Douglas Tires Review: Are They Made To Meet Expectations?

Douglas Tires Review

The fact that tires are a vehicle’s only contact with the road it’s also the most critical safety feature. Even the most advanced anti-skid system remains at the mercy of the tire’s grip on the road. On the basis thereof, a brand’s make and background play a vital role for buyers to understand the quality of a product. After all, this is a review of a specific brand. So, we are going to weigh some major factors about Douglas Tires.

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The Brand’s Mysterious Collaboration

Have you ever wondered why you couldn’t get Douglas tires anywhere else but Walmart? The shopping titan and multinational manufacturing tire giant, Goodyear may have chosen to keep the whole corporate collaborative relationship a conspiracy, but the question makes sense, does it? Nevertheless, the trademark appeared to be Goodyear’s line of low-priced tires. Does this mean it’s a Goodyear tire? It’s been an on-going mystery making all brands mentioned more interesting.

Here’s a bit of historical clue, Goodyear Tires took the acquisition of Kelly Springfield Tire Company in 1935. By 1992, its ownership of Kelly’s somewhat led towards a partnership with Walmart. Followed by the US Federal Registration of the Douglas Tires we know today. Meaning, since it became a brand solely sold by Walmart, it’s a private label built by subsidiaries of Goodyear specifically for the shopping giant.

Nevertheless, whether it’s performance tires or standard passenger tires, the brand has been making a name for over 25 years. Douglas Tires may still be tracks behind Goodyear and the other three top tire brands, Walmart has always been a boss at building brand loyalty. Moreover, Douglas Tires greatest takeaway in the retail sector is the brand mix, which most of its proceeds originates at the expense of Goodyear.

Are DOUGLAS TIRES Worth the Risk?

As generations of Yankees have hit the public road in vehicles of all shapes and sizes, a reliable set of tires has been a fundamental element in those road trips. But, when we find the expensive tires we want, we eventually get entrapped in the question, “Anyone wants to suggest a complimentary tire that’s just as good?” As much as we want the best of quality, we are also very much aware that for every budget-minded consumer, is a bit of compromise.

Douglas tires

Americans are now aiming for budget tires for all the understandable reasons, but do all of it make the cut? Goodyear has consistently held the top spot in the US Market alongside it’s fiercest competitors, Michelin and Firestone. So, Douglas being Walmart’s in-house tire brand make us question its quality. While the three tire giants prevail at its positions, there is significant progress changing Douglas Tire’s draw rate and movement in the ranks. Below are the reasons why.

Available at All Walmart Stores

Accessibility is the name of the game. Walmart is among the leading multinational retailers’ operating a chain of department stores, neighborhood markets, discount shops, and hypermarkets. Everybody goes to Walmart to shop. We are talking about over 4000 Walmart supercenters! So, you can pretty much drive to any Walmart repositories to get these tires. Therefore, you don’t run out of places to purchase the Douglas tires.

Additionally, it pays to know what is currently on your vehicle and to learn about your alternatives. The purchase options at Walmart are bound to be convenient for everyone. It should be! The retail company has an incredible expansion, all for the ease of purchase by the public. We make no bones about that! You can check out the specs and the price of the tires on the shop’s official retail website.

Convenient Price Point

Douglas Tire’s great and infamous father is without a doubt a King of quality and performance. However, with the prevailing money situation of most people nowadays, being practical comes very handy. So, this takes us into finding much favorably affordable alternatives. With that goal in mind, the in-house brand was made, which is to produce good quality auto products that meet the budget of most people.

Good Warranty

So, in case the tires you bought don’t meet certain quality or functional requirements, do you go to Goodyear or Walmart? The shopping giant stands behind the warranties of the Douglas tires they sell no matter how low-priced it is. They gave it a 45k-mile treadwear limited warranty, which is convenient on top of its reasonable price. If the defective is eligible for replacement, you only need to cover the installation cost, taxes, service charges, and government-mandated charges.

The only catch though is the tires must be mounted at Walmart stores to qualify for the warranty. So, if the tires were mounted elsewhere, chances are you can’t get a replacement. Most customer complaints about the warranty rule are those who assumed that it’s just like any other regular warranty claims. So, make sure you check the warranty information to prevent warranty claim difficulties in the future.

