Michelin Premier LTX Review Timeless Performance All-Season Tire

It is everyone’s constant quest of finding a dependable all-season tire that has reasonable price and undying performance. Your prayers are now answered. We are going to review Michelin Premier LTX tire. For years, this brand has never failed to impress and meet the requirements of the market.

This model is compatible with your light trucks, SUVs, crossovers, minivans, and coupes. The best thing we admire from this model is its enhanced features for fuel-efficiency, shorter stopping distance on wet surfaces, better mileage and higher steering response.

We are going to speculate on its features and performance. For the features, that includes tread patterns, compound, warranty, and dimension. Meanwhile, for performance, that includes dry, wet, snow, off-road, noise level, and comfortability factors. Stay tuned to have a great idea about this tire.

About Michelin

Michelin has always been great in guiding and improving our riding experiences. This company has its origins in Clermont-Ferrand, France and founded in 1889. They supply high-quality tires to almost 170 countries all over the globe. To customize local requirements, they have around 69 manufacturing sites worldwide with 114,000 workers.

They highly invest in making the production process more environment-friendly and cost-efficient. Several innovations have been made in enhancing the tire’s fuel-efficiency, steering response, tread life, and all-season performance. It is their passion to improve our ways of moving forward.

Michelin Premier LTX Features

A better way of seeing the quality of a tire is through its physical features. These features are the solid bases for determining the actual performance of the tire. Let us take a closer look on the different aspects of its features.

Dimension and Size

The overall size and dimension of this tire are suitable for crossovers, sports vehicles, and light trucks. Its 33-lb weight is fairly heavy which gives you an insight about the fullness of its compound. It has a rim size of 18″ and section width of 265-mm. The height of this tire is 60 percent of its width.

This tire has a UTQG rating of 620-A-A. This means that its tread wear is much stronger 6x than the control tire. Its ability to stop on wet surfaces is graded “A” meaning it is the second-highest rating. Meanwhile, the ability of this tire to resist heat build-up is graded “A” or the second-highest rating.

Tread Patterns

This tire has a symmetrical tread pattern which is best for a quieter ride and longer tread life. It has five-rib tread block design – three rigid central tread block and two wide shoulder tread block.

The three central tread blocks have zig-zag grooves and micro sipes for better traction and balanced handling. The shoulder tread blocks have variable pitches for a quieter ride. It also has four circumferential channels which guides water out from the tire’s surface so there is more contact with the road.


The tread compound of this tire is enhanced by adding sunflower oil and silica to increase its grip on cold climate and wet surfaces. In its internal structure, it has two steel belts wrapped with nylon fabrics to ensure balanced treadwear and handling.

In creating its tread patterns, they used EverGrip Technology to add Emerging Grooves in its shoulder blocks and Expanding Rain Grooves in its circumferential channels. As the tread compound wears off, these enhancements will still ensure good traction.


The tread life warranty of this tire is 6 years or 60,000 miles. Its uniformity warranty coverage is one year or the first 2/32-inch tread wear.


Here, we are going to inspect the performance ratings of this tire model. This will include dry, wet, snow, off-road, noise, and comfort ride action. This serves as a practical parameter in gauging its value for money.

Dry Traction

The overall dry traction performance of this tire is 90 percent. In details, it has the following ratings – 89% stable cornering, 89% responsiveness, and 91%  dry traction performance.

This excellent dry grip action is attributed to the tread compound and patterns of the tire. The advanced rubber-silica compound increases gripping action. The micro sipes in the three central tread blocks and grooves are responsible for this reliable dry biting grip.

Off-Road Performance

Looking at the aggressiveness of its tread block designs and compound, this tire model can just do 50 percent effective off-road traction. However, to have more resistance and durability in rough road surfaces, it must have stiffer material, tougher tread blocks and sidewalls. Likewise, there must be stone ejectors in its tread design.

Wet Traction

The overall wet traction effectiveness of this model is 87 percent, specifically 87% aquaplaning resistance and 88% wet biting grip. We can see that from the four circumferential channels that direct water out from the tire surface. The diagonal grooves work the same way as well. Likewise, the micro sipes in its three central tread blocks supply that wet biting grip action.

Snow Traction

The snow traction performance of this tire is at 71 percent – 78% light snow, 70% deep snow, 66% icy surfaces. You cannot expect much from this tire to survive during the winter season. The flexibility of its compound is not built for colder temperatures, same with its grooves and micro sipes.

Noise Level

The sidewall of this tire has plenty of variable shoulder tread blocks which cuts down 86 percent of noise produced in every turn. Likewise, the rigid central tread blocks of this tire constitute its lesser vibrations.

Comfortable Driving

You can expect around 87 percent comfortable driving experience from this model. The symmetrical tread patterns of this tire are effective in balancing its handling, cornering, and steering response. Specifically, the center block greatly contributes to more stable driving.

Pros And Cons

You also need to know the summary benefits and drawbacks from this tire model. Consequently, it will give you more accurate estimations if it is a good tire to have or not.

The Pros:

The Cons

Let Us Wrap Up

Michelin Premier LTX is an excellent all-season tire to have for your sports utility vehicle, light trucks, and minivans. It does not have all the beautiful traits but it has more to offer compared to the price you are paying. There is much comfort, noise reduction, and longer tread life for this tire model. Its symmetrical tread patterns ease your worries for effective short braking actions on wet paved surfaces. Moreover, it never fails you on hot summer days and light snow conditions.

Despite showing you those details, we still encourage you to conduct your market research so to verify a few details. Do not make hasty decisions when buying your tires. Take enough time to think about it.

If you find this article useful, please share it with your colleagues and families who need this information. We have our comment section for you to drop your inquiries, suggestions, and comments. We will do our best to provide substantial answers for any of your concerns.

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