first-hand. I got so confident driving around even on wet pavements because the tire is indeed an excellent quality.

3D Block Design

It has an augmented feature which makes it a lot greater and better than its kind. Another reason why I no longer worry driving around wet pavements is its 3D block design which gives additional security. It promotes safety by focusing on enhanced gripping capacity and stability especially in wet conditions.

The design is very functional and impressive because it optimizes the sipping for enhanced grip. I should never forget telling about the very swift steering response, too which I genuinely love.

Three Circumferential Grooves

Its three large circumferential grooves are another attention-worthy feature. Although I had already somewhat expected from this model to have such functions, I am still astonished. It is very imposing how the grooves quickly move to channel away water and prevent hydroplaning.

Comfortable Ride

One of the best experience I had so far in my riding experience. Its optimized tread pattern also has another purpose. It helps to reduce the noise emissions of the tire when on the road.

Wide Selection

This model is flexible, and it offers a wide array of selection. It has available sizes from 15 inches up to 20 inches. You will also find V, W, and Y-speed ratings on this product line. Furthermore, it offers 25 000-mile tread life warranty. Although some might find the tread life a little bit short, this model is true to its promise. But, yes, I agree that they need a little improvisation in this area.

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2. Nexen Roadian MTX

The Pros:

The Cons:

This mud-terrain tire is perfectly designed for severe off-road adventure and thrilling rides. While it can be a real monster off-road, it is still well-behaved and well-mannered on-road. The experience is really impressive and awe-inspiring. It didn’t fail to leave me breathtaking after every single ride. Here are more of its amazing features which you will surely love:

New Cut and New Chip-Resistant Tread Compound

This feature optimizes the tire’s traction and gripping capacity. With its optimized tread pattern, it enhances the tire’s stability even on the harshest terrain you plan to drive it on. The cornering balance and stability on wet pavements is also another remarkable thing in this model. I am genuinely happy with this model because it always gives me a ‘ready to go’ vibe.

Three-Ply Sidewall

If you plan on taking heavy loads with you, you don’t have to worry about this model. It is because it is equipped with its three-ply sidewall which boosts protection and capacity for handling heavier loads.

This is perfect for me because I tend to really abuse my vehicle when it comes to taking loads. I truly appreciate this feature for the boosted and more enhanced protection and loading stability.

Dual Sidewall Design

Another unique feature I should never miss. This feature adds up to the already aggressive look of this tire. Everyone will surely love its physical appearance because it looks just like as aggressive as a beast. No wonder it is often referred to as the ‘beast on the road.’

Silent Performance

No matter how aggressive and monster it looks like in the outside, it performs well on-road. This model won’t let you down, but instead, you will be left in awe for its super silent on-road performance. Definitely no noise emission or road noise you will hear on your full trip. It is outstanding, and it deserves my slow clap, I was genuinely impressed.

Rim Protector and Large Lugs

Its rim protector is a useful tool in safeguarding the tire and preventing it from damaging hurdles on rough surfaces. When driving on harsh terrains where any form of obstacles are present such as rocks, stones, muds, and sands, enhanced protection is needed. More massive lugs are also helpful in having stable fraction when driving on rough roads and uneven pavements.

3. Nexen CP672 All-Season

The Pros:

The Cons:

Widely known as a high-performance all-season tire, this model is built for sports cars, coupes, and sedans. It is best characterized by its excellent handling, impressive cornering stability, and grip performance even on wet pavements. This model has as well long-lasting tread life with 70 000-mile tread life warranty and an H and V-speed rating capacity. With this on hand, I am already pleased with this model; however, there are more to this Nexen tire review.

Semi-Dual Continuous Center Ribs

I am very much thankful for this feature to exists because it helps the tire maintain its stability and enhances the steering experience. When I say steering experience, I mean the responsive handling and the quick brake response.

Cornering stability is also another good thing about this model. Both on dry and wet pavements, traction is pretty impressive, and I believe that is because of its perfectly designed center ribs.

Wide Conferential Grooves

Another contributor to the high-performance of this tire when we talk about gripping stability and traction is its grooves. The four wide conferential grooves of this model allow quick channels for water to drift away. It is, and I much appreciate the feature because it serves as a safety measure especially during rainy seasons.

Unique Tread Design

Aside from being attractive and pleasing in the eyes, this model’s unique tread design also helps reduce noise emissions on the road. Through its five random pitch variation, this model is engineered with careful consideration of minimizing the road noise. With this, I expected too much of this product. However, I think their efforts are not enough to fully get rid of the annoying sound that it emits during the drive.