What Douglas Tires Offer

No technology yet had advanced into making tires with infinite tread life. They still need to retire and be replaced a few times or more throughout the life of a typical vehicle. It still varies by the car type, road and weather conditions you encounter as well as driving aggressiveness. Douglas Tires’s All-Season and the Performance fit right in,— at affordable prices. It has its priority to the versatile and commonly needed tires of the majority.


The given title itself states what the tires are best at, —it’s for cars that can take you from Point A to Point B daily. The make of all-season tires is motivated for family vehicles, such as minivans to handle wet roads and light winter driving. These versatile tires are designed to offer a combination of benefits from summer and winter drivability. Douglas All-Season tires provide good tread life, a relatively quiet ride, and a year-round performance.

It is built to meet basic needs without hurting your bank account! Just like other all-season tires, they have to compromise the maximum of its capabilities to achieve versatility for all seasons. Now, what does that imply? It means the tires are engineered to have fifty percent of the grip and sharp handling of a summer tire, while the other fifty percent is for the grip and handling of a winter tire.

So, Douglas all-season tires are not meant to trek through heavy snow or driving on slushy ice. Unlike the tires specifically made for winter, the traction is more advanced. Consequently, the takeaway here is your weather conditions and local road conditions, should impact your decision when buying tires. As well as your driving style and driving habits for everyday driving.


The Douglas Performance tires make sports car lovers on a tight budget happy. It is slightly on a more expensive side, but that’s because these tires are built with a higher gear compared to All-Seasons. Douglas Performance tires have better handling response and traction as well as maneuverability. The amount different doesn’t really hurt. Passenger cars such as Ford Fusion and Chevy Equinox are just a few of its most common fitments.

Douglas Performance tires are for those who don’t mind making small sacrifices in gas mileage and tire lifespan to gain superior control on the road. It features unique tread patterns, construction marks, and rubber compounds to provide much better precision, in wet and dry conditions. The popularity of performance tires is climbing up really fast. And so as the Douglas Performance Tires for its budget-friendly price and convenient 45,000 miles warranty.

The foremost benefit of directional tires is that it offers great resistance to hydroplaning. There’s been an ongoing debate whether the tires are directional or not. Surprise! These very affordable performance tires are not directional. Yet, it has the a-symmetrical pattern commonly mistaken as a directional pattern.

The special tread is meant for excellent handling in wet traction. It’s a feature that is rarely available in most low-priced brands. Overall they are great for what you pay. It’s a great tire for the price and performance on wet streets.


After checking a good number of reviews from car owners who had used and are still using Douglas tires, some negative feedback shouldn’t really be a surprise. It happens to every brand and to every car. Albeit the sales of these tires are making movements which means, despite a mix of quality-based feedback many users are seemingly content with the brand. Don’t get misled by other overpriced big brands. Many of them just perform the same as low-cost Douglas tires.

There is no impact or value in question that involves who really owns Douglas tires. If the only concern is the warranty, Walmart takes care of it. It managed to let the in-house tires survive for the past 25 years. Meaning, it still serves many car owners. If you’re not driving like the dudes in the fast & furious movie, Douglas tires are a shot for your money.

35 thoughts on “Douglas Tires Review: Are They Made To Meet Expectations?”

  1. I purchased 2 tires in June 2019. Both tires have leaks in them. I’ve been told by misc mechanics this is a factory defect. I’m 73 years old on limited income I need some help with this. I purchased them at Walmart and had them installed there. I don’t drive very much but I did expect the two tires to last longer than they did
    Please help me with this

    1. Hi Marianne, I’m sorry for your bad experience. I suggest you contact Walmart and tell them what happened. I’m sure it should still be under warranty.

      1. Marianne I’m sure there is nothing wrong with the tires themselves. However , walmart isn’t always the best place to have tires mounted. I have ran across more incompetent techs at walmart than anywhere else. The rims or the valve stems are probably at fault. I would love to help you but I all I can say is go back until they get it right the tires shouldn’t leak

  2. Patrino Patricinio

    Was driving north on I-95 in Jacksonville coming home from a Disney trip. Got a flat. Put spare on with great help from awesome Fla State Trooper. He directed me to nearest Walmart about 2 miles away. Put 2 Douglas on and made it all the way home to New York City with no problems. Granted I’m only about 1,000 miles in so I can’t give a better review but so far, tires performed well given the long distance.

    1. take the tire/wheel assembly off and put it in a tub of water. that will show where any and all leaks are located. sometimes the leak is where the rim and tire mate, not actually the tire. I have ran these tire on a ’96 civic hatchback, with exceptional performance. I had no problems with this tire.

