Best Portable Air Pump For Car Tires – Reviews and Buying Guide

Tire pressures are one of the crucial things you need to check before driving for work or to any destination. Likewise, getting a flat tire along the road away from any help will be one of the worse scenarios you do not want to experience. Thus, you need to bring with you a portable air pump to hedge on these circumstances.

With numerous models available in the market, choosing the right one can be very tedious and time-consuming. To have a better chance of selecting the right air pump, here is our quick buying guide to show you the essential features to look out. Likewise, to save you some time, we also included a product review for our list of top 10 best portable air pump for car tires 2020.

EPAuto 12V DC Portable Air Pump

From the makers of EPAuto, this impressive portable air pump is my top pick in terms of overall feature and performance. Likewise, its versatility in its application is another great thing to admire from this unit.

The wide variety of application for this model is due to its universal valve connector. Like any other products, this also has its limitations. It can only accommodate vehicles with an engine size under 3.5 liters. Thus, capacity like heavy duty and light trucks will not be viable.

It is very portable and lightweight. You can even charge this pump through your cigarette socket inside your car while driving. Other features to like include its easy to read LCD screen for the pressure reading in different units.

Moreover, no worries with over inflation as this has an auto-shutoff mode upon reaching the desired pressure level.



P.I. Auto Store 12V DC Portable Air Pump

Second, on my list, is the P.I. Auto Store Air Pump. The good thing I like from this unit is its fast rate of injecting pressurized gas inside the tires. For instance, you have a high-performance tire which requires around 20 to 30 PSI. This pump can inject 1 PSI in every 8 to 10 seconds – double the speed of a Husky compressor.

You can readily view the pressure reading on its digital LCD screen and its fairly accurate. Same with the top pick, you can also charge this through the cigarette socket inside your car.

It also has a built-in LED in situations where you will need illumination for inflation works. The accessories included seems to be well-built, and the case is sturdy.



Viair 00088 88P Portable Air Compressor

A break from the norm, this air pump is still portable, but the great thing about it is you can directly hook it up to your car battery once used for inflating. Pretty useful mainly if your cigarette socket is not working.

The overall materials of this unit are well-made and tough. The chrome finish is smooth and professional-looking. It has a heavier hose, and there is a secure fitting on the valve stem with its brass screw. Likewise, the alligator clips provide an efficient electrical connection from the car battery.

Amazingly, it is similar to the previous air pump. Increasing the pressure from 22 PSI to 40 PSI from a Jeep Rubicon tire takes only 1 minute and 28 seconds.

Also, this unit is applicable for trucks, SUVs, ATVs, and other vehicles with a maximum tire diameter of 33 inches. Other features worth mentioning include a power indicator, 16 feet hose, three-piece tip kit for inflation, LED lights, and 10 feet power cord.



Kensun 12V AC/DC Portable Air Pump

Fourth on my list is the Kensun 12V AC/DC portable air pump. Sometimes it is inconvenient to only have the DC option to power our air pump. Good thing DC and AC can power this one. Thus, you can directly hook it up to your car battery or on a wall socket.

This unit is also versatile in its applications. It can inflate tires for bikes, midsize SUVs, and sedans. Likewise, it can sustain the constant flow of pressurized air with its durable dual motors.
It can quickly inflate a tire in approximately one minute or less. Attaching the screws to the tire stem is easy and secure as long as there is a 0.5-inch protrusion. There is very little escape of air from this attachment.

Moreover, the AC cord for this pump is not that long, so you need to secure an extension cord for AC usage.



This unit is one of the new digital air pump available in the market. For a reasonable price, you get all the new functions of a digital inflator.

The Helteko air pump can quickly reach the maximum pressure of a mid-size tire for around 3 to 5 minutes. Likewise, its pressure reading is accurate and highly visible. Also, it has built-in LED lights for illumination.

Moreover, it has an auto shutoff mode once you reach the desired pressure.



Fortem 12V DC Portable Air Pump

The Fortem digital air pump hits number six on my list. This digital air pump has a quick inflation rate, low noise operation, and new functions.

It has a powerful motor which increases tire pressure quickly. Increasing tire pressure from 36 PSI to 41 PSI only takes around one minute. Likewise, upon reaching the desired setting, it will automatically shut off after a few seconds.

Also, the digital LCD screen of this unit is easily readable and can show several units of pressure.



The AstroAI portable air pump has a comparable quality as the EPAuto air pumps. However, EPAuto portable air pump is still far better than this one. There are two setbacks for this unit: (1) it is slightly pricey compared to EPAuto and (2) the pressure gauge reading has slight deviations from the correct reading.

In terms of overall built, it has a sturdy material, and craftsmanship is excellent. It seems to last for a long time like the EPAuto. For its Backlit LCD screen, it can also show various pressure units.

In contrast to EPAuto, this one operates at a lower noise level. You can also plug this to your cigarette socket inside your vehicle. It also has the auto shutoff mode whenever you reach the target pressure.



