Review On The Centennial Dirt Commander MT: More Than Just The Looks

Are you looking for mud-terrain tires which specially designed for off the road and heavy road performance? Are you up for adventure and looking for the perfect tire that could match up on you? The Centennial Dirt Commander MT claims to be hardcore all-season tire for your SUV and truck vehicles. The truth beyond this claim is yet to be discovered as we go on to the in-depth details of its abilities. Let’s learn more about it and figure out together how accurate and reliable tire it is for your adventures.

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Centennial Tire Company Overview

The Centennial Tires are best known aside from their aesthetic looks is their unique ability, durability, and high-performance drive. If you are looking for heavy-duty tires to match up your adventure and thrilling road trips, it is the most recommended tire. It does not just offer high-performance for your every road trip adventure, but it can also be purchased at a reasonable price. It is not surprising that every finger points out to this brand when it comes to heavy road trip and adventures. More than just its capacity to conquer all muddy, soft or loose road surfaces, let’s go beyond that.

Centennial Dirt Commander MT Key Features

What I notice in this model is that it has a clear vision and positioning in the market. It perfectly positioned itself as a heavy duty tire that works best in heavy and rough roads. It also promises a perfect experience and off-road escapades for your weekend plans. Now, here are its key features which I find exciting and unique in its own way:

The Tread PatternCentennial Dirt Commander MT Review

Its aggressive consistent and uniformed tread pattern allows it to perform excellently in mud and off-road conditions. I find it really amazing how such a tire could do such wonder, and I got frustratingly curious how it works. And so, I found out that its tread pattern has a unique design that works well in muddy and rough roads. It’s because of the balanced pattern and its lugs which ensures excellent traction even on the roughest road and terrains.

Symmetrical Pattern

Symmetrical pattern uses consistent ribs and treads blocks to the entire tread surface. It has an identical pattern in the inner and outer halves of the tire. This type is commonly found in all-season tires to give superior and excellent traction performance.

Stone Ejectors

This model also has stone ejectors which are located in between the tread lugs. Whenever you are driving in a rough and heavy rocky road, you no longer have to worry about stuck stones. Many can surely related about rocks and other the same elements being stuck in between your tread especially when driving on rough roads. If you are one of those drivers who love to drive on rough roads but also hates the stuck stones, then no more worries. This model’s stone ejectors help dislodge the rocks and defend the tire from punctures and such hassles.

Aggressive Shoulder Lugs

Shoulder lugs are raised portion on the tire’s tread. This can be commonly seen in tires which are used for rough road adventures. In this type of model, I came to figure out that its shoulder lugs are very powerful and aggressive. With it, it enhances the precision and accuracy of steering control which makes the handling manageable and smooth. Furthermore, it also helps improve the traction especially if you are driving on a harsh road.

All-Weather Traction

If you are jeep and truck enthusiast, you will surely love this feature. It works best even on what weather you are planning to go to an adventure. It takes no consideration in the weather; be it dry, wet, and winter weather conditions. This feature allows the tire to eliminate water, mud, or even partially melted snow or ice in between the tread. With such ability, it perfectly resists hydroplaning and clean out the grooves for much-maintained traction. The shoulder lugs also contributed to the performance such as when rocks happen to get stuck in between the tread blocks.

Easy To Maneuver Feature

Another favorite feature of mine which I genuinely find interesting in this type of model is its easy to use functionality. The tire is incredibly very easy to control and very responsive which adds more to the thrill of every driver. The high void ratio and the shoulder lugs enhance its steering precision and accuracy as it stabilizes against driving pressure. All of this makes the model effortless to handle and control which also what every driver wants to have.

The Pros:

The Cons:

Centennial Dirt Commander MT Overall Performance

Before we started this review, we promise to gain knowledge about this mud terrain tire and figure its real capacity. More than that aggressive look that every one of us loves about it, the features it offers are also satisfactory. I am used to ride quality and high-performance traction tires. Honestly, I get skeptical about this model at first; however, after running it out for quite a while, I realize its capacity. After taking it to a rocky road to test out its durability, it gets some scrappy and a little bitty. However, with all those stones and rocks on the trails, I honestly admit it did quite well. There is a road noise; however, it is not that bad compared with my older tire noise at 80 mph.

Centennial Dirt Commander MT

Final Verdict

All in all, this is an excellent tire for me. If you are looking for a heavy-duty tire that could match up your harsh attitude in the road, then this is for you. In its totality, it is just more than its aggressive and attractive look. The performance is to die for, and the incredible experience with it should be one you should look forward. This model can confidently match up with other competitive brands and can still get out with an advantage.

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