Milestar MS932 Sport Review: The Best Tire For Your High-Performance Needs

Looking for the best performing tour tire with latest all-season features and excellent traction and handling is a tedious task. However, with this all-knew Milestar MS932 Sport tire, everything seems to be falling in its rightful place. From its excellent traction to the handling which provides a very comfortable ride. Other than its aesthetic looks, what’s enticing more about this model is its advanced silica tread compound which the company proudly introduced.

Before we completely fall in love with this model, let us first scrutinize its features and take a closer inspection.

All About Milestar Tires

It is owned and managed by a US-based private brand marketer and distribution company, the Tireco, Inc. It was founded in 1972 and since then, it continuously strives to become the industry leader in manufacturing commercial and specialty tires. It also offers other products such as customized wheel designs. Today, the Tireco, Inc. operates as one of the country’s largest tire producers. They continuously and intensively dedicate their efforts in providing dealers exceptional and quality-driven products.

Milestar MS932 Sport Enhanced Features

Some say that the tire is average while others are all-out praise in this model about its comfort and silent ride. The different point of views keeps on rising about the features and benefits that this model offers. Aside from its dry handling, wet performance, ride comfort, quiet ride, tread life, and snow performance, there are more. I figured that apart from these existing features which can also be easily found it other brands, there are more to it. It offers enhanced features such as its speed performance, lateral siping, broad ribs, optimized tread, and more.

Wide Circumferential Ribs

One of the latest features it proudly offers is its full circumferential ribs which enhances stability, handling, and lateral grip. With this new feature, you no longer have to worry about the loss of traction when it comes to high speed. Since the channels are now more extensive, it is easier to let the water that lifts the tire off. This is the usual reason why most of the standard tires lose stability in wet pavements.

Lateral Siping

As technology advances, we usually notice that tire manufacturers offer different types and versions of siping. It continually improves over time because as it is proven, appropriate siping enhances traction and handling. Depending on the technique used, the siping is very useful when it comes to driving in wet or icy conditions. This model offers lateral siping which fits my liking. With its lateral siping, consistency in the handling and traction in freezing weathers are impressive. It also works well and helps to manage the tire heat during extremely hot seasons.

Optimized Tread

Milestar MS932 Sport Half Image

This model also offers enhanced and optimized tread bringing the effectiveness to a whole new level. With this new feature, the longevity and duration of the period the tire could withstand the intensive contact on the road. Its tread and the pattern enables it not to get easily worn off amidst any type of weather conditions. The tread pattern also has an effect on the noise being generated especially at freeway speeds. With this new design, comfort and the peaceful ride are now easily achievable by anyone.

Wide Circumferential Grooves

It is not only the ribs, but even the grooves are wide perfect. With its wide circumferential grooves, it helps the evacuation of the water run faster in order to reduce hydroplaning. This improved feature which this new model offers, I am personally impressed to witness how it easily expelled the water from beneath the tire.

Tire Fitments

If you are anxious about the size and the compatibility of the tires to your vehicle, you may now relax. This model offers a variety of sizes and full lengths to fit your corresponding wheel width. It is available in 14 to 20 inch sizes in all T, H, and V-rate speed performances.

T, H, and V-Speed Rated Performance

As this model is available in varied sizes, it also offers various speed ratings to suit its users’ high-performance needs. So far, what I discovered is its T, H, and V speed rating. Speed rating T has a maximum speed of 118 mph in which the tires are suitable for family sedans and minivans. Speed rating H represents the maximum speed of 130 mph which is commonly found in sports sedans. Speed rating V is the highest rating that a tire could have with a maximum speed of 149 mph and more.

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Milestar MS932 Sport Overall Performance

In its totality, this model has excellent traction both in dry and wet pavements. The cornering performance is also what I find splendid for any sporty type of vehicle. The steering response is another remarkable thing about this model because it is very light and easy to maneuver. With such handle that is so smooth and flexible, even in the rainy seasons, this model is indeed reliable.

One setback I found in this model is its road noise. Although it is not that a big deal; however, some of the drivers with on-hand experience with the model has a common issue. Other than the noise, I see no problem in the totality of its performance. This is an excellent opportunity for the company to improve more in this area. Its overall performance is impressive and unique which I find surprising when compared to prominent brands available in the market.

Final Verdict

It may not be convincing that this is the best high-performing tire for you. Depending on your needs and preferences, your definition of ‘the best’ may be different from the others. And vice versa. With all the details presented above, such information will be able to help you get an idea on what to expect. The bottom line is, this model is designed to maximize performance and provide dependable all-season traction for every sporty driver.

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