Top 10 Best Tires for Jeep Wrangler

There are plenty of things to admire for a Jeep Wrangler and one is its 4×4 capabilities to move over all types of terrain. You also have the height advantage over other vehicles and its tough look. However, like any other vehicles, you need the best tires to rip off the best performance from your Wrangler.

There are more than a hundred options of tires in the market, and it takes a huge amount of time and effort to go through all these models. No worries, as our guide here will ease your burden of choosing the right tire for the intended purpose of your Jeep. We will discuss the important features you need to consider for the matter.

Further, we created the top 10 best tires for your Wrangler 2019. Now, you have the option of either choosing one from the list or use that as a benchmark in searching the right one in the market. Best of luck for your quest. Enjoy!

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In terms of reasonable price and good quality, this tire from Goodyear is our top pick for your Jeep Wrangler. The handling and steering performance is made better from previous models. Likewise, the tread compound is three times stronger than the control tires.

For this type of vehicle that runs on all sorts of road surfaces, your tires can wear out quickly. The practical way of solving this is finding an affordable all-terrain tire with a good reputation in the market. It has variable tread patterns with larger lugs and wider grooves for self-cleaning action.

The active sipes in each tread block contribute to its effective biting grip on dry, wet, snow, and off-road surfaces. Likewise, these larger grooves are capable of good hydroplaning resistance during rainy conditions. The tread compound and wide steel belts underneath work in delivering balanced tread wear.

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Key Features

⦁    Rigid and solid tread compound
⦁    Variable and larger lugs
⦁    All-terrain
⦁    Precise handling and steering
⦁    Longer tread life


⦁    Model – Wrangler Radial
⦁    Weight – 27.6 lbs
⦁    UTQG – 300 AB

The multiple traction tread blocks of this tire can commit to its all-terrain purpose. It may seem unclear but it has 5-rows of multiple traction edges with wide grooves in between. For a price below $150, the toughness of its material and effective traction makes it a great runner up for Jeep tires.

Its wide-angled grooves contribute to its self-cleaning action on snow, mud, and rocky surfaces. In each tread block, you can see three to four active sipes. These sipes help in the biting grip on all types of surfaces. Its rigid sidewalls help in stable cornering and responsive steering performance.

There have been great improvements in its tread compound as well. It is 6.4 times stronger than the control tires in the market. It also exhibits good balance and braking mechanism on wet and dry road surfaces.

Key Features

⦁    All-terrain tire
⦁    Multiple traction tread blocks
⦁    5-row tread patterns
⦁    Tougher sidewalls
⦁    Wider grooves


⦁    Model – Grabber AT2
⦁    Weight – 41.6 lbs
⦁    UTQG – 640 AB

The casual problems with off-road are having a chip or cut on the tire’s sidewall because of sharp objects. This tire has tougher and staggered sidewall and shoulder tread blocks to protect it against chips and cuts. The tread compound was molded in its sidewalls using its CoreGard Technology.

The tread compound is made more durable as well to resist piercing and cuts from rocky surfaces. It can efficiently absorb shocks and bumps from uneven and rough surfaces. You would also notice its sidewalls protruding. It is made like that for effective snow and rock traction.

Moreover, there are 3D active sipes present in each tread block to boost its biting grip on wet and dry conditions.

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Key Features

⦁    CoreGard Technology
⦁    Stone ejectors
⦁    Protruding sidewalls
⦁    Staggered shoulder tread blocks
⦁    Low rolling resistance


⦁    Model – All-terrain T/A KO2
⦁    Weight – 24.2 lbs
⦁    UTQG – ——

We are amazed at the aggressiveness and large tread block sizes for this tire. It has excellent self-cleaning capacity and traction of all kinds of road surfaces. It is a great option for your Jeep to trail on any adventure.

The central portion of this tire has multiple tread blocks with uniform design in the diagonal position. There are active sipes in each block which boosts traction. These features ensure stable handling and off-road safety for the all-terrain ride. Likewise, the grooves in between are well-spaced to ensure self-cleaning action against mud, snow, and rocks.

