A Review of The Best Low Resistance Tires for Maximum Fuel Efficiency

Best Low Resistance Tires

Nowadays, many people are becoming more conscious about reducing the carbon footprint they leave on earth. Be that as it may, fuel-efficient tires have become significantly important, likewise, in-demand and sought-after by many drivers and car owners.

Consequently, tire manufacturers have managed to keep up with this demand, improving their tire products with the most up-to-date technology and features that promote eco-friendliness including fuel-efficiency. These fuel-efficient tires not only prevent wasteful fuel consumption but are also high-performing and long-lasting, helping drivers and car owners save a lot of money.

In this article, I will review the top 8 low-resistance tires from among the best-performing and most fuel-efficient tires offered in the market today.

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Product Name Image Ratings Item Weight Load Index Amazon Link
Michelin Energy Saver A/S All-Season Radial Tire Michelin Energy Saver AS All-Season Radial Tire 17 lbs 94 Check Price
Continental TrueContact Tour Radial Tire Continental TrueContact Tour Radial Tire 29.1 lbs 101 Check Price
Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max Radial Tire Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max Radial Tire 25.8 lbs 102 Check Price
Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus Touring ECO Tire Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus Touring ECO Tire 17.56 lbs 91 Check Price
Firestone Champion Fuel Fighter All-Season Touring Tire Firestone Champion Fuel Fighter All-Season Touring Tire 19.97 lbs 95 Check Price
Continental CrossContact LX20 All-Season Radial Tire Continental CrossContact LX20 All-Season Radial Tire 37.5 lbs 111 Check Price
Michelin Premier A/S All-Season Tire Michelin Premier AS All-Season Tire 22 lbs 94 Check Price
Pirelli SCORPION VERDE Season Plus Touring Radial Tire Pirelli SCORPION VERDE Season Plus Touring Radial Tire 32.6 lbs 106 Check Price

Top 8 Low Rolling Resistance Tires

In a nutshell, low-resistance tires improve fuel-efficiency; because low-resistance tires perform with lower rolling exertion, it helps save the engine power of your car as well as your fuel consumption. Take note that the tire you use impacts 20% of your fuel usage.

You will find several fuel-efficient tires with energy-efficient features available in the market today. For example, a tire tread compound reinforced with a high content of Silica helps in achieving low rolling resistance. Tires offering these features include the Michelin Energy Saver A/S, the Continental Pure Contact, the Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max and suchlike.

So, if you are looking for the best low-resistant and fuel-efficient tire, then this review is just for you. To help you easily find the tire that suits your preference, I have made a curated list with an in-depth review of the best low resistance tires that deliver maximum fuel efficiency.

1. Michelin Energy Saver A/S All-Season Radial Tire

The first on the list is Michelin’s Energy Saver A/S All-Season Radial Tire. This tire model is employed with Michelin’s very own Green X Technology, making it one of the most fuel-efficient tires that is available in the market. This tire set provides an additional of 2-3 miles per gallon (MPG), which is a greater gas mileage compared to other leading tire models.

Performance-wise, the Energy Saver A/S tire provides a little less grip strength, unlike tires without low-rolling resistance. On the other hand, this tire performs confidently with good traction and accurate brakes and is suitable for both wet and dry conditions. This tire is also workable during a light snow, which is another advantage among its competitors.

Furthermore, the Energy Saver A/S runs quietly on the roadway and offers a comfortable ride even on bumpy pavements. Also, this tire offers a good treadwear warranty too, which is up to 65,000 miles. This low-resistance tire is suitable for any types of vehicle including electricity-powered cars, plug-in hybrids, and hybrids.



2. Continental TrueContact Tour Radial Tire

The next tire on our list is a personal favorite and it comes from the Continental touring tire newest offerings called the TrueContact Radial Tire. I highly recommend this tire model because based on personal experience, it performs very well, including good traction on moderate snow.

Since the TrueContact Tour Radial Tire belongs to the touring tire category, it offers a lot of advantages. For example, it provides a convenient and safe driving experience for its superb responsiveness, as well as precise traction and grip. Perhaps, the TrueContact tire may be the most ideal touring tire on wet surfaces.

Another feature that makes the TrueContact Tire ideal is its Comfort Ride Technology. This design prevents strong vibrations inside the vehicle while driving and provides a smooth driving experience even on bumpy roads. You will also notice how quiet this tire is on the highway. Additionally, this Continental tire offers a treadwear warranty of 80,000 miles.



