Milestar Tires Review: What Makes Them An Excellent Choice

Milestar Tires Review

When we talk about tires, the focus automatically shifts on having outstanding quality and performance. With the wide variety of product for high-performance, all-season, all-terrain, and street performance, Milestar Tires have a steady claim. They are one of the best-known brands in the industry and they still, continuously expand their market. As an industry leader, they keep on working to provide commercial, specialty, and customized tires for their users.

In this Milestar tire review, I am going to show you the different product lines and models produced by the company. Then, all together we are going to scrutinize whether or not this is an excellent choice for you. The list of product lines I am going to show you are the ones I feel comfortable with. These choices already passed my taste and preference, and they are already tested to ensure the wheel performance and capacity.

Here are some of the most fancied tires that Milestar had ever produced:

Product Name Image Rate Item Weight Load Index Amazon Link
Milestar MS932 XP+ 21 26 lbs 97 Check Price
Milestar STREETSTEEL 29 32 lbs 108 Check Price
Milestar Patagonia MT 20 52 lbs 108 Check Price
Milestar GRANTLAND AP 28 34.9 lbs 111 Check Price
Milestar MS932 Sport 27 21.2 lbs 94 Check Price

1. Milestar MS932 XP+

The Pros:

The Cons:

This model is explicitly designed to provide dependable all-season traction and substantial wear. This particular tire is equipped with splendid features and advanced technology to produce high-performance experience. Here are some of its best features:

Optimized Inside Tread Pattern

The internal structure of the tread enhances its traction, especially for wet and deep snow weather conditions. Such design enhances the grip and gives a superior and excellently incredible cornering stability.

3D Siping

Another enhanced feature that significantly contributed to this model’s traction and gripping capacity is the 3D siping. Surprisingly, the additional sipes that I found did not only add traction during wet conditions. It even more amazingly performs well to deep snow and icy surfaces.

Large Shoulder Tread Blocks

One thing I love about this model is its high-performance and awe-inspiring cornering grip and stability. Thanks to its advanced feature and shoulder tread blocks, the model is even more breathtaking. It is surprising how confident I can manage to be around wet pavements and super harsh terrains.

Wide Circumferential Grooves

This tire’s circumferential grooves together with its optimized tread pattern are just the best I could ever ask. It is exceedingly helpful to swiftly get rid of water and reduce the risk of hydroplaning. This is a significant turn on for sure not just for me, but for every driver out there.

W-Speed Rating

This model is available in varied sizes from 18 to 20 inches and with a W-speed rating. This is somewhat surprising and unexpected for a low price model in this category to offer an additional feature. Furthermore, the warranty services is a 30 000-mile tread warranty. I could never be happier upon hearing this good news. Read also: Tire wear patterns


The Pros:

The Cons:

The first thing I notice in its appearance is its white letter name design. I find it undeniably sexy and impressively aesthetic. This is a perfect match with your classic trucks, muscle cars, and other classic and vintage-style vehicles; this is for you. This model is not all about the looks, but it is more about performance. Here are some splendid features that this model offers:

Classic Sidewall

As I already mentioned, this tire’s aesthetic white lettering adds a classic vibe to the outer appearance of this model. It’s impressive how the company took an effort to incorporate a stylish look and did not solely focus on the performance. For sure this style much intrigued those with classic cars and classic truck enthusiasts.

Angled Siping and Notched Center Rib

With this enhanced feature added on to this model, nothing you need to worry about anymore. On-road traction both on wet and dry pavements are excellently stable. The grip is astonishing, and handling is flexible and quick. I am all-hands up on this model.

Angled Shoulder Design

For the advanced cornering and steering stability, its angled shoulder design is something to be grateful about. It goes perfectly with the function of center rib that allows competent and high-performance action.

Circumferential Grooves

With the supporting circumferential grooves that optimizes water evacuation, there is nothing to be doubtful about its gripping stability anymore. This feature allows the tire for a more stable grip and excellent traction more particularly in wet surfaces. It also reduces the risk of hydroplaning. However, grip in snow and deep ice is not something you should anticipate.


Another thing that I was happy about in this model is its versatility to fit with a variety of today’s vehicles. If you are opting for muscle cars, classic trucks, hot rods, and other more vintage-styles, this tire is the best choice. This model offers a range of 14 to 15 inches size varieties for all sporting vehicle.


Another notable thing I can’t afford to miss is its steel-belted construction feature that elevates the tire’s strength. These belts add up puncture resistance and allows the tire to stay flat to make better contact with the pavements.

3. Milestar Patagonia MT

The Pros:

The Cons:

This model was launched last 2015, and with such a short period, it has already successfully gained the market’s trust. It is one of the most popular choices for truck, SUVs, and CUVs drivers. The rugged and aggressive look adds to its charm. The tire is also equipped with advanced technology and built with innovative techniques to deliver high-performance experience. Whether it is an on-road or off-road adventure, the thrill and fun are never any lesser. Here are more of its key features and attributes:

Three-Ply Sidewall

Its three-ply sidewall feature added more strength and impact protection while you are exploring on-road or off-road. Whether in the harshest terrain which full of muds, stones, dirt, gravel, and sands, your adventure no longer have to pause.

Stone Ejectors

One of my favorite features is this tire’s stone ejector designs. It is fused to add more protection against stones on your way. If you are going to observe how it usually works, it aggressively kicks out rocks and other debris on your off-road trips.

High Void Tread Design

Its higher tread voids is also a favorite feature because it allows the tire to self-clean. The function actually took me off-guarded because I didn’t expect much about it. And surprisingly, it performs well than anticipated. It can swiftly expel mud, dirt, and other debris.

