General Grabber AT2 Review Aggressive and Impressive All-Terrain Performance

There are plenty of all-terrain tires in the market and before you get soaked into hundreds of options, let us take a look at General Grabber AT2 all-terrain tire. This model claimed to be an aggressive and impressive all-terrain tire with self-cleaning action.

We are going to have a deeper look into its features and performance if it is what it claims to be. The necessary factors you need to consider for choosing a good tire includes tread compound, patterns, size, warranty, tread wear and traction performance. Together, will figure out if it is worth your time and money.

About General Tire

General Tire company was founded as the General Tire Rubber Company during 1915 in Akron, Ohio. The founder was W.O. O’Neil and the firm has more than 100 years of experience in the industry.

They knew research and technology is the tool for making exceptional tires that meets customer demands but at an affordable price. The opening of their European Distribution Warehouse happened in 2000. Currently, their production line is focused on manufacturing green high-end tires.

Grabber AT2 Features

Let us look into the features offered by this impressive all-terrain tire. We are including its dimension, tread designs, compound, and warranty. By that, we can have a good ocular estimate about its quality and value.

Dimension and Size

This model is suitable for pickups, SUVs, and light trucks. It has a slightly heavyweight 40.2 lbs which tell you the compound is rigid and tough. Its rim size, section width, and aspect ratio are 16″, 255-mm, 70, respectively. The overall structure of this tire can effectively lift more than 1764 lbs of weight.

Tread Patterns

The general pattern of this tire is symmetrical. It has five rows of tread block designs. There are plenty of traction edges and sipes on every row and the grooves are deep and wide enough to do self-cleaning action in every turn. Likewise, the sidewall has an aggressive and tough texture to withstand off-road rides.


The rubber-silica tread compound of this tire has been carefully produced using their Duragen technology. The flexibility features of its compound are good for snow conditions while maintaining reliable resistance against cuts and tear.


The tread life warranty of this tire is 6 years or 60,000 miles excluding flotation tires and LT. Meanwhile, uniformity warranty is in the first year or first 2/32″ wearing.


It is time to go for its performance evaluation to see the actual quality and value of this model. We are covering dry, wet, snow, off-road, comfort, and noise reduction performances.

Dry Traction

The overall dry traction of this model is 85 percent effective. Going into its specifics, it has 82% cornering stability, 90% dry traction, and 83% steering response. These excellent results can be strongly linked to its five-row tread blocks with multiple aggressive traction edges and sipes. It enhances the biting grip on- and off-road surfaces.

Moreover, the silica in its tread compound made a significant contribution to its traction abilities.

Off-Road Performance

The overall off-road performance of this tire is 85 percent. Specifically, it has the following performance rating – 90% dirt, 84% sand, 81% mud, and 86% on rocky surfaces.

This amazing off-road performance can be seen on its aggressive multiple traction edges and sipes which can effectively grip on harsh off-road conditions. Likewise, the depth and width of its grooves are enough to stimulate self-cleaning action.

Wet Traction

The overall wet traction performance of this model is 85 percent. It can do 85% aquaplaning resistance and 86% wet traction actions. The micro sipes and multiple tread block designs can maintain good contact with wet road surfaces. Moreover, the grooves can redirect water out from the tire surface.

Snow Traction

This all-terrain tire can have an 85 percent effective snow traction performance. For light and severe snow conditions, it can effectively deliver 89% and 88% traction, respectively. Meanwhile, there is 77 percent reliable traction on icy surfaces.

All these performances are attributed on its multiple tread blocks, micro sipes, and winter studs pinned into its compound. Its grooves also have a significant contribution by not allowing snow build-up which reduces traction.

Noise Level

Despite being aggressive, there is still 74 percent noise reduction performance for this tire. The multiple tread block patterns of this model are designed to generate a lesser noise level in every turn.

If you go higher speed on paved roads, expect a louder rumbling sound from this one. Nevertheless, quality and performance are never affected by a loud noise.

Comfortable Driving

In terms of comfort, this tire can significantly deliver 81 percent comfortable ride and balanced steering response on paved and off-road conditions. The size and patterns of its tread blocks can balance pressure and force in every turn resulting in a more straight-line ride.

Pros And Cons

We are done evaluating its performance, now let us have a summary of the benefits and setbacks of this model. This will provide you with a better idea on the value for money of this tire.

The Pros:

The Cons

Let Us Wrap Up

Based on our speculations, we can say that General Grabber AT2 tire is an excellent choice for your all-terrain adventures. It has a higher upfront cost than Westlake SL369 but performance is comparable to Goodyear Wrangler tire. There is no wrong decision from trying this one out for your pickups, jeep and light trucks.

We hope to have given you substantial details and clearer view about this tire. Never make any hasty decision when it comes to choosing the right tire. Do your homework and compare.

If you find this article useful, please share it with your friends and families. We have other articles for other tires you can read in your vacant time. For your comments and suggestions, feel free to write that down in the comment section. We will reply as soon as possible and give you our best answers.

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