KUMHO ROAD VENTURE AT51 Review: All Terrain All Season Tire

It is definitely hard to look for a decent tire which can fit for all terrain and all season conditions. You have to closely examine the features and compare with its price to see if you are really getting the worth of your money. It is a good thing you are here, as we are going to review this tire model which has the features to adapt with different terrain and still give you the best price offer.

There are several things to love and gripe about this tire model. It is a fantasy though if the tire has zero setbacks right? It is better to know the ups and downs for this tire so you can better decide if it is right for you.

The best thing you can get from it is its enhanced performance both on off-road and on-road surfaces. Most off-road tires have a high noise level. Surprisingly, this one is able to maintain a manageable noise level when used in highway driving.

About Kumho Tyre

The Kumho Tyre Company has been in the business of manufacturing quality and high-performing tires for 59 years. It is part of the Kumho Asiana Group and was founded in 1960. Kumho Tyre has made great leaps in the industry and now the 7th largest company in Korea.

They have always placed innovation and quality at the forefront of competitive advantage. Kumho Tyre has three research facilities and the largest is found in Gwangju, South Korea. They have established global branches in 180 countries to cater to large demands. Likewise, their average annual production is around 68 million tires.


It is always better for you to know the features incorporated into this tire model. This will help you have an initial impression on its performance and overall quality.

Dimension and Size

Knowing the size and dimension of the tire is important for you to know if it is compatible with your present vehicle requirements. These features include section width, aspect ratio, rim diameter, and also load index rating. For this tire model, it is compatible with jeeps, sedans, highway SUVs, light trucks, and pickups.

Tread Patterns

Its tread pattern is comparable to a BFG All Terrain tires but with improved tread patterns for better traction. There are angled chamfer, several grooves, and sipes which provides better traction and grip for off-road, wet, and dry surfaces. Likewise, the lateral and longitudinal grooves have sufficient depth to effectively drain out water from the tire surface. The tire also has tapered blocks which provides an easier way of clearing out dirt when it runs over muddy surfaces.


The compound that makes up the tire also impacts its quality and performance. For this model, it has a polyester construction with steel belts wrapped around with nylon that is embedded inside the tire. Consequently, this built greatly improves durability and heat resistance.


In all purchases, the after-sale service always matters for the customers. This tire model offers you a 55,000 mileage warranty service.


We are done with the features, now let us go over its performance and see if it meets your requirement.

Dry Traction

The tread design and pattern of this tire model are well-balanced to perform well on both dry and wet surfaces. The size of the lateral and longitudinal grooves is just right to fit for both off-road and highway driving. A groove size that is too large will not be good for highway driving as it induces fast wear out of the tire.

Off-Road Performance

If you use this tire for off-road rides, this will definitely give you a flawless performance. Some of its features which help in off-road driving include angled chamfer, lateral and longitudinal grooves, micro sipes, and gripping edges. Moreover, the mud or dirt sticking on the tire will easily wear off with its tapered block.

Wet Traction

The tire has four longitudinal grooves: 2 large ones and 2 medium-sized ones. The two inner longitudinal grooves are wider compared to the other two located on the outer sides. This design enables a greater amount of water channelled out from the tire’s surface. Likewise, it has several lateral grooves and micro sipes which gives better traction on wet surfaces.

Snow Traction

Considering the tread patterns and the compound making up the tire, it can only withstand light snow conditions. The tire’s compound is tough and hard, thus, it will stiffen out at lower temperatures.

Noise Level

The several grooves and tread patterns of this surely do not make it super quiet during driving. It does make a substantial amount of noise but it will not matter if you are doing off-road rides. For highway driving, it is just fine because the tread designs are symmetrical and there are varying pitch levels which control noise creation during the ride. However, if you go faster then the tires will surely make a roaring sound.

Comfortable Driving

The tire is made from a durable compound which absorbs a sufficient amount of shocks and good resistance to high temperature due to friction. Likewise, there is lesser noise created from this tire. Aside from comfort, it also provides better cornering and handling which ensures safe driving. It is always better to have a balance between comfort and safety.



Let Us Wrap Up

Based on our discussion, I would say this tire model gives more enhanced quality than the price you will have to pay. The performance it gives on off-road, dry, and wet surfaces are already comparable to the high-end and expensive tires in the market. This may not be the best All Terrain tire but I do not think you will ever be disappointed by its performance. If you already have an expensive and high-end All Terrain tire, then this is the second best option for you to have in case the first one fails. Nevertheless, the tread life of any tire truly depends on what surface and how often it is used by the customer.

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