Top 10 Best Tires for Subaru Outback 2021

Subaru Outback is one of the hot-selling vehicles in the market. Its combined aesthetics, performance, and modern features make it an excellent choice for wagons, crossovers, and SUVs. It has a strong engine and an all-drive wheel system to efficiently move over any types of terrain.

One of the constant challenges for a high-performing vehicle like this is finding the right tire to complement its overall performance. Choosing the best tire for Subaru Outback can be critical, particularly if you do not have a solid idea on the tire features you need to look for.

We are going to ease your burden with our simple guide to show you the important tire features for the top 10 best tires for Subaru Outback 2021. Stay tuned to find the best tire for this car model.

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From all tire models in the market, this one from Michelin is our top pick for tires suitable for Subaru Outback. It is a highway all-season tire with enhanced features and capabilities to meet your demand for performance and longer tread life.

This tire is suitable for light trucks, crossovers, SUVs, coupes and sedans. This is an improved version of the Michelin LTX M/S2 on its overall aspects. The enhanced tread compound of this tire is produced through their Evertread Technology. There is increased rigidity and silica particles incorporated for increased traction and longer tread life.

It has a symmetrical tread pattern for a comfortable, quieter, and balanced driving experience. There is reliable dry, wet, and light snow traction for this model. Likewise, its four circumferential channels and 3D active sipes help ensure effective wet traction and shorter braking distance on wet surfaces.

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Key Features

⦁    All-season highway tire
⦁    Evertread Technology
⦁    3D Active Sipes
⦁    Four circumferential channels
⦁    Lateral grooves and variable shoulder blocks
⦁    Fuel-efficient and low rolling resistance


⦁    Model – Michelin Defender LTX M/S
⦁    Weight – 33 lbs
⦁    UTQG – 800 AA

This tire from Goodyear is our runner up for best tire for Outback. It has an unsymmetrical tread pattern for better performance on dry and wet surfaces. The outer side of the tire has a thicker tread block for effective dry biting grip. Meanwhile, the inner side is for enhanced wet traction and hydroplaning resistance.

There is ensured balanced handling and comfortable ride because of the three independent central rib blocks with zigzag grooves and active sipes. This also increases steering response of the tire. There is also less noise in every turn with its variable shoulder block pitches.

The overall tread patterns of this model also contribute to reduced rolling resistance, which requires less fuel consumed for faster acceleration and better fuel efficiency. Moreover, the durability of its tread compounds is sturdier to extend its tread life aspect.

Key Features

⦁    Rigid tread compound with silica components
⦁    Unsymmetrical zigzag tread patterns
⦁    3D micro sipes and lateral grooves
⦁    Four circumferential channels
⦁    Central three independent tread blocks


⦁    Weight – 34 lbs
⦁    UTQG – —-

If you want your Outback to smoothly ride on different road surfaces, this all-terrain tire from Pirelli can be your best bet. It has a symmetrical aggressive tread block designs to accommodate rough off-road surfaces. Instead of four, it has two side circumferential channels for aquaplaning resistance. There are still multiple zigzag grooves to increase redirection of water out from the tire surface.

Its shoulder tread blocks are larger with lateral grooves for improved dry traction on paved and harsh road conditions. The active sipes on the central rib both help for dry and wet biting grip. The tread compound of this tire is more rigid compared to its previous models. The main gripe about this model is that it has less noise reduction capabilities.

Key Features

⦁    Ply rating – 10, Load range – E
⦁    Symmetrical tread patterns
⦁    Thicker sidewalls, larger tread blocks
⦁    Lateral sipes and grooves
⦁    Two side circumferential channels
⦁    Longer tread life


⦁    Model – Scorpion ATR
⦁    Weight – 46 lbs
⦁    UTQG – —–

This tire model from Continental is best for a sports car and the like because of its SportPlus Technology which enhances its handling and steering accuracy. For Subaru Outback, this model will ensure stable cornering and braking for smooth and uneven surfaces.

The exterior side of this tire has two circumferential channels to increase aquaplaning and wet traction. Meanwhile, its inner side has more aggressive tread patterns and sipes for effective cornering and dry biting action. The zigzag grooves on the central rib promote traction both for dry and wet road surfaces.

