Mastercraft Tires Review: The Master On The Road

Mastercraft Tires Review

There are numerous and vast selections of tires and its type available in the market. However, finding tires which are precisely engineered with excellent mileage, ultra-high performance, and quality is a challenging quest. Mastercraft Tires offer different types of tires from passenger car tires to light truck and winter tires. All their product line are as well known to be highly regarded by the public.

As they positioned themselves as the master on the road, we are going to figure more about that in this review. I compiled a set of their most popular and highly rated product lines and together, let’s take a closer look. Here are some of their highly competitive models:

Product Name Image Rating Item Weight Load Index Amazon Link
Mastercraft Courser HTR Plus master 43 lbs 119 Check Price
Mastercraft Courser MSR 51OWXuas51L 40 lbs 115 Check Price
Mastercraft Avenger G/T master1 4.6/5 28 lbs Check Price
Mastercraft Courser AXT 51KxuZ-v7xL 39 lbs 115 Check Price
Mastercraft Courser STR master2 37 lbs 115 Check Price

Top 5 Best Mastercraft Tires Review

1. Mastercraft Courser HTR Plus

The Pros:

The Cons:

This model is an extension of the Mastercraft Courser HTR line which primarily specified for sport trucks and a plus fitment sizes. It also uses compounds and advanced technology to deliver functional and practical uses. Here are some of its reliable features that will surely convince you why they are referred to as the master of roads.

Four Circumferential Grooves

This unique see-through grooves design together with its sipes is an excellent feature that enhances the tire’s gripping ability. The high sipe density significantly contributed to the enhancement of excellent wet and dry traction. I consider this as an unfair advantage of this model compared with other of its kind. The experience is indeed exceptional particular on wet surface roads.

Optimized Tread Pitch Sequence

I was much impressed by this feature because it undoubtedly reduces noise emissions on your ride. When I am with this model, I can assure that I will have a smooth and quiet ride throughout the way. Compared with the previous model, the Courser HTR Plus offers a different number of shoulder slots depending on the tire size.

Built-In Rim Protector

This model also comes with a built-in rim protector which reduces the possibility of rim damage due to curbs. I truly appreciate this feature because I often drive carelessly and often around bad roads. Debris and curbs are common hurdles for me when I am on the road. Most standard tires don’t usually have this kind of feature. Thus, accidental tire damages due to curbs and other obstacles are one of my issues.

Long-Lasting Tread Wear

Tread life is also one of the most important considerations I have for tires. Knowing that this model has a competitive lifespan warranty is such an assurance for me. It also offers 45-day road testing which is an advantage since others usually provide it for only 30 days.

2. Mastercraft Courser MSR

The Pros:

The Cons:

This model is considered to be a premium lineup when it comes to snow and winter weather conditions. It is engineered with advanced traction capacity that outstandingly performs in deep snow and icy road surfaces. Here are more features and technology used to deliver enhanced performance and fun experiences for every user.

The Patented Snow-Groove Design Technology

This new technology used is designed to enhance the snow and ice traction capacity further. It works by creating biting edges that function excellently in snow and extreme winters without losing its stiffness and gripping ability. It also increases snow retention in the outer circumferential grooves to maximize the traction ability. This is hugely beneficial particularly for users situated in areas that are frequently experiencing deep snow conditions.

D-Squared Sipe Technology

Another additional feature that enhances the gripping ability and traction in deep snow and icy road surfaces. This innovation is designed primarily for sipes around the tire to increase grip and winter performance. The siping are noticeably intended to be deeper to provide long-lasting performance throughout its lifespan.

Enhanced Studded Performance

This tire is also designed with stud pin holes that aid snow retention and allows better traction in ice surfaces. The stud size is conveniently molded into the sidewall for easy reference.

I know that there are much more budget-friendly and affordable winter tires in the market today. However, I personally pick this one as my best bet because of its outstanding performance when it comes to extreme weather conditions. I witness how this model can be easily controlled even in the most challenging winter road conditions. On top of that, its tread wear and life are above average if I am going to rate it.

3. Mastercraft Avenger G/T

The Pros:

The Cons:

If you are much interested in the old school and classic design, this model will surely catch your attention. Its raised white letters are the first thing you will soon to notice with its appearance. This model is best suited for older muscle cars or trucks. Aside from its beautiful tread pattern and design, there’s a lot more than this model can offer. Here are some examples of it:

Asymmetric Tread Pattern

I don’t only find its asymmetric tread pattern beautiful and exceptionally attractive but also very functional. With such design, it promotes competent dry traction and high-performance handling. The amount of open space which you can see in the tread is created to enhance road contact. This is beneficial because it gives better handling performance and aid boost the treadwear.

Even-Wearing Design

A solid center rib together with refined tread compounds, it all helps boost treadwear and evens it out. The shoulder slots also have a practical design that can be utilized to increase traction and promote resistance to uneven wear.