Its serrated shoulder tread blocks are responsible for effective and accurate cornering despite the bumpiest ride. It also has stone ejectors on the sidewalls to protect it from sharp rocks. The toughness of its tread compound confidently ensures you balance tread wear.

Key Features

⦁    Wide angled grooves
⦁    Uniform central diagonal tread blocks
⦁    3D active sipes
⦁    Fuel-efficient
⦁    Serrated shoulder treads


⦁    Model – Wrangler Dura Trac
⦁    Weight – 49.8 lbs
⦁    UTQG – —–

For the price, it is cheaper than BFGoodrich with excellent performance for your all-terrain rides. Its central rib is mostly intact with multiple traction edges on the sides. This ensures accurate handling even on rocky surfaces. You can also expect good shock absorption properties for its central tread blocks.

Its sidewalls and shoulder tread blocks are not that aggressive like the Goodyear Dura Trac but work well on maintaining precise cornering for rough roads. It has two circumferential grooves that produce aquaplaning resistance while its active sipes provide wet traction.

These active sipes in the center rib and shoulder treads helps in the biting grip for dry and snow conditions. The overall rigidity of tread compound and wide steel belts underneath maintains good balance on tread wear.

Key Features

⦁    Reduced rolling resistance
⦁    Stable handling and cornering
⦁    Stronger tread compound
⦁    Rigid center block


⦁    Model – Dueler A/T Revo 2 Eco
⦁    Weight – —-
⦁    UTQG – —-

This one has a higher price compared to Goodyear Wrangler AT/S because of its improved tread designs and compound. For an all-terrain tire, this one has exceptional noise-cancelling features with its multiple shoulder tread pitches.

There are four rows of multiple traction edges of this tire which helps you get better balance and braking mechanism even on wet surfaces. Its wide-angled grooves can effectively do self-cleaning and hydroplaning resistance. The active sipes in each tread blocks are responsible for increased biting grip on any road surfaces.

Its protruding shoulder tread blocks and thicker sidewalls deliver smooth cornering on snow, mud, and off-road conditions. The silica-rubber compound has better toughness reinforced with steel belts underneath to ensure equal tread wear. A good tire reflecting value for money.

Key Features

⦁    Noise reduction
⦁    Multiple traction treads
⦁    Protruding shoulder lugs
⦁    Solid sidewalls
⦁    Fuel-economy


⦁    Model – Wrangler Silent
⦁    Armor Pro
⦁    Weight – 46 lbs
⦁    UTQG – —–

Having a stronger tread compound is excellent for all-terrain tires considering they are exposed to smooth and rough road conditions. This tire has enhanced rubber-silica compound that works in extending its tread life. You can also save fuel on this tire because it requires less gas to roll over and move.

No worries with sharp rocks for this one has stone ejectors. Its deep and wide-angle grooves are capable of self-cleaning when running through mud and snow surfaces. It also helps in increasing aquaplaning resistance. The protruding sidewalls and larger shoulder tread blocks help tract effectively on snow and muddy surfaces.

For an all-terrain, the depth of its grooves and aggressiveness of its tread edges are fairly capable to roll over muddy and snow road surfaces. You can have this tire as your main option or as a reserve. Nevertheless, its overall features are fit for the price.

Key Features

⦁    Five-row tread blocks
⦁    Stronger tread compound for extended tread life
⦁    Aggressive traction edges
⦁    Zigzag sipes and variable tread blocks


⦁    Model – Open Country A/TII
⦁    Weight – 45.7 lbs
⦁    UTQG – 600 AB

This is an excellent mud tire that comes with a higher cost than your usual all-terrain. There are two rows of multiple polygonal tread blocks with deep grooves in between. Its overall features deliver great self-cleaning and biting grip on mud and snow conditions.

The tread compound of this model fairly extends its tread life. Likewise, the steel belts underneath efficiently uniform tread wear. In between its protruding shoulder blocks, there are stone ejectors. A clogged stone in between decreases traction.

Its tapered large blocks and grooves are engineered to effectively roll over muddy surfaces. The sidewalls are thicker to ensure stable cornering and drifting. Moreover, its wide-angled grooves ensure no mud, rock, or snow gets stuck and decrease its traction performance. It is one of the best mud tires in the market.