The noise reduction ability of this tire is still good considering the exterior side has plenty of varying shoulder tread pitches.

Key Features

⦁    Unsymmetrical tread patterns
⦁    SportPlus Technology – accurate steering and handling
⦁    All-season tire
⦁    Thicker exterior tread blocks
⦁    Excellent aquaplaning resistance


⦁    Model – Continental Extreme Contact DWS06
⦁    Weight – 20 lbs
⦁    UTQG – —-

This tire model from Bridgestone is part of their product line for fuel-efficient tires due to their reduced rolling resistance. Aside from that, there is an improvement in the rubber-silica compound of this tire for longer tread life. The general pattern of this tire is symmetrical, perfect for quiet and comfortable driving on paved surfaces.

The central rib is composed of three independent narrower tread blocks responsible for better handling, braking, and steering response. The variable shoulder pitches provide huge noise reduction feature of this model which complements its comfortable ride. There is effective wet traction and aquaplaning resistance because of its four circumferential channels and zigzag patterns.

Overall, it is a cost-efficient tire for the price. A good option for Subaru Outback performance.

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Key Features

⦁    All-Season Performance, Run Flat
⦁    Smooth Rolling
⦁    Fuel-Efficient
⦁    Symmetrical tread pattern
⦁    Max load – 1764 lbs
⦁    Quieter ride


⦁    Model – Turanza E42 RFT
⦁    Weight – 30 lbs
⦁    UTQG – 260 AA

You have here another option for an all-terrain tire for your Outback. For the price below $170, this tire from Yokohama has sufficient features to make your all-terrain performance effective and fuel-efficient. Overall, it has a symmetrical variable tread block designs to smoothly go over paved and off-road surfaces.

The shoulder tread block is larger and thicker for improving dry traction even on gravely and muddy surfaces. You can also see small stone ejectors on its sidewalls. On wet conditions, there is enough aquaplaning resistance due to its four circumferential channels and zigzag grooves to direct water out from the tire. The active sipes also contribute to its wet biting grip and shorter braking distance.

Key Features

⦁    Load Range – E, Ply Rating – 10
⦁    All-Terrain
⦁    Symmetrical variable tread patterns
⦁    Four circumferential grooves
⦁    Micro sipes and lateral grooves
⦁    Larger shoulder blocks


⦁    Model – Geolandar A/T G015
⦁    Weight – 49 lbs
⦁    UTQG – ——

To complete your all-terrain performance with your Subaru Outback, this tire from BFGoodrich is your best partner. It has aggressive, random, variable tread block patterns with deeper grooves for self-cleaning action. No mud, snow, or stones can get stuck in between grooves due to its larger width and depth.

Its tread compound is made tougher to make sure it cannot be easily cut by sharp stones. Likewise, the wide steel belts wrapped around with nylon fabric underneath its rubber ensures balanced tread wear and longer tread life. It has plenty of random zigzag grooves and micro sipes to have an effective biting grip on dry, wet, light snow and off-road conditions.

The larger shoulder tread blocks contribute stable cornering and steering response despite how rough the road is. It also has some stone ejectors to help protect it from sharp objects. The overall features of this model prove functional as an all-terrain and all-season tire.

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Key Features

⦁    All-season, all-terrain performance
⦁    Load Range – D, Ply Rating – 8
⦁    Sturdier tread compound
⦁    Self-cleaning function
⦁    Balanced handling and tread wear


⦁    Model – All-Terrain T/A KO2
⦁    Weight – 45 lbs
⦁    UTQG – —-

This all-season tire from Mastercraft has quality features for a reasonable price lower than other known brands. The overall benefit of this tire is a smooth, quieter, and comfortable ride. Its overall tread pattern is symmetrical for all-season comfortable driving performance.

There is effective wet biting grip action with this tire due to increased aquaplaning resistance which can be linked to its four circumferential grooves. It has enough depth to redirect water out from the tire surface. The active sipes and lateral grooves also contribute to its wet traction.

These lateral grooves and active sipes are also responsible for the 85 percent dry traction performance of this tire. Its several shoulder tread pitches are capable of reducing noise up to 80 percent. For better handling and steering response, you can link that to its three independent central ribs. Stable cornering is also good for this model.

