Hankook Optimo H724 Review: Elevated Levels of Comfort

If you are looking for an all-season tire with a touch of a sporty appearance, extended wear, and high-rated durability, tedious efforts await you. What I mean is that it is not an easy task to find such a complete package tire model. However, with rigorous efforts, anything is possible. As I search the market and look around, I came across this new Hankook Optimo H724. Everyone seems to get crazy over this whole new model, and the reason is yet to be found.

Specifically, it is designed for sedans, minivans, smaller pickups, and other new vehicles present today. Aside from its magnificent structure and physical appearance, what’s enticing is it offers speed rate of S or T. At first glance, this model says it is an attractive package, but I disallow any form of enchantment. Thus, here is a closer look at this model to fully determine if this is the best one for you.

Company Background and Overview

Its origin can be easily traced back in South Korea way back in 1941. It was formerly known as Chosun Tire Company, and it is the very first automobile company in Korea. It changed its name to Hankook Tire Corporation in 1953. In the 1980s, it manages to take a risk to explore its horizon and bravely enter the market of the United States and Europe. It continues to its venture and expansion by strengthening their skills and improving their competitive advantage.

The company has undergone numerous momentum and challenges and successfully overcome everything. Today, it is considered as a global brand which operates in more than 30 countries. It employs over 22 000 people and has production sites in Korea, China, Hungary, Indonesia, and the USA. Its distribution network is available in more than 180 countries around the globe.

Key Features and Benefits

As one of the product line produced by a global brand, this model takes pride in showcasing its astonishing features. Now, let’s take a more profound assessment with its key features and how it provides high-performance experience for every user.

Pitch Design Technology

One of the critical features of this model is its pitch design technology. In the tire industry, the word ‘pitch’ is used to determine the quantity of tread blocks surrounding the circumferential area. In this model, its tire pattern is featured with larger tread blocks and more pitches to increase the biting edges. This feature also enhances traction and steering response. However, with this innovation and technology used, this model is designed to minimize the fluctuation of the pitch noise band.

Unique Tire Structure

This model has a noticeably unique tire structure. This is the first thing I come to notice as soon as I get my hands on it. It offers more than just a good look but a significant function as well. As I continue to examine it, I found some valuable technologies and innovations being used in this model.

Abrasion Resistance Tread Compound

Another exciting feature I found in this model is its abrasion resistance tread compound. This is very effective to promote stability and steering response both in dry and wet pavement.

New Material Light-Belt Cord

As its name tells, it is a weight lighter; however, it has a much stronger steel belt that ensures durability. With this new material being used, you can be complacent enough that your tire would last long.

Improved Bead Filler

The tire’s bead filler is a rubber compound found within the bead configuration and is extended on the sidewall area. A good bead should be tough enough to handle all the forces being encountered by tire mounting machines. With its new and improved feature, I notice that this model gives off a better performance, thanks to this feature.

Single Strand Bead Wire

High tensile strength and fine bead wire dramatically contributes to our smooth drive as well as to the safety of the tire. With this new and useful tire structure, it makes every user experience a high-performance ride.

Excellent Grip

Another good thing about this model is its excellent grip and traction in any weather conditions. In terms of dry traction, this tires feels too good to be true. In wet pavements, I still find it impressive as I drive aggressively around wet roadways. I felt the traction went a little down but nothing alarming about it.

The grip on the snow and in icy roads is not as perfect as those on wet and dry pavements. The tire does not seem to handle heavier loads of snow well enough. However, the total grip experience and the steering are both pleasing.



Overall Performance

For its overall performance, this model gets a passing rate. Anyone who is looking for a well-priced all-season tire that does not overlook the value, this model is the right choice. The tread wear is long-lasting, the traction is impressive, the steering and handling are flexible and responsive.

This model gives a feel-good vibe all in all. I consider this model as a middle-class performer. It best suited for those who are looking for a cost-effective tire with high-value features. The price is a really great offer for a high-value model such as this. This model can be comparable to other leading and globally-competitive brands.

Tread Life and Warranty

This model offers a 70 000 miles tread guarantee with a covered 30-day road test period. I honestly don’t have much expectation with this tire. But then, it surprises me that it was able to live up to 55 000 miles with me. It is an excellent tire for its price, and the tread life is indeed pretty impressive.

Throughout my rides, it gives excellent traction and quiet road experience. It handles pretty well with both dry and wet weathers, and I haven’t had any significant issues encountered throughout its lifespan. Being blown away with this tire’s riding experience must be an understatement for me to describe the experience.

I also experienced running it on a flooding highway. With such severe downpour with tons of water everywhere, it doesn’t feel any different. It feels just like driving on a regular roadways, and I just continued to drive straight as if nothing is an issue. Thus, this tire is highly recommendable.

Final Verdict

Now, after all the process of rigorously examining its parts and functions, I am totally in love with this model. Aside from its vast and unique structure and designs, its entry-level price is one of the things that is hard to ignore. If all you need is a tire with efficient functions and performance that offers a highly competitive price, this model is for you.

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