3. Goodyear Assurance Fuel Max Radial Tire

Another favorite on this list is Goodyear’s Assurance Fuel Max Radial Tire. The Goodyear’s all-season tire product is significantly fuel-efficient because of its low resistance tread compound. If you are looking for a tire set that offers a higher MPG, then this tire is suitable for you as it provides an additional 1-2MPG.

Moreover, there are other several features that you will love about the Assurance Fuel Max. These include a Dry Tread Zone design that helps provide confident handling, especially when driving at a high speed. On top of that, it is also designed with the Wet Tread Zone, which boosts traction, brakes, and handling in wet conditions.

Driving experience-wise, the Assurance Fuel Max offers exceptional comfort when driving, even on rugged surfaces. However, the Goodyear tire model is not that quiet, so maybe they could improve the tire on that aspect. Nevertheless, this tire offers a good deal of 65,00-mile tread warranty, which is a plus among its competitors



4. Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus Touring ECO Tire

The Ecopia EP422 Plus Touring ECO tire is considered one of the best tires when it comes to fuel efficiency. Besides its topnotch low-rolling-resistance design among others, it is also high-performing yet poised.

This Bridgestone tire offering is designed with the NanoPro-Tech compound, which improves the tire’s grip and traction making it very convenient to drive in different weather conditions. Moreover, having this tire set is sure to give you confidence on the road as it performs with accurate responsiveness, giving you the feeling that you are in control.

On top of that, the Ecopia EP422 fares well in wet conditions. The tire’s traction and braking functions effectively and conveniently. Its hydroplaning, on the other hand, provides superb resistance. Although this tire performs well in light snow, it does not measure up with the best of its kind. On a positive note, this tire drives smoothly and quietly even at high speeds.



5. Firestone Champion Fuel Fighter All-Season Touring Tire

The cost of the best and high-performing tires tends to be expensive and it may be out of your budget. However, the Firestone Champion Fuel Fighter All-season Touring tire offers both quality and affordability, which is an ideal choice for those looking for a budget-friendly yet high-performing fuel-efficient tire.

The Champion Fuel Fighter tire is structured with a Long-link carbon tread compound that is combined with silica. That being said, this tire is designed to be fuel-efficient with a 1-2 MPG gain. On top of that, this tire provides accurate responsiveness and a strong grip, especially on dry surfaces.

Likewise, this Firestone tire performs very well in wet conditions as it provides a firm grip and traction, as well as excellent hydroplaning resistance. Additionally, this tire runs smoothly and at ease, whether on flat or uneven surfaces. It also runs somewhat quietly on the road. However, its snow traction is far from being superior, although it works just good.



6. Continental CrossContact LX20 All-Season Radial Tire

For drivers of trucks, crossovers, and SUVs, this next low-resistance tire may be very familiar to them as it is the most ideal tire set for the aforementioned vehicle types. The Continental CrossContact LX20 All-season Radial tire provides exceptional performance for everyday use. It has excellent grip and traction, as well as response accuracy that improves the steering wheel.

If you want to know its performance in wet conditions, I can assure you that the CrossContact LX20 will not let you down. With its high-performing brakes and traction, you can rest assured that you can drive it safely through the rain. Not to mention its hydroplaning resistance that functions effectively as well. However, this tire needs traction improvement on snow.

With regards to the tire’s driving performance, the CrossContact LX20 provides a comfortable ride. Besides, it runs smoothly and quietly on the road. Moreover, this tire features EcoPlus Technology, which improves your vehicle’s fuel economy. On top of that, this tire set has a treadwear warranty of 70,00 miles.



7. Michelin Premier A/S All-Season Tire

What more can you ask for with the Michelin Premier A/S All-season tire? This tire model offers a convenient driving experience with precise responsiveness that gives drivers a sense of control. As of this writing, the Premier A/S tire has the best handling and braking performance in a grand-touring tire.

Performance-wise, this tire set offers a sporty feel as it provides excellent cornering performance. Also, it runs on the highway with a strong grip, which helps cornering simpler and easier. The Premier A/S tire also provides excellent traction and precise braking.

Among its kind, the Premier A/S is probably the most outstanding grand-touring tire, especially in wet conditions. It is easy to handle on moist and humid surfaces, likewise, its hydroplaning resistance fares well on wet roads. Additionally, the tire is enhanced with the Expanding Rain Grooves, which help with longer and simpler handling in wet conditions.



