Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus Review Smoother Rolling Fuel-Efficient Performance

Finding a tire with a dependable fuel efficiency factor is like looking for a needle in the haystack. There are plenty of tire models to scavenge in the market and you need to break a leg in getting the right one suitable for your requirement. Hopefully, this tire we are going to review today is the long answer you have been waiting for.

Bridgestone is one of the major players in the tire and rubber industry. Ecopia EP422 Plus is one of their popular tire models known for its significant role for fuel-efficiency. It is an all-season tire with very small rolling resistance for higher fuel consumption in your daily highway driving. We are going to look into its features and performance to check if this tire is worth your time and money.

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About Bridgestone Americas

This company came to existence during the fusion of two known companies in 1988. from Akron, Ohio, they transferred their headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee in 1992. Today, they have made a huge global presence by having 50 tire manufacturing plants around the globe employing around 55,000 workers.

Despite years of experience, the continually strive for innovation and improvement in making premier tires that are produced using Green technology and environment-friendly materials. They have different types of tires according to function such as all-season, all-terrain, winter, summer, off-road, and more.

Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus Features

Most customers would look into the features of the product to initially check on its quality. Here, we are going to cover the features of this tire which include dimension, warranty, compound, and tread patterns.

Dimension and Size

This tire model is a good fit for most sedans, crossovers, coupes, and minivans. It has a rim size of 15″, a section width of 195-mm and its height is 65 percent of its tire width. One tire can effectively take on 1,356 pounds of weight, that is, 77x its unit weight.

Looking at its UTQG rating, its tread wear is 6.4x stronger than the control tires. Its traction and temperature resistance are both rated “A” – second-highest rating. Hence, you do not expect this to easily burst out when running for several miles on hot summer days.

Tread PatternsBridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus

The overall tread patterns of this model are symmetrical which is best for ensuring smoother, quieter, and comfortable driving performance. The central block is composed of three narrower rigid tread blocks. Then two wider shoulder blocks with variable tread pitches.

It also has four circumferential channels and micro sipes in all tread blocks. Moreover, the sidewall has a unique pattern intended for lesser rolling resistance.


Bridgestone made a huge improvement in their tread compound known as NanoPro-Tech or Nanostructure-Oriented Properties Control Technology. There is a good mixture of rubber and silica materials in the compound. The rubber material has enough flexibility actions to ensure smooth rolling with lesser fuel consumption.

Underneath the first rubber layer, there are steel belts wrapped around with nylon fabrics for enhanced durability and handling. It also improves balance tread wear.


The tread life warranty service of this tire is five years or 65,000 mileage. Its uniformity warranty coverage is the first 2/32” layer of material worn off.

Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus Performance

Now, we are moving towards the performance ratings of this tire.  We will cover its traction on dry, wet, and snow surfaces. Likewise, will also cover its noise level and comfortable driving experience.

Dry Traction

This tire has an overall 75 percent traction performance on dry paved surfaces. Specifically, its performance ratings are 72% stable cornering, 80% dry traction, and 73% sensitivity to steering. This is highly linked to its compound and tread designs.

Majority of the balanced handling and dry traction is contributed in its central tread blocks composed of three narrow independent blocks. The intermediate ribs and micro sipes add more traction as well.

Off-Road Performance

The off-road capabilities of this tire are limited due to its tire compound and tread patterns. Its estimated effective performance on off-road conditions is around 50 percent. If you run on higher speed on rough roads, this tire model will have faster tread wear.

Likewise, sharp objects have a higher risk of cutting their compound. The depth of its groove is not enough to have self-cleaning properties for muddy and gravely surfaces.

Wet Traction

This tire has four circumferential channels which direct water out from the rubber surface so there is greater surface area contact with the road. This feature contributes to 74 percent of effective aquaplaning resistance.

Meanwhile, its intermediate ribs and micro sipes provide 74 percent biting grip on wet paved surfaces. The silica components of its compound also add up to its gripping action.

Snow Traction

You cannot expect much for this tire’s gripping skills on icy and snow conditions. On light snow, it can do 64 percent traction while for severe winter conditions, that is 54 percent traction only. There must be more 3D micro sipes and deeper grooves to survive in these conditions. Meanwhile, if the road surface is icy, traction decreases and becomes 51 percent.

Noise Level

The three narrow independent central tread blocks and several variable shoulder block pitches contribute huge noise reduction features for this tire. Approximately, you get a 79 percent cut down from rolling noise with these features. For the price and quality, it is a good trade-off.

Comfortable Driving

There is sufficient balance in cornering, steering, and handling maneuvers with this tire. This is due to the rigid central tread blocks with intermediate ribs and grooves. Likewise, the wide shoulder blocks of this tire ensure smooth cornering without creating much noise and vibrations.

The high-tensile steel belts and NanoPro-Tech tread compound provides enough shock absorption and balanced tread wear.

The Pros:

The Cons:

Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus

Summary: Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 Plus Review

Bridgestone Ecopia EP422 is a great all-season tire with smoother rolling action for better fuel economy. There are things to admire and gripe about it, but the overall benefits outweigh its cons. Looking at its price and comparing with that with other brands of similar cost, it provides better a bargain. We can fairly say, there is no wrong decision from choosing this tire for your daily highway driving.

Before buying any tire, take a step back and check if it has all the criteria you are looking for such as traction, tread wear, warranty, dimension, and price. Likewise, read reviews about the customer feedback of these tires to see if they are what they ought to be.

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