The Latest Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 Performance Review: How Flourished Is It?

Are you looking for an ultra-high summer performance tire that will give you an ultimate thrill and splendid experience? This all-new Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 is making a buzz in the market about its ultimate sport performance. This model is inspired by the company’s racing line heritage and ultra-high performance value.

With all the high-performing tires claiming the same and positioning themselves as the number one, it is becoming confusing. The choices are overwhelming for the side of the consumers. Among these prominent brands competing for a spot in the market, is this model a trustworthy one?

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The Company History and Overview

Harvey Firestone founded this American-based tire company in 1900. The company primarily manufactures wire tires for fire apparatuses, wagons, and buggies. Today, the company is not only recognized as a prominent brand and supplier of high-performing tires. It is also known as among those great innovators of advanced technologies to utilize and improvise their products.

Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 Key Features

This latest model is equipped with advanced features which introduce a whole new experience for every user. The highlights include its dynamic cornering capacity, 20% shorter stopping distance on wet pavements, and pulse groove channels. I am more than mesmerized by the performance it unfolds. To think that those features mentioned above are just some of the things to look forward, this model is definitely getting my full attention.

Wider Shoulders

The company’s latest invention and innovation in their tires provide a considerable advantage in the tire’s stiffness and broader shoulders. With this wider shoulders feature, it allows the tread to have improvised traction even to off-roads and rough terrains. The tire’s increased stiffness also provides this model with supreme confidence in cornering. With just this information alone, I am honestly getting overly electrified with anticipation for this driving experience.

Improved Rubber CompoundFirestone Firehawk Indy 500 Review

This new model offers you a more improved rubber compound that allows you 20% shorter stopping distance on wet roads. Its new technology, the Long Link Carbon tread rubber is designed to render exceptional performance both wet and dry pavements. I am still halfway with this review, but I am already enthralled how this model was ever produced with such perfection.

Pulse Groove Technology

Another innovation that this model will surely surprise you is its Pulse Groove Technology. The channel in the unusual asymmetric tread pattern has an improvised function to take away water clearance. I tend to get intrigued by this part when it comes to tread pattern and grooving design. Another exciting thing I find in here is that through the newly introduced technology they used, the risk of hydroplaning greatly diminished. This center circumferential groove feature will surely amaze you as to how it so far significantly caught my attention.

High-Turnup Polyester Casing

Another interesting feature I found out in this model is its internal structure. It has a polyester casing, probably two-ply in some measurements but mine is only 1. It is can be found underneath the twin high-pressure steel belt and is supported with nylon to provide responsive handling and stability.

The Pros:

The Cons:

Firestone Firehawk Indy 500 Overall Performance

The first thing I notice about this model is the maker’s effort in developing a whole new version of a tire. Among the product line that the company offers to the market, this one model is exceptional. There is a lot of things which makes it extraordinary and unusual. I could feel the careful attention to details. Thus, it is no longer surprising for me if this one will come as one of the best if not the top best among others.

The performance is super impressive while the price will never hold you away from it. Since this is a summer tire, it is not advisable to run it in freezing temperature through ice or snow. Aside from this one setback which I don’t feel like a setback, nothing seems to be comparable with this model. It also offers surprisingly numerous technology innovations to bring improvised grip, handling, stability, and speed capacity.

Tread Life and Warranty

To test out the tread capacity to measure the effectiveness in providing traction, I driven out 2000 miles on this model. With 60 mph on the running speed, it is noticeable how the tire channels water pretty well during the wet condition. So far, there is no sign of instability throughout the ride, and the handling is very flexible and has a quick response. After the trip, the tire is surprisingly flawless, and it indeed performed well with standing water. No patches were found, no smudge, and the tire satisfactorily tough and heavy-duty. From what I can see after the testing, the tire can withstand many rough and harsh pavements without getting easily retreaded.

Firestone Firehawk Indy 500

Final Verdict

If you’re a car enthusiast who seeks for a tire which can give an ultimate experience, then this one is highly recommended. This tire does not only promise to provide the ultimate riding experience through its high-performance features. This one will also keep you in awe as you get the chance to explore more its capacities. As an ultimate sport performance tire which is designed primarily with racing-inspired value, it has so much more to offer.

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