        1. Marianne I’m sure there is nothing wrong with the tires themselves. However , walmart isn’t always the best place to have tires mounted. I have ran across more incompetent techs at walmart than anywhere else. The rims or the valve stems are probably at fault. I would love to help you but I all I can say is go back until they get it right the tires shouldn’t leak

    2. I bought 4 douglas tires for my subaru before I drove to FloRida from Northern Kentucky, I had read from dissatisfied customers but I got them, the tires are great, NO Road noise. Better than factory OEM equipment

  3. Have 4Douglas tires on a Honda CRV for two years now. Young man at Walmart said he runs them on all his vehicles. US made, wear is good, rides like a truck and noisy. Interstate speed tires get a lot of road “ whine “, slower speed still there not as loud. Doesn’t smooth ride on bumpy road.

    1. In dealing with walmart if you call 1-800-walmart by phone first give store bad review and explain it is a life threatening
      situation odd are they will antie up or it easier if my tell them at desk you want to speak to store manager and let him know your going to complaints 1-800-Walmart normally they will fix the problem quickly and quietly other wise the won’t get there store bonuses if to many complaints

    2. I have 4 Douglas tires on my Volvo xc70 and have nothing but good things to say for them. Good price, smooth quite ride. Will go with this brand again when the time comes. Also have a BMW z3 and when the time come it will get Douglas tires.

  4. lester rodriques

    Purchased 4 Douglas tires for my 2016 Cruize and they have been more than expected. Quiet, nice ride, good in Northeast snow and fuel efficient. With all of that, they are Value priced as well. You will not go wrong. 20,000 miles on them thusfar and still going strong..

  5. I bought 2 Douglas 235/55/17 tires from Walmart in August of last year. I noticed that 1 tire has a blister on the side wall. After texting Walmart about this I was told they would not work with me on getting another tire. This leaves me think that if I’m in accident I should sue Walmart and or the manufacturer. I only want what I payed for. This tire has less than 8000 miles on them. I need help with this issue immediately.

  6. My grandson had a blowout in February and replaced the ruined tire at Walmart with a Douglas tire. He went back in late March to replace the other 3 with matching tires. Walmart had closed all of their tire service facilities due to the coronavirus scare. However, all other departments are open. Also all competing tire stores are open. Walmart is the only one that sells the Douglas tire. Why are they closed? It has to be more than health safety of employees and customers because everyone else knows how to manage. Will they re-open?
    This is inconvenient for customers who have purchased these products from Walmart. Do they no longer value our business?

    1. the tire centers will still sell you the tires cash and carry. you will need to find another installer though. I bought 15 tires in the last 2 months from various walmarts in the area, and everyone sold me the tires I needed. they temporarily are using the tire centers for Employee Covid Check entrances.

  7. These tires are a disgrace to the Goodyear name. It appears you all are praying on the consumers who are less able to afford expensive Tires. I purchased these cheap quality tires in January the day after Christmas. I had to replace 2 of the tires in February because the sidewalls were warped and bubbled one popped and the other was on the verge. I had to tell the Walmart employee to change the second tire with a bubble in the sidewall because he said the tire needed to be damaged before it could be replaced. I responded a bubble in the sidewall is, in fact, a reasonable defect. I was then charged $10 to deal with your substandard tire. Now in May during a Pandemic, the sidewall blows out on a third tire. Now I have to put my life at risk and schedule an emergency appointment because all Tire centers are closed and have this tire replaced. Walmart charges me a $30 fee to replace a defective sub-par tire. Now I am out an additional $40 not to mention the time and uber fares to constantly get these tires replaced. In 5 months 3 of my 4 tires have had the sidewalls blow out. I asked Walmart to change the 4th they refused and said the tire needs to be defective I guess the fact the last 3 were defective doesn’t matter to them. You all have a liability to sell a quality usable product especially since you are under the Goodyear umbrella. Just because Walmart demands a cheap product does not mean you should put the safety of your customers before a Corporation’s demands. I expect to hear from someone with a reason why Goodyear is willing to risk the lives of its customers to produce a tire at Walmarts demands at price regardless of the quality of the product. You all are better than this.

    1. Do you live where there are alot of put holes or something? I’ve known people for years that purchased douglas tires and they never had a defect through 3-5 years of the tires life span. Crazy 3 out of 4 have defects… do you drive like batman or something?