Aside from the noise, another setback I found in this model is its low performance on deep snow and icy road surfaces. The traction on snowy pavements does not work well. It is pretty much understandable.

This is usually the most common issue I typically find when checking up an all-season tire. Other than that, the overall performance of this model is pretty impressive that I would love to recommend it to my friends.

4. Nexen N Priz AH5

The Pros:

The Cons:

For those who are looking for an all-season tire, N Priz AH5 is an excellent choice to include in your list. It provides excellent traction and gripping stability both in wet and dry surfaces. It is also equipped with advanced features that boost its functionality and performance. For those who are looking for affordable choices, this model also offers a very budget-friendly price for entry level.

All-Season Tread Compound

This feature is very reliable for traction performance in both dry and wet conditions. It is also useful in easily maneuvering the tire on wet pavements. The handling are impressive and I have no further say about its speed range. The experience is definitely beyond ordinary.

Tread Design

The primary purpose of the tread design aside from attracting eyes is to reduce the noise emissions. I am grateful, and I appreciate the effort of the company to include such a feature that is indeed useful. I notice that there is a considerable number of models which often, unfortunately, fail in this area. Most commonly, it happens for the all-season type of tires. Aside from the fact that it model has exceptional character, it also gives away another feature for me to praise on.

Rigid Outside Shoulder Blocks

With the cooperation of the function of the center ribs, its very firm and stable shoulder blocks greatly enhances the steering response. I will never get tired of repeating the impressive features of its steering and handling response. It is because I am still in great awe with its performance. Thanks to this model, I was able to experience a real thrill in my whole driving experience.

One setback I found with this model is its traction performance when it comes to deep snow and icy pavements. I don’t see it as a big deal since it is not a winter tire. Furthermore, the other features aforementioned are already enough for me to give this model an excellent rate for its overall performance. This model also offers a wide range of size selection starting from 14 inches up to 17 inches.

5. Nexen N7000 Plus

The Pros:

The Cons:

Another all-season tire which you can add to your list is this N7000 Plus. The company has already produced a previous version; thus this one is an upgraded version of N7000. This is more appealing and much suit for high-spirited drivers who seek high-performance tires. This model as well offers more durability and longevity on its tread life.

Silica-Enhanced Tread Compound

The company produces a new technology to match up to its symmetric tread pattern in this model. With the silica-enhanced tread compound added as a feature, it provides an additional traction capacity and stability to the tire. This both works on wet and dry road conditions. As an all-season tire, this is an expected character, and I am glad that I was not disappointed.

Rounded Shoulder Edges

Another favorite feature of this model is its rounded shoulder edges. It gives additional cornering and handling performance that best suited for highly-spirited drivers. The quick steering response also caught my attention. I find this feature very useful together with the center rib design.

Four Straight Circumferential Groove

Another reason that boosted my confidence when driving around this model is its grooves design that decreases hydroplaning. The water dispersion is impressive that I can’t find the time to worry about it. It functions perfectly in channeling away water especially during wet weather conditions.

50 000-mile Tread Life Warranty

Another offer is its tread life warranty. It promises 50 000 miles ahead, and I believe this is a very legitimate claim. What I notice most on the company’s product line is that it commonly guarantees what others consider as less expected capacity. I honestly prefer this one than having high expectation and at the end being disappointed by your findings.

Its overall performance is excellent and impressive for its kind. However, I find that its traction during winter conditions are not that impressive. The good thing is that it is rated average. Most of its kind usually get poor performance when talking about traction in deep snow and icy surface conditions. But this model successfully got an ‘average score’ thus in its totality; it is still an excellent choice to take.

The Nexen Tire Company Review

This Korean Tire Manufacturer has been around in the industry for about 70 years. Through a long period of time, the company was able to get through different and several challenges. Despite those challenges and struggles on the way, the company was able to stick to its ground and continue to move forward.

Their blazing desire to deliver ultimate quality goods and to develop new technologies to render greater riding experience is the ultimate fuel. Here are more reasons why this brand’s tire is the best fit for you:

  • Designed to possess an advanced handling capacity
  • Built with optimum robustness and durability
  • Tires are all produced with polyester casing to promote stability and comfort
  • Possess advanced and world-class facilities to ensure premium quality output
  • Undergoes testing before launching new technologies

Summary: Nexen Tires Review

With this in-depth analysis of the company’s background and capacity to render a product, the final verdict is in your hands. There is a wide selection of brands and manufacturing companies which offer the same product line. However, the difference lies in principle and the main focus and the intended goal of the company. With all the information unveil to you, picking the right brand, and the right model is now more comfortable for you to make.

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