Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS: A Complete Review

Did you know that the Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS Ultra High Performance Tire is one of the most popular OEM choices for sports car enthusiasts? It has always been present on the market for car enthusiasts. Bridgestone always makes sure to be on top of its technology – making their tires in-demand all around the world.

We will be reviewing the  Potenza RE980AS, which is one of the newest tires from Bridgestone. Many drivers only want a superb driving experience with a high-performing tire, and this tire can be exactly what you’re looking for. You can compare this tire with other high-end tires like the Michelin Pilot Sport AS 3.

Michelin can be a bit expensive, making the Bridgestone Potenza have a little bit of an edge when it comes to the budget. So, let’s get into details with this product, and let’s talk about the bits and pieces of this tire.

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The Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS at a glance

Whatever category you put the Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS, it will always be acceptable. Whether you test its traction, brakes, or grip, it will all fall into a decent to high-performing. The quality of the ride will always be comfortable and quiet.

You must also know that the tire is an all-season tire, making it safe to use in any season, but not in extreme weather conditions. It is also manufactured to withstand a vast temperature range, from very hot weathers to freezing cold winters.

The tire size comes in 16 to 20 inches, so most cars will usually have a size perfect for them. So, if you want to give your car more power and extra responsiveness to your steering wheel, this tire can be your best friend on every road trip that you take.

Now, let’s talk about the main features of this tire. All the advantages and disadvantages and other specifications are listed down below to help you better understand this tire.



Features and performance

The first thing that you will know about this high-performing tire on Bridgestone’s website is that it is engineered to create a luxurious feel on every ride. You can use this tire on regular sedans and even high-end sports cars. These tires can give you all your driving demands for all seasons in an entire year.

One of the best features of this tire is that it comes with an asymmetric pattern on its treads to make it suitable for wet and dry roads. It is also manufactured using various cutting-edge technologies to make its performance always at its peak, without making so much noise.

Superior internal construction

This tire comes with 3D sipes that are full-depth to improve the responsiveness of the tires. When driving on dry pavements, the grip is noticeably strong because of the lateral slots on the internal construction of this tire.

Even when you drive in the snow or rain, you can always drive with confidence because of the deep grooves and sipes of this tire. You will feel that the traction is always excellent even on light snow, and that is one unique feature of this tire under this category.

The hydroplaning resistance of this tire is also outstanding because of the interconnection between the slots and treads. So, your car will always be safe to drive even when it is raining. Bridgestone also manufactured the tire with 3 plies of polyester on the sides of its walls and 2 on the tread. These features give extra comfort for the drivers, especially during long drives.

Great handling and responsiveness

We like to say that the Potenza RE980AS tire gives an effortless handling performance, and it is one of the best all-weather tires when it comes to handling and responsiveness.

It gives the driver great communication with the steering wheels and the tire, making cornering very easy to do. So, even if you accelerate faster than your usual driving speeds, you can always rely on these tires on any road trip that you take.

The grip is superb especially on dry roads, even when the temperature outside your car is scorching hot. The traction will always be in touch with the road, and short-distance braking is also excellent, which deserves the utmost praise.

Reliable in wet conditions

Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS Half

Now, let’s talk about this tire’s performance on wet pavements. It is very crucial to get a tire that has great traction on slippery areas so you can always feel in control of your car.

And yes, you can always rely on this tire on any slippery roads that you take, except for freezing ice roads. It also performs well even when the temperature outside is freezing. Plus, Bridgestone made sure that the tire will always be in contact with the ground during rains and light snow.

Safe on snow

All-season tires usually don’t work well under wintry conditions but this tire is proven to be 50% more efficient on snowy weather. You would immediately notice that the traction of the tires on light snow is outstanding, but you might still need to use a winter tire if the snowfall is harsh.

Quiet performance

Bridgestone manufactured the Potenza RE980AS with noise reduction features. So, even if you drive at high speeds, you won’t be so bothered by the noise coming from the tires. On the other hand, you might hear some noise when driving on bumpy roads even at low speeds using this tire.

Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS specifications

The Potenza’s all-weather suitability for driving makes it stand out among its competitors. You can even pair this tire up with luxury vehicles because of its outstanding performance in any weather condition. Let’s check out the other specifications and compatibility that this tire has to offer:

Vehicle compatibility

With our intensive review and research, we have found out that the Potenza is best to be paired up with sports cars and sedans like BMW, Mercedes Benz, Lexus, Audi, and other luxury-branded cars.

It can also be suitable for muscle cars, sporty coupes, roadsters, subcompact, and compact-type cars. On the other hand, this doesn’t mean that you have to have a high-end car just to have this tire.

This tire is tailored to fit any type of common cars and automobiles, and it is also easily available in any tire store around your area. Anyone won’t have a hard time looking for a Potenza RE980AS that would perfectly suit their vehicles.

Technology and design

With the cutting-edge technology of Bridgestone, they have come up with a feature called the lateral slot that effectively improves the performance of the tires’ traction. You can also see the voids more vividly for up to 20%, making it safer to drive on very slippery roads.

It is also designed with stiff and tough sidewalls to resist any minor damages that can occur as you drive. The tread design is also made explicitly to give comfort and better handling even when accelerating and driving at faster speeds.

When driving in rainy seasons, you would feel that the tires are gripping greatly on the roads. This is mainly because of how the treads and grooves are designed to flush the water immediately out of the tires. You will always feel safe to drive in wet areas, even at high speeds.


Is the Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS suitable for off-roading?

You can definitely use the Bridgestone Ultra High Performance Tire for off-road driving since it comes with superior performance. The only problem is that these tires can get damaged easily.

Mud and dirt usually accumulate on the Potenza RE980AS than other tires on the market because of its deep tread style. So, we do not recommend using this tire on rocky and muddy drives.

These tires are made explicitly on regular roads, so you might want to use outdoor tires for your adventures.

Final verdict: is the Bridgestone Potenza RE980AS worth it?

Yes, this tire is truly worth it! It is one of the best tires that you can choose for an all-weather tire that gives out high-performance every time. The grip of this tire is also excellent to make sure that you are always as safe as you drive.

On the other hand, you might have some choppy rides, but it won’t be too bothersome if you have some modern sedans and other new lines of vehicles. Have you tried using this tire? Let us know about your experience and put your comments below.

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