Cooper Evolution Tour: A Complete Review

Touring tires have become greatly in-demand these days and you will find every tire manufacturer offering this tire type. There are many reasons why many drivers choose a touring tire for their vehicle. These include great traction and good handling on different surfaces. Most importantly, touring tires offer an exceptional riding experience.

Most tire companies would market their product with advanced features, for example with the brake system, handling, and durability. However, not all their claims are 100% true. But that doesn’t mean you will never find a tire manufacturer who means what they promise. Hence, it is still possible to find others who have great offers at an affordable price.

Cooper Tire is an American tire company, which is widely known as a producer of cutting-edge tire products that are offered at a lower price. The most popular model of this famous tire company is the Cooper Evolution Tour All-Season Tire, an all-season tire that is specially designed for supreme comfort and convenience.

The Cooper Evolution Tour at a glance

This all-season tire is offered in different sizes to work in various kinds of vehicles such as SUVs, compact cars, crossovers, minivans, and sports and mid-size sedans.

This tire model offers mostly everything that premium brands do such as excellent traction, low-rolling resistance, and utmost comfort. But what makes it different is that it’s offered at a budget-friendly value. So, if you want a high-performing tire but have a limited budget, then this all-season tire is a great deal for you.

In this article, we will learn about everything this all-season touring tire has to offer, including its performance and features, advantages and disadvantages, and questions frequently asked about it.



Features and performance

On the Cooper Tire website, the Cooper Evolution Tour All-Season Tire is introduced as an all-season touring tire, which provides an outstanding driving performance in any season. The description also states that the comfortable and smooth riding experience it offers gives you the confidence to fully rely on this tire. Also, this tire model offers fuel-efficiency providing good fuel economy with any vehicle.

Another unique feature that this tire model offers is the Stabiledge Performance. This technology is commonly integrated with Cooper’s modern tire products. It enhances the tires’ cornering performance and dry-road stability. This was made possible by minimizing the tire flex of independent tread blocks. This technology is commonly found in top-level tires.

Great treading

This all-season tire is designed with an up-to-date treading compound that provides long-lasting tread life and a smooth and quiet driving experience. The tire’s tread compound is formed with an aesthetically conventional tread pattern along with a special tread element to help improve handling, and also grooves and ribs for better performance on wet surfaces.

Additionally, the tire’s symmetric tread pattern provides effortless cross-rotation that counters ragged tire wear and lengthens the tire’s tread life.

Innovative technology

Another exclusive technology that Cooper Tire provides is its 3D siping technology. This unique technology creates full-depth tread sipes that produce biting edges. Biting edges help improve tire grip and traction in surfaces with low friction, especially during a light snow, and likewise, traction on wet pavements.

This tire model’s interior structure is of standard touring-tire design. Its inside part includes a high-turnup single-ply polyester casing with two steel belts for added support. For further handling and stability performance, this tire is fitted with nylon spiral wound strips.

Reliable handling and performance

Cooper Evolution Tour All-Season Tire half

The Cooper Evolution Tour was specially designed for drivers who prefer safe tire sets but are not too responsive and this is precisely what this tire model has to offer. You will notice that this tire reacts slowly and sometimes with little response. Moreover, you may have a hard time communicating with this tire and nobody wants that to experience while driving on the road.

On the other hand, this all-season touring tire provides superb traction when driving on dry surfaces. Compared to its competitors having the same price, it performs much better, not to mention its unexpected grip strength when cornering. Additionally, it offers short-distance brakes, which assure safety and reliability.

Smooth and quiet driving

When it comes to a smooth and quiet driving experience, the Evolution Tour will not disappoint you in this area. This new tire model is deemed as one of the best touring tires. Whether you are driving on an uneven road or the highway, it stays smooth when driving. Also, the noise is completely reduced, even on a high-speed driving mode.

All in all, this tire model is highly recommended when it comes to comfort and convenience.

Decent warranty

This all-season tire offers a 45-day Road Test Guarantee along with its 60,00-65,000 miles tread life warranty, which varies according to the H, V, and T speed rated sizes. Also, it includes a uniformity warranty if the tire had its first 2/32 inch wear. There is also an offered free replacement you can avail for the same minimum wear inch.

Cooper Evolution Tour specifications

The new all-season touring tire is available in various sizes that range from 14-inches to 18-inches. With those available tire sizes, it should suffice the need to cover various sub-compact and compact vehicles, mid-size cars, compact crossovers, and SUVs.

However, if your vehicle is a bit larger than those aforementioned car types, then this tire model may not be a good fit for you and it is best to look somewhere else with a more suitable tire.


Is the Cooper Evolution Tour safe in wet conditions?

Although the new touring is comfortable to drive, it does not perform very well in bad weather conditions. Be that as it may, it performs excellently during light rains but not as good as most good touring tires offer.

Furthermore, the tire’s performance on very wet surfaces appears to be more inferior compared to its leading-brand competitors and most budget-friendly tires. The handling is noted with bad unpredictability on wet pavements to the point of losing all of its grip and traction. Moreover, its brakes take a longer time to work, and the traction is seemingly restricted.

Also, the tire’s hydroplaning resistance performs well but not quite outstanding. Among its low-cost competitors, we can say that this new tire model still needs more improvement, especially with its handling and brake system.

Can I drive the Cooper Evolution Tour on snowy roads?

This all-season tire works reasonably in light snow, however, it may not perform well during heavy wintertime.

Moreover, its traction lacks force and its braking distances take a while. If you are living in areas with terrible winter conditions, it is best to consider replacing these all-season tire set with more suitable tires for harsh weather.

cooper evolution tour all-season

Final Verdict: is the tire worth it?

In conclusion, despite its aforementioned disadvantages, the Cooper Evolution Tour All-Season Tire is still a great choice for a smooth and quiet driving car. Moreover, it offers all-season traction that performs well on almost every surface. If we talk about its price, it is very much affordable if you compare it to other all-season tires, especially if you consider its superb features.

If you are looking for an all-season touring tire with good traction, fare handling, long-lasting tread life, favorable brake system, accurate cornering, fuel efficiency, with excellent wear operation, then you will never go wrong in choosing this new all-season touring tire besides being offered at an affordable price.

However, if the tire is unfit for your driving condition, then you are allowed to return or replace it with your desired choice. But this is a very rare case because whatever type of car you pair the Evolution Tour with, it provides the same level of comfort and convenience.

That being said, we are hoping that this Cooper Evolution Tour review has helped you in choosing the best car tire for your needs. Do you have comments, questions, or personal experience regarding the new all-season touring tire? Then, let us hear you out! Feel free to share it with us in the comment section below.

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