Firestone Firehawk AS Review: A High-Performance Sporty Tire

The number of brands and business enterprises which offer all-season and high-performance tires keeps on increasing. With that, our quest on the best all-season tire that gives us an impressive experience and quality drive is confusing. However, among all the most prominent and well-known brands in the market, I found about the Firestone Firehawk AS. It promises the same high-performance and all-season capacity to withstand any weather conditions. The truth behind these claims is what we are going to unveil through this Firestone Firehawk AS review.

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The Firestone Tire and Rubber Company

As a background check, I traced back the company which manufactured this kind of tire and scrutinized their behind-the-scenes stories. It was founded in 1990 by Harvey Firestone. It primarily offers to provide rubber for tires. Later on, Firestone saw an opportunity of producing tires for automobiles, and that’s how their story started. Harvey Firestone is known to be in a direct circle of network with Henry Ford. Such admirable friendship leads the company to be the sole supplier of Ford Motor Company.

Key Features and Benefits of Firestone Firehawk AS

The company uses advanced technology in the preparation and in producing their models and tires. As a result, they provide different beneficial features for the convenience of their users and target market. Here are some of the key features of Firestone Firehawk AS:

All-Season Performance

They proudly claim that their tire is an all-season and has an impressive wet and snow capability. At least they are not joking in this part. For car enthusiast out there, this is what we usually check at first. Fortunately, for this model, this claim is quite convincing as it gives effective control on wet roads. It also has advanced and improved traction for snowy weather. In addition to this, I was as well impressed with its improved water evacuation for grip on wet and dry roads.

Tread FeaturesFirestone Firehawk AS

Its tread features are also one of the things you should look forward to this model. It does not only offer an effortless traction control in any weather conditions. What impresses me more is its improved channels which reduces the high risk of hydroplaning and the full-depth tread feature. With such, it helps to perform and match up your adventures and gives you quality rides throughout its life span. Furthermore, it has more biting edges which I much appreciate during the snowy seasons because it gives me more control over it.

Asymmetric Tread Design

When you look closely, you will find that the tire has an asymmetric or irregular tread design. The inner and outer halves have noticeably different patterns. With this design, it creates greater performance diversity. When speaking about performance, tires with asymmetric patterns have more improved traction that works in both dry and wet seasons. It also promotes longevity, durability, and robustness on the tire.

High-Tensile Belts

Another thing which I noticed on this tire is its belt. Depending on the size of the tire, it is internally structured with one or two plies of supporting double steel belts. It is a polyester casing, and it is a great support that is fortified with spirally wrapped nylon. With such a fantastic combination and structure, I believe it’s the reason why the tire is very responsive and easy to handle.

Longer and Stronger Performance

When compared to other brands or older versions produced by the same company, this model is so far the most competitive. It offers stronger quality performance with its additional in-depth tread features. It is also long lasting, and the tread life is never regrettable. It worth every penny you are about to spend on it. Personally, this is the best choice so far.

The Pros:

The Cons:

Firestone Firehawk AS – Overall Performance

After all the assessment on the details and features of this model, I found out that it is a pretty good tire. It solves and efficiently provides useful features for the common issues and dilemmas of every driver. One of its good function that never let me down is its wet and dry traction and the stable cornering grip. There is also does not emit much annoying noise as its other kinds usually do. Furthermore, its tread life is one of the best to consider for every savvy driver out there. With all of that, their promise of a convenient and quality ride is fully rendered.

Although I noticed that it functions better on snow surfaces with its water evacuation channels, it is not advisable for heavy snows. It is understandable since this is normal for all other all-season tires. In its totality, this model is a solid-performing and has a higher performance than the others of its kind.

Warranty and Tread Life

It claims to have the limit of 50, 000 miles guaranteed high-performance sporty drive throughout its life span. When tested in both dry and wet conditions, I tested it out for running about 600 meters; the experience is fun. There is no much difference between dry testing and the wet testing done at the same speed and running coverage. There are no sketchy marks found in the tire after the experiment. With such a test, I can see its promising durability in any ride I can take on.

Firestone Firehawk AS Review

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a high-performance tire or perhaps you are a sporty and aggressive driver, then this is for you. With this model, your desires in driving will be fully satisfied. No need for you to push your car to its limit because with this tire, it has very responsive steering. If we are going to rank it, the top is only the sole place for this type of tire.

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