Milestar Patagonia M/T Review: Maximum Traction All Terrain Tire

We can see that people’s preference in choosing a tire has evolved through time. Before, everyone settled for a quiet, comfortable and decent treadwear tire. Today, it has greatly changed with the aid of technology and the intricate tastes and demands of customers. People have started looking for tires which can deal with both smooth on-road surfaces and the extremely harsh environment of off-road ride.

We understand that you want to have a tire which does not limit you to go wherever you want to be. The price still matters but when you see that it is worth the performance, you would not think twice of buying it. Today we are going to review the Milestar Patagonia M/T All-Terrain tire. Considering its rugged and tough features, it claims to have above average performance to satisfy both off-road and on-road performance. Likewise, this tire is perfect for any season.

About Tireco, Inc.

Tireco, Inc. is a U.S. firm who solely markets and distributes Milestar tires around the world. They produce different quality and high-performance tires for passenger cars, light trucks, pickups, crossovers, and SUVs. This company has been part of the leading tire companies in the industry for almost 46 years. Today, the company’s headquarter is in Gardena, California. Like other firms, they invest in research and innovation to keep up with the market’s changing needs and preferences.

Milestar Patagonia MT Features

In order to evaluate the claim for this tire, we need to have a closer look at its features. The tire features we are going to examine include tire compound, tread design, and warranty service. These features are essential in gauging the performance and capacity of the tire.

Tire Compound

This tire has an enhanced tread compound which improves its rigidity and toughness to withstand any kind of road surfaces. It has better resistance to chips and cuts for harsh environments. Silica particles are also incorporated to provide more biting grip abilities. Steel belts and full-width nylon are placed underneath the tire to reinforce stability.

Tread Design

The overall performance of a tire greatly depends on the tread design present in its tire compound. This tire has the following tread designs: deep voids, staggered tread block geometry, angled biting tread designs, 3-ply sidewall, multiple sipes, and stone blockers.


The after-sale service of any tire is also one thing clients look into before buying. This one offers the standard warranty service under eligible conditions.

Performance of Milestar Patagonia MT

We are done with the features, now let us go over its performance on various aspects. An evaluation of its performance will provide you with better insights about the credibility and quality of the tire.

Off-Road Performance

Milestar Patagonia M/T

The overall off-road performance rating of this tire is approximately 98 percent efficiency. This amazing result can be seen on the features of the tires. Off-road performance covers deep mud, dirt, sand, gravel, and rocky surfaces. This tire model has enhanced rigidity and durability to withstand the chips and cuts from sharp and rough surfaces.

The staggered alternate tread block patterns and multiple sipes of this tire provide better biting grip and traction for off-road surfaces. It also has stone blocker designs which push rocks and pebbles away from the tire surface. Likewise, its 3-ply sidewall provides enhanced resistance against impacts and better cornering abilities.

Dry Traction

The overall dry traction performance rating of this tire is around 80 percent. This category includes dry traction, handling, and cornering abilities of the tire. Its staggered alternate tread block designs and multiple sipes contribute to better dry traction and handling performance. Meanwhile, the wider shoulder blocks help in the cornering performance.

Wet Traction

The overall wet traction and hydroplaning resistance of this tire is around 80 percent. This excellent rating is attributed to the multiple sipes providing better biting edges and the deep void features help in redirecting water quickly from the tire surface. This provides better contact between the tire and the road surface.

Snow Traction

Its overall snow traction for light to deep snow conditions is around 80 percent. This is attributed to the staggered tread block designs and multiple sipes of the tire. It provides better biting grip and traction on snow surfaces.

Noise Level and Comfort

Its noise reduction abilities are not that much but overall performance for noise reduction and comfort is around 75 percent. For on-road rides, its center tread block design provides better handling and stability. Whereas, the wider shoulder block helps in making effective corners. Thus, it hits both on-road and off-road requirements.

Tread Life

Considering the possible harsh environment it will face against its enhanced tread compound and tread patterns, its overall tread life efficiency is 75 percent. When mostly used on on-road rides, its tread life will be higher or longer. The tire company expected very harsh off-road conditions such as sharp protruding rocks, thus, it engineered the tire to resist these type of conditions.

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Conclusion: Milestar Patagonia MT Review

This tire has several things to love and gripe about, but the advantages it showed greatly stood out. Its features and off-road performance is exceeded our expectations. Despite being aggressive on off-road surfaces, still, it provided great comfort and decent noise reduction abilities in highway driving. In terms of wet traction, it performed comparably as to its dry traction skills. Meanwhile, its light to deep snow traction capabilities is surprisingly above average.

Combining all these results we believe the tire has effectively lived up to its claim as being an all-terrain and all-season tire. However, if still in doubt, you can browse online and find comparable tire brands to this one. Hopefully, we were able to provide you with good details about this tire.

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