  8. I purchased two at wal-mart
    warrenty was 45000
    they did not last 28000
    Walmart refuses to deal with it they say it is a matter for the manuf

  9. I have had 2 separate issues with the sidewalls on this brand of tire getting bubbles very easily. I do not drive in a pothole ridden area and I would know to look at my tiires and rims if I do hit something (yes, even wait a few days to see if anything forms). Nothing lately. I have not tried to deal with Walmart and based on these comments I see here, I believe I will avoid Walmart for tires and Douglas tires in general

  10. I want to buy 4 Douglas tires, but they have to be installed by Wal-Mart for the warranty to be good and Wal-Mart has closed their automotive depts. So they can’t install them. With Wal-Mart automotive depts closed, is their anyway for the warranty to be good if someone else installs them?

  11. I have used Douglas in five cars over the last six years. Never had an issue. Tires are quiet and smooth. Had them on 1999 Dodge Ram 1500, 2 – 2010 Kia Fortes, 2007 Ford Escort and 2014 Chrysler Town and Country.

  12. I’ve never been a huge fan of Douglas, or Goodyear for that matter, since I’ve never had rave-reviews for either, as I deem them both as average in performance/wear. They (Douglas) are an economical choice for a short-hop daily-driver or grocery-getter. I’ve put them on my wife’s work car, Mazda3, and a couple other vehicles we’ve owned in the past… they ran fairly smooth, even wear with regular rotations, low/acceptable noise, reasonable all-season traction, and acceptable MPG. So, no real complaints for a budget tire.

    Other quality (IMO) budget tires are Laufen (owned by Hankook) and Falken or Solar (both owned by Sumitomo). Laufen has a good light truck or passenger car tire option (but limited sizes/tread-patterns), and Falken/Solar have great, longer-wearing performance tires. I still try to find deals on Hankook, Khumo, Continental, etc. when I can… but I’m not afraid of a quality budget-tire. I mainly try to avoid the BIG-name-brands as you tend to be paying for the name, not the quality-of-old… My last Michelin tires were end-of-life at 50K… unacceptable!

  13. I have Douglas tires on 4 vehicles. I have Walmarts lifetime rotation and balance on all of them. (Separate charge per tire)
    Now that the pandemic has closed Walmarts tire centers I cannot get my rotations and the warranty states that tires must have regular rotations to be warranted.
    My last set were worn out at around 28000 miles with 45000 mile warranty and the Walmart tire manager said my tires were improperly worn due to lack of rotation. My rotations were all done in that store. I’m wondering what happens now.
    I paid in advance for a service they ate unable or unwilling to provide.
    Can anyone say Class Action Suit?

    1. If walmart can not live up to the warranty by their failure to be available for the rotation they have breached the contract. You should be able to sue but you will only get the original cost of the tires. Call 1 800 walmart and point this out raise cain and you will get satisfaction. Do not give up!!!!

  14. I replaced my Khumo preformance tore with the Douglas preformance on my 328 BMW. The Douglas are 10x the tires if the Khimo
    As I’m typing this I’m having another Ser put on my newest BMW project. Love them.

  15. For those of you who have had a Douglas, Kelly, or GY Viva 3 (all Goodyear brands) leak, blister or blow out, you have purchased one of the thinnest sidewall tires on the market. I have just retired from 35 years in the tire business and have never seen one brand fail so often as these Goodyears. Compared to almost EVERY other brand on the market, they are 15-18% thinner in the sidewall/shoulder area.
    Google “John Boel failed tires” for a short investigative report.

  16. Who do we contact sales for these tires.
    I have a serious issue with the quality . I’m stuck in one inch of snow and are all season..
    No phone number I’ve called 5 all not douglas tires sales. Walmart told me take it up with douglas tires. Gave no contact info..said look on I am. Stuck.
    I need the contact phone number.

  17. i purchased a douglas all season tires(4)and it been put on my crossover but i notice that the 4 tires are not been put on a same rolling path i mean the tread of the left(driver side)was facing backward and the right side was facing forward i asked the guy at walmart auto center if its ok and i won’t get to an accident by this setting he said its ok as the tire is not directional and you can put all 4 tires any which way you can is this true?

    1. If walmart can not live up to the warranty by their failure to be available for the rotation they have breached the contract. You should be able to sue but you will only get the original cost of the tires. Call 1 800 walmart and point this out raise cain and you will get satisfaction. Do not give up!!!!

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