Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Review: Advance Off-Road Performance All Terrain Tire

The tire industry has greatly evolved through time with the changing needs and advancements in technology. Nowadays, people are becoming more adventurous and inclined to nature. They are looking for a tire with an advanced off-road and all-terrain performance. Likewise, one that can also provide the level of comfort for highway driving. Good thing we are going to review the Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Tire.

This tire claims to have an exceptional off-road performance while still providing good on-road convenience for customers. Here, we are going to look at its essential features and performance rating on various conditions. Likewise, we include a comparison chart for its pros and cons to give you a better insight into things. Hopefully, we will be able to help you arrive at a sound decision if this tire meets your requirements.

About Cooper Tire & Rubber Company

This company is the 5th largest tire producer in North America and ranked 13th worldwide. They have three main business principles which sustain their competitive advantage in the industry. First, they always inspire their people to engage and be committed in the business. Second, they always make sure excellence is in everything they do in the company. Lastly, they invest in research and innovation to provide the changing needs of the market while providing the best price offer.

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Features

The quality and performance of every tire can be reflected on its features which covers tire compound, tread design, and warranty service. A better understanding of these things will bring light to your decision-making process.

Tire Compound

In order to have great off-road performance without quick tread wearing, its tire compound has been reformulated to an Armor Tek3 Construction – enhanced durability and rigidity. Silica compounds are also incorporated to provide better biting grip in every turn. Steel belts and nylon threads are also built underneath to provide a balanced tread wear rate. The reinforced rigidity of its compound can withstand chips and cuts from the harshest off-road conditions.

Tread DesignCooper Discoverer STT Pro Side

The traction and overall performance of a tire can be seen in its tread design. For this tire, it has the following tread designs: dimples and scoops for deep mud, flex groove, micro-sipings, stone ejectors, staggered alternate tread block designs, and rugged shoulder blocks. Overall, these tread patterns ensure that the tire does its all-terrain and all-season performance.


This tire offers the standard warranty service under eligible conditions and for the original Cooper tires only.

Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Performance

Now, let us go over its performance rating under various aspects. These performance ratings can be conducted by several auto tire dealers and car shops. This information will give you a better understanding of its abilities and limitations.

Off-Road Performance

The overall off-road performance of this tire is around 98 percent efficiency which is strongly linked to its features and tread compound. First, its staggered alternate tread ribs contribute greatly to its stability, handling, traction on deep mud and harsh off-road surface. Its enlarged depth side tread blocks add more biting grip for muddy conditions and inclined surfaces to avoid slippage. It also has stone tread ejectors which push sharp protruding rocks on the way. Moreover, its flex groove feature helps promote a smooth ride on uneven surfaces.

Dry Traction

Dry traction performance covers dry traction, cornering, handling, and responsive steering. Under this category, this tire exhibited around 90 percent efficiency. This is attributed to the staggering alternate tread ribs which improve stability and handling abilities. Its wider shoulder block and reinforced sidewall promote effective cornering skills. Likewise, these tread designs also promote a good braking system.

Wet Traction

The wet traction performance covers hydroplaning resistance and wet traction abilities. For this tire, it showed around 90 percent efficient overall wet traction rating. The deep voids and micro-siping tread patterns contribute much to its excellent performance. It enables a quick redirection of water particles from the tire surface so that there will still be enough contact between the tire and the road surface. The micro-sipings and silica compound improves hydroplaning resistance to prevent slippage.

Snow Traction

Surprisingly, this tire can do well on light to deep snow conditions. The rugged tread patterns and silica compound of this tire provide sufficient biting edge and grip on snow surfaces.

Noise Level and Comfort

Most people have prejudices about off-road tires as being too noisy on on-road surfaces. For this one, its staggered alternate inner tread ribs provide decent noise reduction and great handling and stability for highway driving. Likewise, its flex groove feature provides a smooth ride on uneven surfaces.

Tread Life

This tire has the new tread compound Armor Tek3 Carcass construction. It is a patented technology by Cooper Tires which uses 3-ply construction in its main tread and sidewall blocks. This feature gives a longer tread life for the tire in extreme off-road surfaces and 50 percent increased protection against chips and cuts.



Let Us Wrap Up – Cooper Discoverer STT Pro Review

So far, this tire has quite exceeded our expectations as an all-terrain, all-season tire. Indeed, there are things to admire and gripe about this tire but the advantages you get supersedes its minor setbacks. The tire compound and tread patterns reflected its genuine high-performance off-road abilities. Likewise, it also serves as a good highway tire for your normal driving conditions. Another best thing it offers is the removal of buying another set of tires for the winter season.

Overall, we believe it lived up to its claim of being a high-performance tire for off-road, all-terrain, and all-season conditions. Some setbacks to mention include high upfront cost and a little more improvement in its noise reduction abilities. The final decision of choosing to pay for quality or settle for less greatly rest upon you. Hopefully, this has a journey to become insightful and helpful on your part.

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