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Key Features

⦁    All-season touring performance
⦁    Mid-level price
⦁    Symmetrical tread patterns
⦁    Four circumferential channels
⦁    Zigzag grooves and multiple sipes
⦁    Variable shoulder tread pitches


⦁    Model – SRT Touring
⦁    Weight – 23 lbs
⦁    UTQG – 540 AB

This tire model is compatible for minivans, light trucks, coupes, and for your Subaru Outback. It serves as a cheaper alternative to expensive and popular brands for your all-season comfortable ride. It has symmetric tread designs good for dry, wet, and light snow traction.

There is balanced handling because of its three independent central rib blocks. The symmetric zigzag grooves of these central ribs also contribute to its 80 percent dry traction performance. Meanwhile, there is sufficient hydroplaning resistance by its four circumferential channels and zigzag grooves which directs water out from the rubber surface.

The variable shoulder pitches are responsible for cutting down noise and ensuring stable cornering performance. Its tread compound is also made stronger to extend its tread life.

Key Features

⦁    All-season smooth performance
⦁    Excellent noise reduction and comfortable ride
⦁    Symmetric tread patterns
⦁    Variable shoulder pitches
⦁    Balance tread wear


⦁    Model – Extensa A/S
⦁    Weight – 27 lbs
⦁    UTQG – 620 AB

For a price lower than $100, you can have this tire from Milestar for its all-season sports performance. Its symmetric tread designs contribute to its reduced rolling resistance and smoother driving performance. Its overall performance is not that far from the expensive brands in the market.

There is good hydroplaning resistance because of its four circumferential grooves and uniform zigzag grooves that help direct water out from the rubber surface. Wet traction and short braking distance on wet conditions are made possible with its lateral grooves and active sipes. The central rib block contributes to its good handling and dry traction performance.

Each shoulder tread block has multiple pitches which makes your ride quieter. It also helps in accurate cornering on short or long distances. There are also improvements in its tread compound to have better tread life.

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Key Features

⦁    All-season sports performance
⦁    Symmetrical tread design
⦁    Reduced rolling resistance
⦁    Variable shoulder tread pitches
⦁    Rigid central rib block
⦁    Balanced tread wear


⦁    Model – Milestar MS932 Sport
⦁    Weight – 27.2 lbs
⦁    UTQG – 540 AA

Why You Should Invest In the Best Tire for Outback?

Why You Should Invest In The Best Tire For Honda Odyssey

Getting the right tire is important for all types of vehicle for it affects its driving performance. The tread compound, size, and tread designs influence its traction, comfortability, noise reduction, and handling performance.

Subaru Outback can take different kinds of tires such as all-terrain, all-season, summer tires, winter, and high-performing tires. Each type has its respective benefits, setbacks and climate compatibility for usage.

If you are living in the northern regions, then securing a winter and all-season tire can be a good choice. If mostly, you are driving through off-roads, then buying an all-terrain or off-road tires is most suitable. Meanwhile, if you are frequently in the city, then an all-season, high-performing, or summer tires can be your top pick for the purpose. The bottom line, climate and road surface affects your choice for the best tire.

What Makes The Best Tire for Subaru Outback?

The best answer for this depends on two factors – climate and the usual road surface you are driving through. Nevertheless, below are some of the important considerations you must have before buying a tire for your Outback.

Tire Type

The types of tire suitable for Outback includes winter tire, summer, ultra-high performing, all-terrain, and all-season tires. It is best if you secure one tire for each category considering that not a single tire can perform well on all season.

For instance, an all-season tire can just do fair traction on light snow but not on a heavy winter season. For your Subaru Outback to perform well, you need to install a winter tire for the said climate.

Handling and Steering Response

If you are living in the city, the best tire for you is an all-season, all-terrain, or ultra-high-performing tire. These tires have good tread compound and design suitable for better handling, stable cornering, and a high response to steering actions on highway surfaces.

Typically, these tires have symmetrical or unsymmetrical directional tread patterns to ensure excellent dry and wet traction with shorter braking distance on wet surfaces. Likewise, balanced tread wear is also secured for these classes of tires.

