Lionhart Tires Review – Great Value for Money

Lionhart Tires Review

Once the original tires on your vehicle wears out, finding the best replacement tires for your ride can be a challenging (and expensive) experience. You want to be able to find a solution that delivers the level of quality you have come to expect without paying for a hefty price tag.

One of the best tire brands out there is Lionhart Tires. They offer a wide selection of tire models that serve as superior replacements and cater to your needs as a driver without having you spend half your savings just for some decent rubber

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Product Name Image Ratings Item Weight Load Index Amazon Link
Lionhart LH-001 Lionhart LH-001 70 lbs 121 Check Price
LionClaw MT LionClaw MT 38 lbs 109 Check Price
LH-Eleven LH-Eleven 26 lbs 90 Check Price

Top 3 best Lionhart tire reviews



One of the most economical options you’ll ever find when it comes to all-season tires is the Lionhart LH-001. It’s a versatile tire that suits almost all standard passenger vehicles, and among its best features are excellent mileage and impressive traction on both dry and wet conditions. You’ll be hard pressed to find such quality in other tires at a similar price point.

This well-rounded tire is also among the best from the Lionhart brand. Aside from the superior traction, this tire also boasts of great fuel efficiency and durability with a treadwear that lasts for over 50,000 miles. This is also matched by the extensive warranty offered by the company.

Made for a passenger vehicle, this tire delivers solid performance and a comfortable ride with good reliability to match. It promises (and delivers) a fulfilling and sporty driving experience no matter the weather. It’s also rated M+S, although it’s best for driving during the long summer evenings. It’s also responsive and efficient on the road.



While the LH-001 is the best Lionhart tire for the road, the LionClaw MT is the ideal tire for other off-road terrains, especially muddy ones. It’s the best tire for SUVs, trucks, jeeps, and the likes. It even typically features 3-ply sidewalls for extra puncture resistance against rocks. And, it works equally well on wet and deep, snowy surfaces.

This excellent off-road ability is made even better by the affordable price tag. Moreover, the tire also promises superior traction on deep mud, and reliable traction on rocky terrain and deep snow as well.

Having said that, since this tire is made for the trails, it’s only natural that its street performance somewhat suffers. It doesn’t have the best grip and sharpness on pavement, the ride feels uncomfortable as there’s little smoothness over road bumps, the tire is noisy on the highway, and its treadwear considerably suffers.



One of Lionhart’s more recent tire models is the LH-Eleven, which is a passenger tire with ultra high performance that’s evident in so many different ways. Its tread pattern, for one, is unique and asymmetrical, featuring multiple splits and sipes. As a matter of fact, this tire is developed for sports coupes and cars, as well as performance sedans.

It also has multiple tread corrugation incisions and four circumferential tire grooves. To put it simply, this is a premium tire that delivers amazing traction along with enhanced braking capabilities so you can perform well on the highway.

As one of the brand’s performance tires, it holds up tremendously well on passenger vehicles and high-end cars alike. It can handle demanding tasks such as cornering, drifting, and drag racing, and there’s the assurance that this tire can do the job perfectly each and every time. And to complete the treat, its tread design also gives it an attractive appearance.

Bonus: Other promising Lionhart tires

Apart from the LH-001, LionClaw MT, and LH-Eleven, here’s a few more Lionhart tire models that you should definitely check out:

LionClaw HT

This one’s the best option for light trucks and SUVs when it comes to everyday driving. That’s because the tire’s top priority is your safety under both dry and wet conditions. It’s stable and comfortable on the highway, and offers great hydroplaning resistance. It also comes with a 45,000 mile treadwear warranty, and comes in LT-metric sizes.

That said, this tire is not suitable for wet tarmac and harsh winter conditions. It’s also not the most responsive tire out there, but it does pretty well for its price.

Lionhart LH-Five

If you want the best performance tire, you’ll really appreciate what the LH-Five can do. It boasts of excellent grip in dry road conditions, with superior braking and plenty of steering responsiveness. It’s also highly affordable and comes with a 30,000 mile treadwear warranty.

The downside is that it doesn’t perform as well under wet conditions and can get a bit noisy on the road, especially as the tire is worn down.

Lionhart LH-Ten

The LH-Ten is quite similar to the LH-Five, although this model is made for SUVs. It offers equal parts of excellent traction and grip levels, along with superb dry handling. The steering is also responsive, and much like the LH-Five, this one comes with a cheap price tag and a 30,000 mile warranty to match.

However, two things that suffer are its traction on wet surfaces, as well as its braking power.