DBPower 12V DC Portable Air Pump

Another portable tire inflator hitting the eight spot of my list is the DBPower portable air pump. Convenience is one major factor I also look into when choosing products. The great advantage of this unit is that it is easy to use, and all features work as expected. It uses an analog pressure gauge to measure the pressure inside the tire.

The motor of this air pump is fast in injecting pressure inside the tire. For a Chevy Equinox, it can increase the pressure form 30 to 35 PSI in around four to five minutes only – that is approximately 1 PSI per minute.

In terms of portability, this uses a 2.5-meter power cord and a 56 cm air hose. Its compact size and design allow you to store inside your vehicle efficiently. Moreover, there is less air escaping from its brass screw



One significant benefit I love about digital tire inflators is how you can easily set the desired pressure needed for your tire. Upon reaching the desired pressure, it automatically shuts off, which prevents overinflation of the tire.

Moreover, this unit has a compact design which allows you to save space for storing. The body and construction of Breezz are durable and sleek. The materials used and accessories for this air pump are reasonably sturdy and well-made. The backlit LCD makes the pressure reading easy while the built-in LED lights are useful when working on tight and dim areas.

Some experience difficulty in attaching the adaptors to the tire stem. However, for Breezz adaptor attachments are relatively straightforward and secure. There is very little air escaping, which makes the inflation process fast and reliable. Likewise, it operates in a quieter mode compared to large air compressors.



Having a portable, lightweight, and reliable air pump for your tire is extremely important. All these criteria have been met fairly by Audew digital tire inflator.

For added versatility, this unit includes three nozzle adaptors for wide applications such as inflating car tires, airboats, balls, and other inflatables as long as the adaptor correctly fits. Furthermore, the adaptors fit tightly in the tire stem, and there are very little air leakings.

The backlit LCD digital display is readable but has limited units of pressure. The overall process of using this model is straightforward and stress-free. Moreover, you can preset the desired pressure, and once it achieves it, the device will automatically stop working after a few seconds.



Why You Should Invest In A Portable Air Pump for Car Tires?

The main reason why you need a portable air pump for your tire is to save yourself from the agony of being stuck in the road for a couple of hours. Prevention is better than cure, but having this in your trunk is a great option.

Here are some of the benefits of having a portable tire inflator:


A portable air pump is straightforward to use, particularly the modern digital ones. Manufacturers have felt the agony of customers when it comes to flat tires. These new pumps are easy to use by just setting the desired pressure and wait until it automatically shuts off after reaching the preset pressure.

Saves You Great Time and Effort

Whether AC or DC powered, these new air pumps have a strong motor to generate the right air pressure you need. On average, most of these units can deliver around 20 to 30 PSI in three to five minutes. That is completely relieving compared to manually pumping your tire.

Safe Device

Manufacturers have considered the safety of the customers for the usage of these devices. Thus, they placed an auto shutoff mode to prevent overinflation and excess pressure in your tire. There is a few seconds delay for most units but still satisfactorily works.

Space Saver

This can be associated with convenience. Most models available right now are having compact and ergonomic designs to have a balance between aesthetics and functionality. A compact design and lightweight feature will give you more convenience and space saving benefits.

What Makes The Best Portable Air Pump?

I am done showing you the top ten best portable air pumps for 2020 — likewise, the benefits and reason for securing one for your vehicle. Now, let us move on to the features and factors that you need to consider when choosing a good model.

Below are the common features you need to consider when choosing for a good air pump for your tires.

Accessories or attachments

Having an additional attachment in the package adds more value to the whole package. Also, it gives us customers more options for maximizing the functionality of an air pump. In general, most kits come in three to five extra nozzles for other inflatable objects.

LED Lights

A built-in LED light is handy, mainly when working in tight and dim areas. A sufficient amount of illumination will help you check if your tires have chips or cuts.

Compatibility with Cigarette socket and AC sockets

Lithium-ion batteries power most portable tire inflators in the market. In case your pump has a low battery level, an adaptor that can fit your cigarette socket is excellent for recharging the device. Likewise, having the option to hook it up in the car’s battery is also great in case the cigarette socket is not working.

Auto Shutoff Mode

This is a safety feature common to most digital air pumps. It gives us protection from overheating and excess tire pressure, particularly when we forget things. It might get delay for a few seconds, but definitely, it works.

Backlit LCD and Pressure Gauge

A highly readable LCD screen and accurate pressure gauge reading are beneficial for easy tracking of tire pressure.


We have come to the last part of this discussion, and hopefully, I have given you enough insights about portable air pumps and how to choose a good one. From the top ten list, I would highly recommend my top pick EPAuto 12V DC Portable Air Pump. This unit has gained several praises and delivered unmatched satisfaction from numerous car owners. It is well-built, and pressure injection is reliable.

Always remember that tire pressure is one of the critical things you need to check before hitting the road. Unbalanced tire pressure can significantly affect the balance and handling of your car. From the list of features of a good air pump, always choose the one with accurate pressure readings, fewer air leakings, and with an auto shutoff mode.

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