Comfort and Quiet Performance

Subaru Outback is intended to be your all-season, all-terrain vehicle for paved and off-road surfaces. For most customers, they always look for a tire which gives them comfort and quiet ride even when there are bumps and uneven road surfaces.

To cater to this demand, you need to choose a tire with plenty of variable shoulder tread block pitches for it can break noise into tinier pieces in every turn. Moreover, a rigid center tread block will ensure excellent balance and handling despite uneven surfaces.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the typical tire size of Subaru Outback?

This vehicle has two wheel sizes, that is, 2.5i Premium and 2.5i that requires a 17-inch and 18-inch wheels made from aluminum-alloy. The tire sizes are 225/65 R17 and 225/60 R18.

What is the recommended tire pressure for Subaru Outback?

Tire pressure for Subaru Outback

For tire dimension of 225/60R18 100V, the tire pressure requirement is as follows
⦁    1-3 passengers – 230kPa or 2.3 bar
⦁    3-5 passengers – 240kPa or 2.4 bar
⦁    For towing – 240kPa or 2.4 bar

For a 2017 Subaru Outback 2.5i Premium, the tire pressure requirement is around 32 psi.

When is it recommended to rotate tires for this vehicle?

The manufacturer’s recommendation for rotating tires for Outback is on every 7,500 mileage. This is still dependent on how you maintain your tires and drive. Some of the influencing factors affecting tread life include driving habits, loadings, climate, and road surfaces.

On average, how long should tires last?

Based on duration, a new tire can last for around 4 to 10 years running 15,000 mileage every year. For most tire manufacturers, they recommend you to rotate tires every 5,000 to 8,000 miles. Another parameter to indicate if your tire needs replacement is when the tread depth is 2/32-inch.

What is the maximum mileage you can rip out from your Subaru Outback?

If you are doing proper maintenance and repair, you can get around 300,000 miles for your Outback unit. Then again, even before reaching 200,000 miles you will be doing several repairs already with your vehicle.

How much weight can Subaru Outback tow?

This vehicle is capable of towing weight of 2,700 lbs and you can add up both 3.6L and 2.5L Boxer engine.

What is the item weight of Subaru Outback?

The trim level matters for the 2019 Subaru Outback model. For the 3.6R Touring, that weighs around 3,902 pounds while the base model is 3,624 pounds.

What is the limited warranty service for this vehicle?

There are different breakdowns for the limited warranty service of this vehicle.
⦁    New Vehicle Limited Warranty – 3-years or 36,000 miles
⦁    Powertrain Limited Warranty – 5-years or 60,000 miles
⦁    Wear item Limited Warranty – 3-years or 36,000 miles
⦁    Rust Perforation Limited Warranty – 5-years or unlimited miles

What is the overall vehicle length of Subaru Outback?

The bumper to bumper length of Subaru Outback 2019 is 189.9 inches.

Do you know about the Subaru Outback Eyesight?

The 2019 model of this car has a built-in Subaru Eyesight Driver Assist Technology which reduces 85 percent accidental crash on the rear side of the car. This software has the following functions

⦁    Pre-Collision Throttle Management
⦁    Pre-Collision Braking
⦁    Sway Warning
⦁    Lane Keep Assist
⦁    Adaptive Cruise Control

Does it support Apple CardPlay?

All 2019 Outback model supports Android Auto and Apple CardPlay. These are also synced with STARLINK multimedia software.

Is this car model good for off-road performance?

This vehicle is more than capable of getting through harsh off-road conditions. You can link that to its X-Mode Hill Descent Control and Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive system.

These systems have made Outback’s off-road performance smarter and more efficient. The only thing needed to be secured is its off-road tires.


Based on our list of best tires, we recommend you to have the Michelin Defender LTX M/S model. Its overall features and performance as an all-season tire are more than enough compared to the cost of getting the tire. It ensures a smooth ride and less fuel consumption because of its low rolling resistance.

The Evertread Technology employed in creating its tougher tread compound makes its tread life longer with improved traction performance. Nevertheless, the final decision is still all yours. Take a step back, and do some searching to find out more.

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