8 Best ATV Tires to Buy in 2021: Review And Buying Guide

Best ATV Tires

Here’s the thing: the unfortunate truth is that ATV tires need to be constantly upgraded, since the grip slips away after several months of use. Not replacing them is a bad idea, unless you want to injure yourself as you do an unplanned tail spin.

The good news? ATV tires are more and more becoming better suited to meet drivers’ requirements, from the terrains you regularly blast across to your specific lifestyle. The best ATV tires are packed with all the features you need to make for a good drive that lasts. 

To help you out, here’s a list of the top options on the market, as well as a guide on how to pick the right ATV tires for your vehicle.

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Product Name Image Ratings Item Weight Load Index Amazon Link
ITP AT Mud Terrain ITP AT Mud Terrain 14.81 lbs 41 Check Price
Carlisle HD Field Trax Carlisle hd field trax 20.5 lbs 71 Check Price
ITP Mud Lite ITP Mud Lite 14.81 lbs 41 Check Price
Kenda Bearclaw K299 Kenda Bearclaw K299 17.4 lbs 50 Check Price
Kenda Pathfinder K530 Kenda Pathfinder K530 17.2 lbs 44 Check Price
Carlisle Knobby ATV Carlisle knobby ATV 6.5 lbs 71 Check Price
Carlisle All Trail ATV Carlisle all trail 19.7 lbs N/A Check Price
Kenda K284 ATV Kenda K284 ATV 16 lbs 54 Check Price

Top 8 ATV tires

Check out these eight best ATV tires that are guaranteed to meet your needs, fit your requirements, and exceed your expectations this 2021:

1.  ITP AT Mud Terrain

Let’s start off strong with the ITP Mud Lite AT mud terrain tire, which is amazing for all types of all-terrain vehicles, as well as off-road motorcycles. This is one of the best ATV tires for sand and backwoods riders, thanks to its ability to get you out of mud pits and help you maintain your lead in desert races.

This lightweight tire features a thick tread style that lets you quietly glide over mud, while also providing you with an exceptional cruise-like radial thanks to its unique central tread contact. It also comes with a six ply rating and angled shoulder lugs to give you smooth mud traction. And, it boasts of so much responsiveness and stability so you can negotiate corners with ease.

To put it simply, the ITP Mud Tire is the best-in-class when it comes to letting you take on tough challenges for riders. And the best part? For all those amazing qualities and high-end performance, you only need to pay an economical price!



2.  Carlisle HD Field Trax

We also especially like the Carlisle HD Field Trax, which is a somewhat small tire with a slim section width. It’s also lightweight , but has a decent rim diameter and tread depth, and it comes with a grade C classification in terms of speed rating.

All this means is that this tire is highly suitable for muddy terrains since its treads don’t accumulate any mud and other foreign objects from the terrain, which is also what gives the tire a much longer service life as these elements don’t wear out the treads. The tire is great in mud, sand, snow, and rocks, giving you superior power and extra traction.

The Field Trax also features a multidirectional tread pattern that lets you escape any quagmire while delivering the same performance of a four wheel drive. All in all, it’s a well rounded tire that is great for various utility and sport uses, including racing scooters and garden tractors.



3.  ITP Mud Lite

Another version of the ITP Mud Terrain is this ITP Mud Lite model that comes as a heavyweight tire with a particularly large diameter and matching rims and tread depths. It’s also a six ply tire for ATVs, which means it can effectively and safely go through rough surfaces littered with jagged edges and sharp rocks without the fear of damage.

It boasts of a sturdy bias construction with the use of the best materials, giving this tire superior performance in cruising through difficult terrains, including patrolling muddy areas and deserts. Basically, any typical adventure you can think of.

The only downside is that the tires are just too heavy for speed, and will definitely slow things down if you try to go racing. That said, it is a budget option that comes with great qualities and a great value for money.



4.  Kenda Bearclaw K299

If you want the best in terms of great performance and safety, we highly recommend the Kenda Bearclaw K299, which offers commendable traction to help you navigate the thickest and toughest terrains successfully. This means finding your way out of soft terrains, mud pits, and snowy surfaces with ease.

You also get to enjoy so much stability with the perfectly angled knobs which digs into the terrain and provides you with optimum traction. Plus, the tire has dent and puncture protection for riding against rocky surfaces.

Most of all, even with the plethora of features, this tire is easy to install, and it even comes with a detailed instruction manual. All in all, it’s simply amazing how reliable this tire is, making it perfect for camping and mountain rides.



5.  Kenda Pathfinder K530

Another top pick from Kenda is the Kenda Pathfinder K530, which weighs 15.2 pounds and boasts of a huge 24 inch size and an equally wide section width and impressive rim diameter plus aspect ratio. It’s a high performance ATV tire that features a puncture-resistant casing for increased durability and service life.

