Cooper Discoverer H/T Plus Review: Sporty and Quiet All-Season Tire

Looking for a good quality and sporty looking tire is not that easy. There are a lot of things on hand that you need to consider. Some of the common factors you want to look into include price, size, tread design, performance, and warranty service. The best thing you can do to ensure you have made the right choice is to do market research. However, if you do not have the luxury of time to conduct extensive market research, then it is a good thing you came to our place.

Here we are going to evaluate a tire model that might just meet your requirements. Today, we have the Cooper Discoverer H/T Plus tire unit to review. This tire claims to be an All-Season, Comfortable, Quiet and Sporty-looking tire to suit your light pickup truck and SUVs. Together, we are going to look into its features and performance conducted from various car dealers and shops. Likewise, we included a pros and cons chart to avoid any biases about it.

About Cooper Tire & Rubber Company

This company has been in the tire manufacturing industry for almost 72 years and they have been open to the public on July 11, 1960. Currently, they have a global presence by having 60 production plants in 13 countries. Like any other companies, in order to gain competitive advantage, they invested in research and development for the continuous manufacture of quality and affordable tires.


In this section, we are going to look into the features of this tire unit. Tire features will include tire compound, tread design, and warranty service. Understanding the capabilities of a tire means knowing its essentials features.

Tire Compound

This tire unit is made from a tire compound suitable for all-season conditions. The rigidity and thickness of the tire were engineered to provide better dry and wet traction performance. Likewise, this enhanced tire compound ensures an equal rate of wearing in order to maintain balance in driving.

Tread Design

The tread design of any tire model plays a significant role in its overall performance. There are three highlights of the tread design of this tire unit. First, it has two wide circumferential grooves located on opposite sides. Second, are the lateral grooves and micro-sipes. Third, is the alternating tread block geometry and variable pitch sequence. These tread patterns are responsible for effective traction, reduced noise level, and improved handling performance.


Like any other customers, we also look into the after-sale service of the product. For this tire model, it offers the standard warranty service. Likewise, it has the 45-day road test which covers warranty service under the stated warranty conditions.


We are done with its features, now let us go over its performance ratings which have been conducted by several car dealers and auto shops. Knowing its performance can give you better insights into whether this tire model is worth the price.

Off-Road Performance

This tire model is not completely built to withstand the harsh conditions of off-road surfaces. An off-road performance test will cover sand, dirt, mud, gravel, and rocky surfaces. Its off-road performance is below average considering the tread patterns it has.

Dry Traction

The off-road performance was not that great. Good thing this tire model has excellent dry traction abilities which include stable cornering, dry traction, and response to steering actions. Overall, its dry traction rating is around 86 percent. This excellent result is attributed to the lateral grooves, micro-sipes and wider shoulders of the tire.

Wet Traction

In terms of wet traction, it had a good rating of about 74 percent effective performance. This above-average wet traction performance is also attributed to the two wide circumferential grooves, lateral grooves, and micro-sipes of the tire. These tread patterns help the tire have a quick redirection of the water layers so that there is still effective contact between the tire and the road surface.

Snow Traction

This model is not a winter tire but for light snow conditions, it can still do around 80 percent effective traction. This good light snow traction is attributed to the lateral grooves and sipings in its tread patterns. It provides better biting grip on light snow conditions.

Noise Level and Comfort

Under this category, this tire performed around 86 percent effectively reduced noise level and comfortable ride. The effective noise reduction performance is attributed to its enhanced variable pitch sequence. The higher the pitch sequence, the more the noise reduced in every turn. Likewise, the alternating tread block geometry in its tread patterns contributes to the stable handling and cornering of the tire.

Tread Life

A tire with a longer tread life is great for it gives you more savings. For this model, it can effectively balance its tread wear rate at around 87 percent. This above-average tread life capacity is attributed to the variable tread block geometry, enhanced tire compound, and the extended rubber wall on its side.



Let Us Wrap Up

Now, we are down to the last section of this review. There are several things to love and gripe about this tire model. Based on the findings, we could say that this tire is an excellent choice for all-season highway driving, not to mention it has a good sporty-look. As a car owner, you would really look into its price, tread wear, tread design, and performance. In terms of features, it has good quality features to admire except it is not suitable for deep snow and off-road conditions. Looking back to its performance, it has excellent dry and wet traction, noise reduction, stable steering and handling abilities. Overall, we believe that is a great quality for a highway tire. Next thing you need to do is take a step back and re-examine if this tire meets your requirements. Hopefully, we have helped you in this quest

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