Bridgestone Dueler H/L Alenza Plus Review: A Premium Level All-Season Tire

When talking about all-season tires, some companies offer exaggerating promotions and claims about their product. Some introduce new and advanced technologies to entice the public that theirs is the best pick among others. While others offer competitive prices to match it up. With so many choices, it is becoming more confusing which among the crowd is indeed the best pick.

With the list of all premium all-season tires in the market, I discover another promising one. Bridgestone’s Dueler H/L Alenza Plus is another addition to the company’s product line. It claims to be an all-season tire that provides a premium and high-performance riding experience. Now, to ensure that all its claims are not shallow and empty promises, let’s take a closer look into this model.

Company Background and Overview

The company’s history can be traced back when two of the highly and most prominent companies merged in 1988. With combined powers of Firestone Tire and Rubber Company and the Bridgestone Tire Company Ltd., this gave birth to a premium-level production. Today, the company is currently managing over 55 000 employees around the globe and throughout America. True to its words, the company continuously offer high and supreme quality output and tires to all its users.

Key Features and Attributes

New Tread Polymer Technology

This feature used an all-new tread polymer technology to achieve a stable wear performance. This is also the main reason for its excellent grip, impressive traction, and rolling resistance. It also promotes the environment since this technology uses 5% recycled rubber which reduces emissions of carbon dioxide. This is perfect for environmentally conscious users, and advocates promote the protection of the environment.

Unique Tread Pattern

Its unique tread pattern also caught my attention while doing an inspection. Its shoulder blocks and center ribs provide a premium level of responsiveness resulting in high-performance and stability. The combination of the sidewall and the tread pattern also gives a very attractive look that it gives a different level of coziness. In short, with the EverBlack sidewall, it looks very stylish and luxurious-looking that everyone won’t dare to miss it.

Optimized Casing and Footprint Design

Another good thing about this model is its zero-noise level emission. The streamlined casing and its footprint design significantly contributed to the noiseless attribute of this model. The unique tread pattern also help reduces the level of noise and thus giving its user a comfortable and quieter ride.

Twin Steel Belts

Looking closely at the tire’s internal structure, you can see its twin steel belts. It is supported and fortified with spirally wound nylon located beneath the tread area. There is also a polyester cord that functions as a stabilizer for the sidewalls to enhance and elevate the running performance. All these functions help to improve stability and durability to your tread wear and prolong its life span.

All-Season Versatility

As this model’s target market are those with crossovers and SUVs, this offers the best flexibility in any weather conditions. I was fully convinced with its grip and traction in dry, wet, and light snow pavement conditions. However, the model has limited traction when it comes to winter weathers and extreme winter conditions. Other than that, its versatility in different weather conditions is all breathtaking.

The Pros:

The Cons

Overall Performance

It is indeed true that this model provides a superior level of performance and quality. From its responsive handling and durable tires that offer excellent traction, to its stylish physical appearance, it is close to perfection. True to its name as an all-season tire, it is indeed versatile in any weather conditions. The only setback I found is its gripping capacity when it comes to deep snow and heavy winter conditions. Other than that, it perfectly performs well under any circumstances.

Its environmentally friendly feature is another plus point for this model. The tire is partially made with recycled and reclaimed materials that help reduce fuel consumptions, making it cost-effective in the long run. Furthermore, its ability to conserve natural resources is very inspiring. I should be honest that I am not one of those environmentalists and active advocators of our environment. But this specific feature of this model is not only impressive in its primary functions, but also in spreading awareness.

Tread Life and Warranty

This model claims to have an 80 000-mile warranty and a 5-year warranty on replacement and other workmanship. You will also receive a 30-day test drive guarantee that permits you with some privileges such as refund or tire exchange.

I generally travel a 50 000 mile every year. For what I see, I don’t clearly comprehend why some people say its average mileage is at 65 000 miles. I firmly believe with the features it offers and accompanied durability, this model can complete the 80 000 miles. Its impressive traction both in wet and dry pavements, it gives a smooth and stable ride on the first 20 000 miles.

At 25 000 miles mark, it is impressive for light and thin snow. However, I had to change it with a more heavy-duty tire for deep snow and heavy winter conditions. I had this now for 35 000 miles, and all the functions and features perfectly work well. I encountered no significant issues in its gripping, handling, and traction. The tread wear is indeed long-lasting, and I am confident that I will be able to complete its 80 000 miles guarantee.

Final Verdict

If what you are looking for is a tire for designed for your crossover, and high-performance SUVs, this model won’t disappoint you. Aside from its luxurious feel and stylish look, the performance is highly notable. It is indeed a premium level model for all-season tires. It may appear a little bit expensive and pricey for some; however, it is all worth it.

As the company is known to deliver premium quality outputs, this particular product line is the one you should never miss. If you are a fan or an avid follower, you will know how honest the company in delivering a high-quality product to its users. This particular product line should never be missed. It also comes up with varied sizes from 15 inches to 20 inches. There are so much more to appreciate in this model. As this is designed to render the ultimate driving experience, it is considered as the most trusted brand in the market.

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