Federal SS-595 Review Smoking Drift with Balanced Tread Wear

This tire from Federal tyres is an affordable one for your all-around, all-season highway driving. The best thing we admire from this tire is its drift performance paired with balanced tread wear. However, we are going to show you the benefits and setbacks of this product to give a more holistic view.

There are plenty of other high-quality tires for drifting in the market, yet they cost so much that it is impractical to use them for your all-around drifting escapade. We find this tire more budget-friendly, though you can still have those expensive ones for occasional usage.

Stay tuned to find out more about this tire and if it meets your daily drifting requirements.

About Federal Tire

This tire company originated in Taiwan in 1954. They got their excellent technologies and strategies in tire production from Bridgestone and Sumitomo Rubber Industries. Today, they are continually producing high-quality all-season and drift tires at an affordable price for the market.

Like other known tire companies, they highly invest in research and development to improve the quality and cost-effectiveness of their products. Lastly, they have established plenty of marketing satellite branches all over the globe.

Federal SS-595 Features

Tire features are the first thing we see that reflects the quality and perceived the performance of any tire. We are going to speculate on the features of this product which include its dimension, compound, warranty, and tread patterns.

Dimension and Size

The overall dimension and size of this tire are compatible with crossovers, coupe, sedans, SUVs, and minivans. It has a section width of 215-mm, an aspect ratio of 45, rim diameter of 17 inches, and a load index of 87. Likewise, the highest speed rating it can run before wearing out drastically is 149 mph.

Tread Patterns

Federal SS-595 ReviewThe general tread design of this tire is unidirectional V-shape. The main benefit of this pattern is its excellent hydroplaning resistance. You will have no worries when running on wet and dry paved surfaces for this product.

Its sipes and V-shape grooves help direct water out from the tire surface so there are more contact and grip on the surface. Likewise, the tire’s width is right for a balanced cornering.


The tire compound of this model is tougher and more durable compared to its 595RS cousin. They made enough innovation to improve the silica and rubber material of this model for better biting grip and drifting on dry and wet surfaces.

The steel belts wounded with nylon fabrics contributes greatly on the balanced tread wear of this model. Their efficient production has made this tire can have lower unit cost.


Federal Tire offers decent warranty service for all tire models they offer in the market. You can see that in their warranty service terms and conditions for standard all-season tires.

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Federal SS-595 Review Performance

Features provide us with an ocular inspection and feel of the tire’s quality. Let us go over the performance evaluation and review of this model. We will know if the features and performance match each other for legitimacy.

Dry Traction

Based on the performance evaluation conducted from different tire shops, the average dry traction of this tire is 75 percent. Meanwhile, its wet traction and handling performance are around 50 percent effective.

We find these results fair and identical with the existing directional tread pattern of this tire. The V-shape tread design and grooves of this model provide lesser rolling friction and increased hydroplaning resistance on wet roads. Likewise, the grooves and tread blocks are responsible for its good drifting and dry grip.

Off-Road Performance

The tire compound of this model is better than its previous 595RS models, yet it does not have the right rigidity to withstand wear and tear on off-road surfaces. Looking at the depth of its grooves, it will not survive the worse mud on unpaved roads. The shoulder tread block of this model also lacks strength for good off-road ride.

Wet Traction

The V-shape, diagonal grooves of this tire prove effective in providing reliable wet traction performance that is around 50 percent. The smaller diagonal sipes also help in achieving this result.

Snow Traction

Unfortunately, this tire does not have enough feature to perform light to medium winter traction. There are not enough 3D micro-sipes to enhance biting grip on icy surfaces. Likewise, the depth of its grooves cannot tolerate a large amount of snow on the road.

Nevertheless, you can have this tire as your best all-around tire for dry and wet performance. Better if you will have separate tires for the winter season.

Noise Level

This tire produces substantial noise during operation yet it does not diminish its reliable drift and handling performance. Some people find this disturbing but for the price and functionality, we find value for money.

Comfortable Driving

Comfortable tire performance covers handling, cornering, noise level, and balance. This one surely is not quiet but for its handling and overall comfort, it delivers 54 percent and 48 percent effectivity, respectively.

These results can be seen on the tire’s improved Tread-silica compound, steel belts, and directional tread patterns. The tread design and compound contribute to its dependable drift and handling abilities.

The Pros

The Cons

Federal SS-595 Review

Overview: Federal SS-595 Review

From what we have discussed, we can fairly say this tire has lived up to its claim of being great for drifting, all-season, and balanced tread wear performance. There are a few gripes you have encountered from this tire which is worth noting. Nevertheless, for the price and functionality, this tire works well.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to write that down on the comment section. We will do our best to give substantial feedback in the shortest turnaround time.

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