Key Features

⦁    Protruding sidewalls
⦁    Serrated shoulder tread blocks
⦁    Deep grooves
⦁    Stone ejectors
⦁    Low rolling resistance
⦁    Self-cleaning action


⦁    Model – Trail Grappler M/T
⦁    Weight – 79.4 lbs
⦁    UTQG – —-

This all-terrain tire has a stronger tread compound that is 6.6 times stronger than the control tires. It delivers around 85 percent effective traction on all types of road surfaces. You can link that to its aggressive multiple central tread blocks and staggered shoulder blocks.

You can depend on stable handling and cornering with this tire because of its multiple traction edges and 3D Canyon sipes. Likewise, the same features are responsible for effective movement through harsh off-road conditions. There is enough depth on its grooves to instil self-cleaning action on mud, snow, and rocks.

It also delivers reduced rolling resistance for the lighter press on the accelerator. Moreover, its raised sidewalls and serrated shoulder treads help you do precise cornering even on rough surfaces. It also has stone ejectors to push sharp rocks away from the tread compound. For a price below $200, you can readily have this high-quality all-terrain tire.

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Key Features

⦁    3D Canyon Sipe Technology
⦁    All-terrain tire
⦁    Thermal resistance sidewalls
⦁    Aggressive traction edges
⦁    Longer tread life


⦁    Model – Wildpeak AT3W
⦁    Weight – 50.5 lbs
⦁    UTQG – 660 AB

Its buttress tread design, deep grooves, and active sipes contribute to its unwavering performance on paved and off-road conditions. There is a good blend of rubber and silica to make sure you get extra traction and toughness to extend its tread life.

The central rib of this tire is composed of multiple polygonal tread blocks with deep grooves in between. In each block, you would see active sipes that helps with all-terrain biting grip. Its staggered and protruding shoulder treads are responsible for smooth and effective grip on snow and off-road surfaces.

There is also less rolling resistance with this to strike fuel savings on every turn. You are also confident with its hydroplaning resistance with its deep grooves and two circumferential channels. You can also find stone ejectors in between the grooves of its shoulder blocks.

Key Features

⦁    Armor-Tek 3 carcass construction
⦁    All-terrain tire
⦁    Low rolling resistance
⦁    Durable tread compound
⦁    High traction performance


⦁    Model – Discoverer ST Maxx
⦁    Weight – 61 lbs
⦁    UTQG – —–

Why You Should Invest In the Best Tires for Jeep Wrangler?

Typically, a Wrangler is a vehicle suitable for all-terrain and off-road performance. You need to have the right set of tires whether all-terrain, off-road or for mud-terrain to complement its four-wheel-drive system. Below are the reasons for choosing the best tires.

Reasons for having the best tires

⦁    Toughness against the harsh off-road and muddy conditions
⦁    The better biting grip on dry and wet surfaces
⦁    Less fuel consumed for acceleration
⦁    Self-cleaning action
⦁    Longer tread life
⦁    Precise handling and steering response

What Makes The Best Tires for Jeep Wrangler

To avoid any disappointments, you need to know the important features of a good tire for Jeep. This is a good process of filtering the good stuff and narrowing down your choices. Below are the important features of a good tire for this vehicle.

Tread Compound

The rubber compound of the tire must have silica particles to enhance its biting action. For off-road and all-terrain conditions, it must be highly durable to resist chips, cuts, and fast tread wear with the harsh road conditions.

To have a good gauge on a tire’s durability, you can look at the number on its UTQG rating. For instance, a 640 rating means that tire is 6.4 times stronger than a 100 rating control tire.

Tread Designs

This will depend on what type of road will you be driving for all year round. There are three main types of tread designs – symmetrical, unsymmetrical, and directional.

