Falken Wildpeak AT3W Review: For More Off-Road Adventures

If you are looking for a tire which is primarily engineered for adventure, this tire is making a buzz in the market. As the craze about this new Falken Wildpeak AT3W keeps on increasing, it is as well becoming intriguing for me. With all the all-season and rugged tire for off-road adventures, what makes this one different among others? Once again, before jumping into the verdict of purchasing this brand, here are some of our ideas about it.

Overview of How Falken Tires Started

It was owned by a Japanese company, Sumitomo Rubber Industries and it was launched in Japan in 1983. It was introduced to the market of North America in 1985, and in Europe in 1988. Today, it is a world-renowned brand which focuses on delivering ultra-high performance and high-caliber products utilizing professional motorsports.

Features and Benefits

Outer Apex Sidewall

One thing I first notice about this model is its durability and robustness to withstand any weather conditions. From icy and deep snow conditions to blazing hot summer, this model’s strength is indeed impressive. Thanks to its bead apex which acts as a protector to its internal casing, the tire was able to withstand heat. I am happy with this feature since it added more flexibility in the handling and gripping. Furthermore, it is a significant advantage when driving in rough terrains.

Three-Dimensional Canyon Sipe Technology

This advanced technology and innovation of the company that focuses more on its siping is also a noteworthy feature. With this feature, it elevates the quality of the tire making it long-lasting and durable even with contact of rough roads. This feature as well helps interlocks the tire shoulders which provides additional handling stability and resist wear from aggressive cornering.

Aggressive Upper Sidewall

This feature is an additional protection for the tire against sharp rocks and other off-road particles. It also provides extra traction at low tire pressures and when driving on camber roads. I find this feature very useful whenever going for an off-road adventure. This is indeed perfect for those who love driving on rough roads but just can’t give your full effort. With this, no need to be concerned about your tire’s condition.

Silica Tread Compound

Its optimized tread design which is improvised with the combination of silica compound is another notable feature of this model. This feature enables the model to excel in any weather conditions, improves durability for lasting tread wear, and gives an excellent wet performance. This tire never fails to amaze me when I figured that it is indeed serious in its claim as an all-season tire. This one does not just withstand winter and icy conditions, but furthermore, it is designed for heavy and severe snow conditions. It was even awarded a qualification from the Rubbers Manufacturers Association with the Three-Peak Mountain Snow Flake symbol.

Heat Diffuser Technology

For me, this is the most practical feature that this model could possess. Its heat diffuser technology in the lower sidewall gets rid the heat in the internal tire components. This is a crucial area for the tire which needs to be continuously cooled down; thus this feature is deemed useful. This feature also adds stability to the casing and enables it to carry heavy loads. This is perfect for anyone who moves around bulky loads or if working in a delivery or cargo services.

Rugged Tread Blocks

This feature gives out an extra support for the vehicle ramps and also enhances the stiffness of the tread. With such rigidity in the contact patch, it improves traction and improves handling while having the grooves get rid of stones. This augmented feature that this model has is enticing because it has so many benefits including the enhancement of the tire’s stability.

Long-Lasting Wear

One of the promises of this model is its longevity. Since so far this is the only model which I believe to have the deepest tread in its class, this is possible. Its deep tread design and pattern provides lasting wear as well as consistency in the ice and deep snow terrains. It also has hydroplane resistance for a more upgraded wet performance throughout the life of this tire.



Overall Performance

I am giving this tire an excellent rating on its overall performance. Among its kind and direct competitions, this model is successful in coming up with a design that works effectively for off-road adventures. This tire handles almost anything you throw on its path. It can even effortlessly get rid of stones from getting stuck. Basing on the details and features it possess, this model is almost close to perfection.

One setback I figured along the way is its traction and handling capacity for loose sand and soft surfaces. It is honestly not that favorable. However, this is just a minor issue, and it can be overlooked. Aside from that area, there is no other more problem with its traction. On the contrary, it performs excellently in deep snow and freezing temperature. It sports any severe weather condition, particularly winter that it even received recognition for it.

In its totality, this model should be lined up among the best on its kind. All my praises are not enough to describe this hybrid-designed model. You can’t help but walk away impressed and with awe for its abilities and beautiful features. In addition to its fantastic offer, this model offers a very affordable price, a total contradiction to its high value and performance.

Tread Life and Warranty

As an adventure lover, I spend most of my time off-road and driving along rough terrains. I love the excitement and thrill of these outdoor activities. Upon hearing that this model is designed for rugged roads and trails, I literally jumped with excitement. This model promises a 70 000 mileage warranty and a 30-day hassle free ride guarantee.

With an everyday drive of 50 miles round trip, I usually encountered pavement, gravel, and muddy roads. The ride is smooth and quiet which gives comfort throughout the journey. On my 14 000 miles, this model works perfectly fine with its wet and dry traction and excellent handling. On my 20 000 miles, snow traction is still excellent and impressive.

As for the mud traction, it is satisfactory, but then it is still manageable. I found no gravel damage on its tread and no rock retainer either way. All in all, this model’s longevity and tread life is promising.

Final Verdict

For a tire that can be used both for your off-road adventures and office transport, this model is highly recommended. It is not only majestic and splendid in its outer appearance and structure. More than the looks, it is engineered with advanced technology to provide excellent performance for every user. Since this model is primarily designed for your SUVs, crossovers, and heavy-duty trucks, durability is one you should expect. For a stricter tire which can withstand any harsh terrains, this model is more than just a reward.

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