Cooper CS5 Grand Touring Radial Tire Review: Get A Long-Lasting Comfortable Ride

A long-lasting and comfortable ride is what we surely want most when it comes to tires. With all the vast selection of available models, it should be more pleasing. However, why is that it seems to be more difficult now than ever? The task of picking one among the others has become more grueling than ever.

For long-lasting and comfort as its focus, Cooper CS5 Grand Touring is the loudest name from the crowd of users. It also comes with great features that continually allure prospects and even retain old customers. The chant they have done with this product must be dazzling. However, in this review, we are going to figure everything out whether this is a fact or a mere fallacy.

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Background and Company’s Overview

The Cooper Tires is an American-based company and tire manufacturer which is founded in 1914. It focuses on providing quality tires for a variety of vehicle categories such as SUVs, cars, mini trucks, and crossovers. It offers varied sizes up to 31 variations and has a speed rating up to T. By 1960, the company finally opens its doors to the public and is enlisted in the New York Stock Exchange. Today, the company employs over 10 500 personnel around the globe.

Key Features and Attributes of Cooper CS5 Grand Touring Radial Tire

Flexible Handling

One of the best thing that I soon notice with this model is its flexible handling. It is effortless to maneuver, and it is very responsive. When it comes to accelerating, turning, braking, cornering, and steering, I am honestly impressed with its capacity.

Quiet Ride

Another notable feature of this model that most of its kind usually fail is its noise resistance ability. During the full duration of my riding experience, it did not emit any sound and thus provided a very comfortable ride. This area is often overlooked by many because it does not seem to make any major issue. However, I consider this feature as an augmented feature and a major plus point whenever I am shopping around. This is significantly important especially for those who travel with long miles and long distances every day or as frequently.

Tire Pattern and DesignCooper CS5 Grand Touring Radial Tire Review

Seeing its pattern, I have so much more to tell with this model. From its grooves which provides channels for water during wet conditions to its siping design. All are impressive, and I was left in awe. Let me tackle more of its specs.

Four Wide Circumferential Grooves

This feature and unique design of its grooves make a more improvised hydroplane resistance. This is hugely beneficial especially on wet pavements giving traction and grip to the road patch is essential. The ability of the tire’s performance is usually measured by how it performs in wet roadways.

Wear Square Indicator

Sufficient tread depth is necessary for the vehicle’s stable grip on the road no matter what the weather conditions may be. Its wear square indicator is an additional feature to let you know whether it is time for a replacement. As soon as you look at it, you will figure it out quickly. It gives more convenience to the user and also it promotes safety for all drivers. When it comes to tires, ensuring its condition and durability is one of the most important things to always examine on.

3D Micro-Gauge Siping

Siping is also essential when it comes to the talks about tires. An excellent siping design will enhance and help you maintain stability even when accelerating, braking, and making aggressive turns. With this new technology added to this model, the siping has become more astonishing than ever. With its help, this model was able to perform more than I expected it to do so. It has a more advanced gripping capacity and enhanced traction.

The Pros:

The Cons:

Cooper CS5 Grand Touring Radial Tire Overall Performance

On its overall performance, there is only one thing I could tell; I utterly swooned away with this model. If we are going to talk about quality alone, this model is a very competitive choice. And that’s if we are only talking about quality. Other than its longevity and long-lasting feature, it also offers advanced technology that improves and enhances durability, stability, and performance.

The traction and grip are both excellent in any weather conditions include mild snow and soft ice. The ride is also excellent if you are more concerned about the noise. You can assure yourself that this model won’t annoy you with unnecessary noise at all.

To further surprise you, you can get this model at a very affordable price. All these features and benefits in exchange for a reasonable price. It also offers varied sizes for all types of vehicles. The tread life is another to talk about. It is very long lasting and to ensure you better; a wear square indicator accompanies it. I find this unique feature a handy tool to see and approximately indicate the tread life.

Tread Life and Warranty

This model offers a premium limited warranty of free 45 days of road testing. I find this as their unfair advantage since most of the brands of its kind only provide a 30-day road testing. It is a T-rated on its speed, and it claims to be an 80 000-mile tread wear guarantee.

When talking about its tread life, I would definitely recommend this for everyone. I had mine for over 20 000 miles, and it still has a lot of treads left. At 20 000 miles, it still has an excellent grip both in dry and wet pavements, and it does not come up with additional issues. Although others say it only has an average of 50 000 mileage, I am still hopeful that I will be able to reach mine up to 60 000.

With all of these, I can confidently say without any hesitation that this model is one of the best. I never once had any problem with its handling and brake no matter how aggressive driver I could get. It didn’t do any harm to its tread, and with that, I am genuinely impressed.

Cooper CS5 Grand Touring Radial Tire

Final Verdict

If you are looking for a great all-purpose tire to use on the road, this model is highly recommended. Among the company’s product line, this model has its focus on stability and safety. It is undoubtedly the best tire you are looking for your long distance trips. It does give you not only a comfortable and convenient ride but also a quiet ride along the way.

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