Kanati Mud Hog M/T Review: Not Just Your Average M/T Tire

If you are the type of driver who’s always up for off-road driving, then M/T tires are the ones you need for your ride. When eyeing for these, one must consider the tire’s components, thickness and durability, and of course the tire treads which will not just give you the traction that you need but also the off-road look fit for your preference. Today, we will have a quick review on one of these mud terrain tires – the Kanati Mud Hog M/T.

This tire unit may not be quite known but it does not mean that it cannot compensate for the off-road experience that you seek. With its aggressive tread patterns, sturdy sidewall, and better tread life compared to average tires, it sure gives you the confidence that you will not be left behind on the road.

About Kanati Mud Hog

The Greenball Corporation has been in the tire industry for 40 years and continually making quality tires that meet customer needs. The company was founded in 1976 where its origin is in Anaheim, California. Like any other firms, they started small with a 2300 square-feet warehouse with 3 employees. They went through different cycles of ups and downs until the company grew and now has 3 distribution centers scattered across the nation with over 100 employees.

The company also offers specialty tires for trailers, garden equipment, golf carts, farm trucks, ATVs/UTVs, heavy equipment such as forklifts, and motorcycles. Greenball Corporation continues to provide tires of better quality at an affordable price with its private brands such as the TOW-MASTER, POWERMASTER, and the DIRT DEVIL.


In this part, we will be discussing some of the highlighted features of the tire unit which you will be taking note of when eyeing for M/T tires that will not just give you the off-road features that you seek but is also within your budget.

Tread Compound

The tire is made of 6 ply tread consisting of 3 polyesters, 2 steel and 1 nylon cap with reinforced bead and a built-in rim guard. Also, its 3 ply sidewalls and resilient rubber compounds provide stronger protection against punctures, longer tread life compared to average tires, better traction on the road, and quieter compared to other M/T tires.

Tread Design

With the tire’s aggressive tread design, it enables to dig deeper and climb into muddy, sand and gravel, rocks, and even on snowy surfaces with ease. It’s optimized tread pattern and high void ratio evacuates water and mud quickly, providing better traction and control and its large solid tread blocks for better rock climbing experience.


We are through with the tire’s features, now we will be focusing on its performance on various surfaces.

Dry Traction

Due to its optimized tread pattern, you might feel a wriggly feeling, especially when running at slower speeds and cornering specifically at high speed might be a bit of a challenge compared to other tires. We might also notice tire humming when running at slow to average speed and later on goes away once you accelerate and tire noise is completely manageable.

Wet Traction

Optimized tread pattern and a high void ratio designed to dig deeper on the muddy or snowy surface quickly evacuate water thus, providing better traction. Also, the side tread block siping provides more grip during hard cornering.

Snow Traction

Every tire has its own limitation with traction to various weather conditions, especially if its winter. For this tire unit, driving on the snowy surface is manageable due to its aggressive tread patterns and high void ratio which allows quick removal of water or ice giving us the confidence that we will not swerve our way off the road.

Tread Life

The tread life of a mud terrain tire is actually dependent on the driving style and weather conditions. Average tread life for M/T is about 40,000 km both on off-road and city driving.

Noise Level

When it comes to noise level, the mud hog is quite manageable compared to other M/T tires due to its overlapping centerline design and you can barely hear the noise once you go on higher speeds.



Let Us Wrap Up

Hopefully, this review has somehow given you insights on what to look for when eyeing for M/T tires. This tire unit might not be the best among all the mud terrain tires available in the market but having those features plus the tread life which is longer compared to average tires, it sure is worth buying for. Always remember to consider also your budget aside from checking on the features provided by every mud tire available in the market.

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