Angled Biting Edges and Complex Siping

This tire’s biting edges and exceptional sipe design aid in elevating traction capacity both on-road and off-road performance. This also helps in the tire’s gripping ability in any weather conditions. Be it during the dry or wet season and even on deep snow and hard icy surfaces. This area is the most notable and most mentioned among other users who have onhand experience with this model, too.

Cut and Chip Compound

With the advanced methodology used to enhance and elevate its tread pattern, this model has also exerted tremendous effort on the tread compound. Such a combination gives the tire an advantage in managing rough terrains and exceptional durability to withstand road impacts.

At first glance, this model perceives to be an excellent off-road tire. However, it does not just stop there. It also performs excellently on-road. It allows you to enjoy a comfortable and quieter ride than you ever expected.

With the number of different tires I had come across, noise emissions are no longer a big deal for me. I came to conquer and accept that some models can’t just be perfect. However, surprisingly, this model proves me wrong because it showcases that a model is indeed capable of achieving beyond more.

4. Milestar GRANTLAND AP

The Pros:

The Cons:

Among the manufacturer’s product lineup, this model is considered the most versatile in meeting today’s market demand. It is also a dependable and low maintenance type of tire which can also be purchased at a very affordable price. This model is designed to provide a comfortable and smooth ride for each user. It is also equipped with enhanced features and superior attributes to fit its consumer’s needs better. Here are some examples of critical characteristics and features:

Angled Tread Notches

Its tread design enhances traction even for deep snow and icy weather conditions. I am genuinely glad about this feature because most models which have such functions are not affordable. Speaking of affordability, this model’s price is very competitive among its category.

Stone Ejectors

This model also has stone ejector features that kick out stones, sandy elements, and other debris. With such an advanced feature, it also serves a protection to the tire and provides long lasting durability. Although this model is not advisable to be tried out in off-road trips, the feature is still useful even on-road.

Wide Circumferential Ribs

Having full circumferential ribs aid the model to perform well and increase its stability and balance. It also helps flexible and quick response handling. Wide circumferential ribs also contributed in the traction and in giving better stability in cornering grip.

Lateral Siping

With the aggressive tread design and the combination of added lateral sipes, this model provides enhanced wet traction ability. The consistency is also another important thing that I happen to notice in this model. Traction ability in wet, dry, snow are all outstanding, and I see no issue. I am indeed very pleased with this model’s performance.


As this model was first introduced as an all-season tire, it is expected that it can perform well in any weather conditions. It is also designed to withstand extremity in any weather conditions. Dry conditions and handling are exceptional just like how its wet performance is outstanding. Driving in deep snow and extreme winter weather is also not an issue for this model.

The Pros:

The Cons:

This model is ideal for modern sedans, sports sedans, SUVs, and sports coupes. It utilizes advanced features and innovations to maximize performance. It is also available in 63 sizes in T, H, and V speed ratings. This high-performance touring tire is also backed up with a 50 000-mile treadwear warranty. It is unexpected that with its low price, this model is providing an augmented offer for its consumers. Here are some of the enhanced features that you will be happy to hear:

Rounded Shoulders

Its rounded shoulder feature with larger tread blocks design enhances dry traction performance and cornering stability. It is also noticeable that the handling and wheeling responses are quick and flexible. This feature significantly contributed to the advanced handling ability and performance of the tire in dry conditions. It is quite impressive for a low priced model to perform this well in the street.

Wide Circumferential Grooves

This is a useful function, and in this model, it aids in the evacuation of water to reduce hydroplaning. I consider this as another plus point and strength of this model when it comes to its performance in wet conditions.

Twin Steel Belted Construction

Another feature that contributed to the tire’s stability and durability is its twin steel-belted construction. It can be found underneath the tire, and it serves as additional protection for longer tread life.


This model is well equipped with innovations and advanced technology that works well with any weather conditions. As it claims to be an all-season tire, the model’s performance in wet, dry, and icy pavements are all outstanding. The tread pattern and compound also aid in enhancing the tire’s ability for any seasonal condition.

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Milestar Tires Review: Quick Overview

Milestar tires reviewWe all know that purchasing tires and investing time in researching about it should never be treated any less. Milestar Tires genuinely understand that the market has different and varying needs. Thus, depending on the needs and preferences, the company offers a wide variation of tires which you can comfortably browse on. For those who are a little tight in their budget, there are also cost-effective tires that are a good match for you. They are actually more reasons why I firmly believe that this particular tire manufacturer is a better choice and here are some of it:

⦁ An industry leader and a well-known brand for delivering commercial, specialty, and high-performance tires

⦁ Provides exceptional service and quality products to their users

⦁ Promotes outstanding product value even for lower cost product lineups

⦁ They care about their consumers by providing training and informational tips about tires

⦁ Offers wide variation of models to fit the consumer’s preferences and primary needs

What Makes Milestar Tires An Excellent Choice?

There are numerous reasons why I now consider their tires as one of the best and excellent choice you could make. Here are some of it:

⦁ Excellent tire traction

⦁ Impressive off-road performance for heavy-duty and all-terrain category tires

⦁ Long-lasting tread life and impressive warranty

⦁ Stylish and aesthetic designs and appearance

Summary: Milestar tires review

Tires are one of the essential parts of your vehicle. Spending considerable effort and attention on it is deemed necessary. A lot of people often overlook and missed this fact. But now that you are aware that not all tires are created equal, you should spend more focus on it. The names and titles may not matter, but there are some exceptions to the rule.

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