Lionhart LH-501

Finally, the brand’s best touring tire to date is the Lionhart LH-501, which is insanely comfortable and quiet (not to mention safe) on the highway. It also handles really well on dry roads, and its cheap price is made even sweeter by the 40,000 mile warranty for treadwear.

Although, its wet traction is not comparable to that of more premium tires, and its traction on snowy conditions is pretty much non-existent.

Why Lionhart is one of the best tire brands in 2020

Why Lionhart is one of the best tire brands in 2020Although Lionhart is one of the most promising tire brands on the US and Canadian markets today, they’ve only been around for five years, and as such, it’s understandable that the brand hasn’t reached its peak popularity yet.

However, it’s hard not to notice this up-and-comer thanks to all the amazing reviews its products have amassed. One of the number one things people mention? Superb product quality. And that’s saying a lot considering that these tires are manufactured in China.

If you’re not yet convinced whether these tires are worth it, below is a list of all its amazing and irresistible features:

Superior quality

If there’s one word that we can use to describe Lionhart tires, it’s quality. Their entire lineup exceeds European standards, and even goes as far as bagging OEM contracts for some of the most prestigious sports car brands in the entire region.

This is all thanks to the company’s commitment to efficiently employing cutting-edge technology and innovative techniques. They manage to work with the best yet most affordable materials, develop unique fitments, and maintain a quality manufacturing process, all of which becomes evident across their tire models.


Another wonderful aspect of any Lionhart tire is the versatility in its design. While the brand began with flagship models for off-road, SUV, and UHP tires, their selection has quickly grown to accommodate a wide range of passenger, trailer, performance, and light truck tires.

Lionhart Tires also caters to both retailers and wholesalers alike, aside from marketing to the average driver. This means they are able to effectively penetrate new markets by offering specific tire sizes that are simply not available from other brands.

Basically, from the wide availability of tire models, designs, and sizes, you are almost always guaranteed to find a Lionhart tire that will fit your needs. And that’s a huge thing from such a new player when it comes to replacement tires!

Excellent handling

Lionhart Tires also maintains a laser-like focus in ensuring that their entire production delivers in terms of grip, and this is done by making sure that each tire they produce can efficiently adhere to any surface it’s made for, and in the best possible way at that.

As such, you get to enjoy superior handling, cornering, and maneuvering difficult corners with so much ease. Their tires are also designed in a diverse range of tread patterns in order to guarantee peak performance and longevity. Most of their lineup even boasts of low noise output, so you’ll better appreciate the comfort and ride quality offered by their tires.

Reliable grip on dry road

Lionhart tires seem to be made with dry surfaces and hot weather conditions in mind. As such, almost all of their tires are extremely reliable when it comes to giving you great traction and grip levels on dry roads, hence making them completely safe to drive.

And for the most part, the tires are also responsive and gives you that dreamy steering feel. Of course, it’s not as good as what you would get from a premium tire, but it’s close enough, and doesn’t require you to spend thousands of dollars.

Sporty design

Lionhart-Tires-LH Five Red Lamborghini HuracanWhile the tread designs of most Lionhart tires are quite similar to that of tires from other cheap brands, the overall design of the tires still manage to look really aggressive, thus giving you that sporty look, complete with the proud Lionhart logo that sometimes comes in bright red.

Common design features of Lionhart tires include directional, sporty tread patterns, as well as well-designed sidewalls, both of which add to that performance appeal of the tire. Interestingly enough, this appearance is part of what makes people buy the tires.

Great value for money

The brand’s Chinese origins only matters in the sense that this enables their tires to be insanely affordable without compromising on quality. Meaning, similar models from other brands will almost always cost more, so you’re paying more for the same set of qualities.

In fact, this quality and value for money is quickly getting recognition in both Canada and the US. after all, what’s the point in buying premium tires if you can get the same quality and performance for half or even four times less the price?

While it may be true for most cases that price is a strong signifier of quality, Lionhart Tires are a clear exemption to the rule. Ask any customer, they’ll tell you how these tires meet and exceed their expectations.

Bottom line: Lionhart tires review

The simple truth is, Lionhart Tires may be a new kid on the block, but their product selection is definitely impressive and worth buying. The value for money alone makes the investment worth it, but the best part is, you’re also getting performance and quality fit for a king.

Sure, it may not be a match to true premium tires from more renowned brands such as Pirelli, Michelin, and Bridgestone, but it’s a hell of a lot better (and in so many ways, too) than its competitors within the same price point.

This is why many drivers, even those who own really expensive cars, have placed their trust with Lionhart Tires and have never looked back.

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