  • Symmetrical treads – It is also called multi-directional and is commonly used for highway driving. This tread design ensures a smooth and quiet ride with its multiple tread pitches and rigid central blocks.
  • Unsymmetrical treads – The tire has two distinct tread patterns, each with a specific role to do. The exterior side of the tire has larger tread blocks for better cornering and handling. Meanwhile, the inner side has smaller blocks with circumferential grooves for better hydroplaning resistance and wet traction.
  • Directional treads – Unlike the multi-directional nature of symmetric tires, this one is for one direction only. This is typically seen in winter and high-performance tires. It has the V-shape pattern which further enhances hydroplaning action.

Tire Types

Tires can also be segregated based on its function and climate suitability. Inline, we have the following types – all-season, all-terrain, mud-terrain, and winter tires.

  • All-terrain – These tires are capable of smoothly riding on both paved and off-road surfaces. They can either have symmetrical or unsymmetrical tread patterns. Their interlocking tread blocks provide fair and efficient traction on the highway, off-road, mud, and snow surfaces.
  • Mud-terrain – These tires are designed for extreme off-road conditions with larger tread blocks and wide-angle grooves for self-cleaning action. They offer more aggressive and stronger biting grip through rocky, muddy, and snowy road conditions.
  • Winter tires – These tires are several 3D active sipes and wide-angle grooves for the self-cleaning feature. Its tread compound can maintain flexibility even at low temperatures so its traction remains effective.
  • All-Season – This is the common types in the market geared towards comfortable and quiet driving performance. They exhibit excellent traction on dry, wet, and light snow conditions. Their tread life is good and can fairly last all year round. They also come at a cheaper price compared to other tire types.

Tire size

The tire size of Wrangler varies with the model but the common range for it is between 15″ to 17″ wheel diameter. The other size options you can have for your Jeep are the following – 33″, 35″, 37″, 38″, and 40″ wheel diameters. The 33″ diameter is the casual off-road tires while 38″ and 40″ are for unbeatable off-road performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recommended tire pressure for Wrangler tires?

⦁    For tire size of 215/75R15 – 29 psi (front) and 31 psi (rear)
⦁    For tire size of 225/75R16 – 34 psi (front and rear)
⦁    For tire size of 245/75R16 – 32 psi (front) and 34 psi (rear)
⦁    For tire size of 255/75R16 – 34 psi (front and rear)

What is the recommended wheel diameter for Jeep

That would be around 29-inch to 31-inch then tire pressure is between 29 to 31 psi.

What is the recommended time to rotate tires for Jeep?

It is recommended to rotate tires every 6,000 to 9,000 miles or every six years.

Why Jeep won’t restart when it is hot?

It can be due to a defective coil if its operating temperature is 210 degrees. Likewise, inspect for any broken sensors.

Can a 15-inch rim fit on a 2012 Jeep Wrangler?

It will not fit because the smallest rim it can fit is 16-inch.

When do you replace Jeep tires?

Typically, you replace it when you have reached 40,000 miles. Most tires for all-terrain have tread wear bars to indicate if your tire is reaching its last tread life.

How long can the shock absorbers of Wrangler last?

It depends on how the owner maintains the vehicle but the average life of its shock absorber is between 4 to 5 years.

How long will its rear brake system wear out?

The rear brake systems of Wrangler can last for about 40,000 miles on average.

What material is the soft top of Wranglers made of?

Its soft top is made from sailcloth vinyl which wears off as time passes and constant exposure with external factors.

What tire size fits a 2014 Jeep Wrangler?

⦁    P225/75R16 104S
⦁    P225/75R17 113S

Can I lift my Jeep Wrangler for a 35-inch tire?

If you like to have a 35-inch tire for your Jeep, then it must have an increase in the lift of 2.5 inches.


Based on our evaluation, we highly recommend Goodyear Wrangler Radial as your top priority as new tires for your Jeep Wrangler. For a price below $100, the features and performance of this tire are wonderful. There is a good combination of low rolling resistance, toughness, and reliable traction. Moreover, it comes from a reputable tire manufacturer.

Then again, the final decision is yours for the taking. Take a step back and do some research on what else can be a good option that meets your requirement. After, do price and feature comparison.

If you think this article has helped you, please share it with your friends and workmates. Meanwhile, if you have anything to ask or comment, please write that down in the comment section. We will do our best to give a timely response. You can also check out our other write-ups for further information.

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