8. Pirelli SCORPION VERDE Season Plus Touring Radial Tire

Last but not least on this list is the Pirelli SCORPION VERDE Season Plus Touring Radial tire. This tire set best suit trucks, crossovers, and SUVs, offering only the best performance on all of its aspects. However, it offers a bit lower treadwear warranty that is only around 65,000 miles.

Just like other Pirelli tire products, the SCORPION VERDE is jampacked with the best design and technology for a high-quality driving experience. It is significant to note that this tire is simply responsive that provides the driver with convenient driving performance. Besides, its traction and grip work excellently, whether on wet or dry surfaces.

Although the SCORPION VERDE performs with great handling on the road, it is designed with a low rolling resistance technology, improving your vehicle’s fuel economy. Another great feature of this tire is its Noise Cancelling System. It makes driving at lesser noise and is very comfortable to drive on the road.



Low rolling resistance tires buying guide

Low rolling resistance tires buying guide

Every fuel-efficient or low-resistance tire has their special features, which makes them effective as how they are designed, as well as advantages and disadvantages. That being said, we cannot conclude that there is no standard fuel-economy tire as long as they help save fuel consumption.

In a general sense, fuel-efficient tires aim to lower tire resistance through the utilization of firm rubber because the harder the rubber, the lesser its grip. Most of the time, hard rubber tires are added with silica to add traction strength.

Consequently, low-resistance tires can improve their performance by a special tread pattern, tire construction, and strategic weight reduction, which are all contributing factors in reducing fuel consumption. Since these tires are meant for sustainability, they are commonly produced with long-lasting ability as well as more reusable.

Vehicle make and model

Although looking for tires is more efficient and more convenient if you do it online, it is still better to work with a tire expert to help you with your tiring needs. Besides, not all tires with the same model and features produced by a tire manufacturer are alike.

Consequently, the basis of their difference is their load index range or passenger capacity. This factor greatly helps in choosing the most suitable tire for your vehicle. If you are aware of the tire’s load ratings and its performance, it will prevent you from mismatching a heavy vehicle with a non-heavy-duty tire set, which can be dangerous.

Load and speed rating

It is also important to consider the tires speed ratings, likewise, its load ratings. You may want to compare them with the ones you are currently using, and with your driving preference. If you are uncertain what tire you should use with your vehicle then it is only wise to consult an expert to give you confidence and peacefulness.

Keep in mind that using a tire set that is not perfectly suitable for your vehicle’s weight, especially if the vehicle is heavier than what the tires can handle, then it can be a threat to your safety, and may invalidate the tire’s warranty.

Driving conditions

The question of which tire works best for you will be determined by several considerations. Hence, the “best” tire does not exist, only that which suits your needs, preference, location, weather, and most importantly, budget.

All-season/ all-weather tires

Many drivers mostly prefer to use a set of all-season tires for their vehicle even though these tires are not suitable in the wintertime season. On the other hand, all-weather tires are promoted having the same function as an all-season tire but with the capability to endure and perform during the winter season. These tires are becoming popular today.

All-season and all-weather tire set are only good for all-year-round use. If you are a seasoned driver, you know that the best tires during winter are winter tires, albeit all-season tires perform very well during the three other seasons.

Performance tires

Vehicles such as SUVs and crossovers that are optimized and are specially designed for sports activity are most likely to be suited with summer/performance tires. But only if the tire is not used during the winter season and does not touch the snow or any icy surfaces.

However, if you are not confident with this choice then ask a tire expert for proper guidance. Keep in mind that the most suited tires in cold places are winter tires, which are designed to perform on snow and icy surfaces.

Tire size and weight

If you want your tires to increase fuel efficiency by lowering their resistance, then you should downsize your tire’s weight. A lighter tire only needs less power to start running, which is doable for highways that are regulated with traffic lights. For added efficiency, it is best to maintain the tire’s air pressure.

Keep in mind that the fifth of your fuel consumption will depend on the set of tires you use. The rolling resistance of a tire is a major consideration to know its fuel economy. Consequently, the tire’s rolling resistance is based on its size, tread design, and the materials the tire is made of. If you have a lighter or softer tire, it only requires little fuel to move.


If you will notice, the curated list above of low resistance tires for maximum fuel efficiency is mostly from the leading brands that manufacture topnotch tire models and that is for a reason. It is safe to say that these tires are all worth your money.

Tires made by leading manufacturers are of high-quality, albeit, have greater fuel efficiency. You may find cheaper tires that may have less fuel consumption but at the expense of compromising their quality and performance, which may be more expensive–and dangerous–than you think. Thus, make safety your top priority, not just fuel efficiency.

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