Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack: A Complete Review

Nowadays, the people in our generation are becoming more and more conscious about our environment. And one of the significant causes of air pollution is cars. Therefore, there is an enormous chance that electric cars might take over the road one day since they are environmentally friendly, offer top performance than typical cars, and their motors are also noise-free.

Other factors can still emphasize other noises like the sound that comes from the wind on the motor drones and the tires, which can also be noisy. When it comes to electric cars, droning the tires might result in perceptible noise.

Therefore, Bridgestone developed a car tire to solve that problem. One of their tires is the Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack Touring Tire. Their tires are designed to be noise-free and can be used in all seasons, which is a pretty good deal for a car tire.

Although these tires are designed for electric cars, they can also be used by typical vehicles. Electric vehicles aren’t the only ones that can benefit from the feature these tires can offer. Every driver, either a beginner or a professional, can be annoyed with the noise.

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The Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack at a glance

The list of well-known tire manufacturers will not be complete without the Bridgestone. They offer superior-quality tires that have mind-blowing features such as the ability to withstand wet road conditions and braking, durability, and snow traction.

According to Bridgestone itself, which is a company from Japan, their Turanza QuietTrack can enhance the performance in wet conditions for over 20%, and 44% for handling snow in comparison to Turanza Serenity Plus.

The tires offered by Bridgestone can compete with other outstanding brands that offer exceptional tires. Therefore, it shows that this manufacturer really knows its way when it comes to designing tires.

The Pros:

The Cons:

Features and performance

The Turanza QuietTrack is compatible with most of the latest vehicles and sedan-type cars. They constructed their tires to be noise-free, which can be impressive to some drivers since noisy car tires can be annoying for some drivers.

The Bridgestone also boasts that their car tires can offer assistance to drivers for them to control their cars easily, especially on snowy and wet surfaces while providing durability and top-quality performance. This tire’s tread has thirty rubber compounds, which is the reason this tire can be used every season.

Asymmetrical treading

What is also remarkable about Bridgestone’s car tires is the compound of their tread. Given the fact that the best selling point of their tires is the noise-free feature, this is made possible by the tire’s tread pattern, which has an asymmetrical tread pattern.

They have a technology called QuietTrack that offers broad circumferential grooves, lean longitudinal channels, quiet tracks in grooves, a shoulder slot without chamfered, and plenty of grooves in diagonal.

Quality engineering

The engineers of Bridgestone’s car tires have improved the arrangement of the frequency and limits the trapping of air, which makes it noise-free and more pleasant to use for drivers that can be easily annoyed by noisy tires.

The engineers of Turanza QuietTrack also exerted an extensive amount of effort to enhance the quality of the ride when using these car tires, which can be a remarkable deal for possible customers. For the most part, the technology called ComfortCruise is the one responsible for limiting the harshness and vibrations that are coming from the road.

The technology has a contact patch in round shape and optimal cavity, which is computer-modeled by Bridgestones. Therefore, another best selling point of their tires is their ability to lessen the vibrations coming from the road, which also improves the quality of the ride.

Well-rounded footprint

The Turanza QuietTrack has a round-shaped footprint, which can assist the tire to have a better resistance in hydroplaning. This is why the Bridgestone has 4 standard circumferential grooves that are wide and also boast a shoulder slot.

The engineers also developed a technology called EdgePerformance, which is responsible for better braking and dry handling. It also helps the car tires to be stable, most especially to dry roads. This car tire also has a biting edge that can help handle light snow conditions.

What is also mind-blowing about their tires is, their sipes are shaped in 3D zig-zag on the inner block of the tire tread, which can be responsible for effortlessly handling snows. All in all, the Turanza tire is an impressive tire that can handle any kind of road condition. 

Responsive handling

Most customers of this brand are satisfied with this tire’s ability to respond well and steering feel. This is all because the manufacturers designed the QuietTrack for the driver and passenger’s comfort. Although overall, this might not satisfy you if you are looking for tires made for performance, this is still a pretty good tire within its category.

Furthermore, their tires can handle corners well and give the driver a braking distance that is short compared to others. This tire is also high-speed but still stable. For the most part, this car tire has an excellent performance in both dry or wet conditions.

Goodyear Viva 3Reliable in wet conditions

We cannot deny the fact that rain might change the mood of your enjoyable road trip, because some tires cannot handle slippery roads well, which makes it dangerous. Therefore, the Bridgestones gives us this touring tire, which is one of the best tires that have excellent resistance to hydroplaning that can withstand heavy rains.

However, when the roads are wet and slippery, the braking distance can be longer if you compare it to other well-known yet affordable car tires. All in all, this tire performs very well, but still, there are other options that can offer superior quality performance on wet pavements.

Great snow traction

Tires that can handle snow very well can be a huge plus on every driver that lives in an area where snow can get strong. It still astonishes me how this touring tire can remarkably manage roads covered in thick snow. The Turanza tire has traction that can remove yourself from the inconvenience that snow may bring.

Although, keep in mind that this car tire isn’t designed for really harsh snow conditions, and you might still want to use your winter tire. All in all, this tire can handle snowy conditions, but it still has limitations.

Impressive ride quality

The Bridgestone Turanza is one of the best tires that have noise-free features, and it is probably one of the most noiseless tires offered in the market right now. This tire is designed to cover the sounds smoothly, which can make your road trip even more enjoyable.

Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack specifications

The Bridgestone offers a variety of car tire sizes ranging from fifteen inches to twenty-inch diameter wheels. These sizes are compatible with every vehicle like public transport cars, hatchbacks, average-sized sedans, and crossovers that are compact. So, it would be easier for you to find a car tire that will perfectly fit your vehicle.

Vehicle compatibility

Here are some of the many cars that can be equipped with the Bridgestone Turanza Quiettrack:

  • Audi 80, A4 to A6, A6 Allroad, TT, TT S
  • BMW 3 to 7 Series, X1to X4, Z4
  • Chevrolet Trans Sport, Alero, Tavera, Classic, Omega, Cruze, Malibu, Epica, Lumina Van, Evanda, Lumina APV
  • Chrysler 300, 300C SRT-8, 300C, Voyager, Town & Country, Sebring
  • Dodge Challenger and Challenger SRT, Magnum SRT, Charger and Charger SRT, Journey

Available sizes













































Is the Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack suitable for off-roading?

You can use these tires by Bridgestone off-road for a short time, but if you are going to use this for a longer period of time driving off-road, then you might risk damaging your tires. All in all, these car tires aren’t recommended for driving off-road.

bridgestone turanza quiettrack

Final Verdict: Is the Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack worth it?

As shown above, the Bridgestone Turanza QuietTrack Touring Tire can offer excellent performance. If you are the kind of driver that wants a noise-free and smoother driving experience, then the tires by Bridgestone might be the one you are looking for.

Their tires also last longer compared to any other average tier tires, which is a huge plus on public vehicles. It is also designed to endure any kind of season. So rest assured that you are not going to regret investing in these tires.

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