Mastercraft Courser CXT Review: A Hybrid All-Terrain Tire For Your Off-Road Adventures

Finding an off-road tire that would be perfect for your all-terrain adventures and joy rides is not an easy quest. With so many choices of brands and product lines in the market, finding the right one for your need is no longer easy. However, one of the names that are making a buzz in the market is the Mastercraft Courser CXT. It is known to be a hybrid all-terrain tire which offers more improvised tread wear for a more stable ride. Let’s examine it first and review the features it offers to determine if it is the one we are looking for.

The Company Background

Cooper Tire and Rubber is a parent company of Mastercraft which was founded in 1909. It offers premium products to the horizon of North America. It highly focuses on manufacturing high quality and excellent mileage tires. Through its consistency in delivering only premium quality products in the market, it gained its rightful position as a highly-regarded brand. It offers tires for passenger cars, SUVs, light trucks, and other more.

Best Features and Benefits

Knowing the key features and benefits that a tire could offer will further help us in finding the right one. If you are searching for a rugged-looking and hardworking tire, this model might be a good one. However, before jumping to any conclusions, let us first assess its features and the benefits it offers.

Larger Shoulder Scallops

In this model, the scallops will not only enhance the overall appearance of your vehicle but more importantly, it provides efficiency. With its larger scallops, additional traction capacity is being added to the tire to function well in muddy terrains fully. This feature is exceedingly dependable, especially during your off-road adventures and outings.

Tread Pattern and Design

One of the most common features that significantly affect the performance of any tire is its tread pattern. Depending on its tread pattern and design is its capacity to offer high-quality performance for its rider. This time, the tread pattern of this model gives balance to the wide-open grooves and is beneficial when driving off-road. With the structure and design of the tread blocks, it supports the tire and provides more stability while on the road. Its durability is not only recognizable when you do off-the-road adventures, but even you are just driving in an open highway.

Raised Rubber Feature

The raised rubber feature on the improvised sidewall design also increases the off-road traction. With the raised rubber, it keeps the sidewall from scraping, corrosion, and other possible injuries in the road. As I notice this tire’s characteristic, I am firm that this type is one-of-a-kind which is more durable than the others.

Full-Depth Sipes

Its full-depth sipes is a bonus feature of this model. I love how it excellently get rid of water particles with its wide open grooves and large tread blocks. This feature also gives excellent traction on wet roads which provides you with a better road experience even rainy seasons.

Excellent Grip and Long-life Tread

This tire has a larger surface area which is a great benefit to balance the weight of the vehicle making it long-lasting. The equal distribution of the vehicle’s weight says more on the longevity and tread life. The extensive road contact and surface makes a balanced distribution and thus help your tires from getting patchy. Furthermore, it also helps provide an excellent grip which you need for easier handling and control.

The Pros:

The Cons:

Overall Performance

I find this model deserving of being in line with other quality and good brands. The company truly deserves its place for providing quality products at a very reasonable price. For its performance, both the on-road and off-road is good and offers a convenient and exciting ride all in all. Whether you are in a mountainous and rough road, or if you are driving in an open highway, both provide an excellent ride. The tire is also stable when it comes to muddy trails with stones, gravel, and sand. Its overall performance is fantastic and impressive.

Although there is some issue with its traction when placed in heavy winter service, generally, there are no more issues in it. For me, it is an excellent choice especially for drivers who work in construction sites, or rural areas.

Final Verdict

Finding the right tire for your specific needs and level of standard is not easy. With this review, we hope that we helped you in a way to assess the right tire for you. Through this review, we figured out that this tire is designed to provide you a highly-performance ride and off-the-road robustness. The features mentioned above signals that this model is a premium class with full-depth siping to enhance its wet traction capacity. Furthermore, the large surface and block design will help you prolong your tire’s life and improves stability and durability.

With all of these benefits and features, we are now more convinced with its capacity to help us. Although it has its share of setbacks as unveiled above, it does not make it appear less. The benefits it offers outsmart its possible given issue.

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