Quiet Ride

Its pitch sequence is designed to reduce tread that causes noise on the road. I love this part because it allows me to enjoy a comfortable and quiet ride throughout my trip.

Although this is not much recommended for deep snow road surfaces, I still consider it an excellent tire choice. Aside from it is not a winter tire type, I don’t see any disadvantage of choosing this model. I am much impressed and pleased with its other functions such as its handling and cornering performance. The tread life is also long-lasting and promising with a 50 000-mile tread life warranty and free 45-day road testing.

4. Mastercraft Courser AXT

The Pros:

The Cons:

This model is specially made for all types of pickups, SUVs, and other 4×4 vehicles. By just looking primarily at its outer appearance, I can already sense its robustness and durability. I love how aggressive it seems because it best fitted with 4×4 vehicles to have such rugged looks. Aside from its strength, it is also designed for more functions that provide a more significant advantage for its consumer.

Aggressive 5-Rib Tread Design

Its 5-rib feature is also molded with 12 percent more lateral grooves to maximize grip on uneven road surfaces. Although its traction is not much effective in rougher and harsher off-road terrains, I still appreciate this particular feature. It even allows the tire to take on light rough and mild off-road terrains.

Wide and Zigzag Circumferential Grooves

Its wide circumferential grooves with an added unique feature of zigzag design boost traction ability on snow and icy road surfaces. It does not require solely functional in snow but also in muddy, sandy, and other light surfaces.

Paired Intermediate Tread Elements

Silica is the primary component in creating the tread compound which is intended to elevate traction both in wet and dry pavements.  The ramp design helps stone control by having the gravels push towards the grooves for more accessible release.

Other than the noise and its traction on harsher terrains, I see no further issue with this model. It is very reliable with whatever road condition you will encounter. Its robustness is another impressive thing about this model.

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5. Mastercraft Courser STR

The Pros:

The Cons:

Courser STR is considered to be a high-value tire. It was created with the primary purpose of providing high-performance and all-season driving experience. It is also a budget-friendly tire for all types of light-duty pickups, crossovers, and SUVs. Aside from its competitive price, its unfair advantage is listed down below:

Symmetric and Non-Directional Tread Pattern

This all-season tire comes with a symmetric and non-directional pattern which delivers solid dry traction and impressive cornering stability.

Semi-Solid Center Rib

This model clearly provides a comfortable and smooth ride. It all because of its semi-solid center rib that adds versatility on the handling response and a higher level on-center feel.

Four Wide Circumferential Grooves

Its grooves are also designed as see-through to efficiently channels away water from the tread and reduce the risk of hydroplaning. This feature also provides a more dependable all-season traction and gripping capacity.

Variable Pitch Tread

This model used a computer-generated variable pitch tread to reduce the road noise and increase the comfort throughout your ride.

Mastercraft Tires Quick Review

Mastercraft Tires are manufactured by Cooper Tires which produces the same high-quality car and truck tires. They are best known to be legendary in the field of high-performing tires. They also create splendid collection of tires for cars, trucks, heavy-duty, 4×4 and other more vehicles. There rigorous effort in developing more technology and innovation to utilize are non-stop. These are all because of their noble purpose and aim to deliver only high-value products and models to their consumers.

As the master of the road, here are some more of the things you can expect about the company:

  • Provides a wide variety of sizes and product design to suit the market’s preferences. This includes passenger car tires, SUVs, light trucks, winter tires, commercial tires, and more.
  • They strive to provide world-class and holistic customer service.
  • They provide focus and individual attention to their products. No single tire is an exemption.
  • They care about their customers. They provide assistance and tips which aims to effectively help out their customers to find the right tire type.

What Mastercraft Tires  So Different?

As one of the most prominent and highly-regarded brands in the industry, the name alone is already a reason. Their models and product lines had numerously proven its performance and quality to the masses. However, some people do not correlates and take brands and entitlements as an equivalent for quality. Here are some more reasons and features to help you why their tires are far more different among others:

  • They utilize advanced technology and incorporate to the production of the tires
  • Most if not almost all of their tires are aesthetic and physically attractive.
  • Their tires have practical purposes and functionality.
  • Depending on the purpose and intended usage, their tires are engineered in such a way to fit the consumer’s needs.
  • Long-lasting tread life is another characteristic of their tires.

Overview: Mastercraft Tires Review

Opting for high-performing tires is an obvious thing. No one wants to have a poor-performing tire that cause hassles and provides nothing but an inconvenience. However, with the tight market competition, everyone is claiming to be the best-performing. With overloaded information and intense saturation of supply, it is becoming confusing for us to decide.

Hopefully I was able to inform you the things you needed on this Mastercraft tires review. Looking closely to the type of tire which you want to acquire, you should not stop there. You should also extend your inspection and assessment to the manufacturing company. Figuring out whether or not the company has been operating excellently with high-value reputation is also essential. It is because in most cases, manufacturers which hold high-quality status usually produces high-quality products regardless of its type.

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