It also features a functional design and treading in order to offer excellent stability and traction throughout your ride. Moreover, it bones with widely spaced lugs to effectively redirect soil away from the tire while also improving traction.

In some ways, this model actually offers the best in terms of quality and reliability out of all Kenda tires for ATVs. it services you well while guaranteeing a smooth and comfortable ride for a long time to come, and can easily tackle different off-road conditions.



6.  Carlisle Knobby ATV

We also have a couple more options from Carlisle, one of which is the Carlisle Knobby ATV, a consistently well performing tire regardless of what motorsport it’s used for. For one thing, this tire makes navigating through hard surfaces and rocky terrain easy with its contact patches.

It also boasts of a sturdy construction that effectively increases your traction when you need to glide over softer terrains. Basically, you get to enjoy excellent steering control for turning, as well as its overall versatility for tackling almost any kind of terrain.

Moreover, it features an appealing configuration and aggressive design that makes it easy to maintain stability and control at high speeds, and, it’s lighter weight helps minimize the engine’s work when transitioning from pavement to off-road terrain, not to mention makes it suitable for novice riders, as well.



7.  Carlisle All Trail ATV

Our last pick from Carlisle is the All Trail ATV, which boasts of extended wear treads to effectively deliver equal parts reliability and durability. It’s a slightly bigger tire at 25 inches with a similar section width coupled with an 8 aspect ratio, 12 inch rim diameter, 0.56 tread depth, and a B speed rating.

These dimensions and ratings make this tire great in terms of handling and traction. They also let you take your ride on both smooth and hard terrains, and even take on superior yet strenuous rides. With this tire, you can do anything from blazing through tricky spots and taking on rough surfaces with so much stability and traction to spare.

Simply put, this is a versatile tire that is an ideal option for various types of automobiles, such as utility vehicles and fun carts. It’s reliable, versatile, durable, great for everyday use, and comes in many different sizes.



8.  Kenda K284 ATV

Finally, you should also check out the Kenda K284 ATV tire, which is a unique option that stands at 23.5 inches and 16 pounds. This one’s packed with special features such as puncture resistant casings and more that make it perfect for wicked and wild spins.

For example, it comes with faultlessly reinforced knobs that guarantee the best in terms of cornering and traction, which essentially means you get to enjoy smooth and stable rides with ideal center contact for those off-road adventures. It also features unique tread patterns for additional traction on wet and slippery surfaces.

All in all, it’s a versatile tire that can smoothly maneuver and navigate through tough terrains such as sand, mud, trails, and hard packed surfaces, without relenting on grip and traction. It’s a great value for your money, too!



What to look for in an ATV tire

What to look for in an ATV tire

When it comes to an all-terrain vehicle or ATV, the engine and suspension are only as good as what the tires can do and how much abuse they can take. If you want to find the best ATV tires, here are the top things you need to watch out for:


When it comes to any type of tire, your buying decision should really be based on the kind of terrain you’ll mostly drive through, and all the more so for ATV tires, unless you want to get stuck in a certain unsavory surface.

Think of it this way: while ATVs and ATV tires are technically made to handle all terrains, they still have their unique capabilities that make them better for certain surfaces than others. Some are more suitable for deserts, others for mud, and others for rocky areas.

Driving skill

Your driving skill and experience also matters when purchasing ATV tires. For instance, riding frequently would require durable, heavy duty tires that offer excellent stability and traction, but a more infrequent ride can do fine with a more lightweight and less enduring tire, which is also more affordable.


Racing tires come with a few added specialty features in order to help them take on any terrain. They are built with specially engineered constructions and tread designs for specific track conditions. These tires feature fat profiles that help transition from medium terrains to hard packed surfaces.


ATV tires by seasonBelow are the four most common terrains that ATV tires are specialized for:


ATV tires made for mud come with an aggressive look and deliver superior performance capabilities. A common characteristic are the long and widely spaced lugs for self-cleaning, along 1-2 inch deep treads. These tires need more lower end power for negotiating turns, and are great for mud pits and other similar terrain.


The typical tread pattern of ATV tires is optimized for all-terrain capability, which means the tire can perform well anywhere while limiting treadwear. That said, the tread pattern is still different for each ATV tire, and for trail optimized tires, the tread depth is typically under an inch.


As for ATV snow tires, they feature a blended design that incorporates mud treads and trail treads- basically, short trail lugs, but with the mud tire spacing. This unique design offers the benefit of adding studs for snow traction.

Alternatively, snow tires can also come with mud tire tread patterns but with dune tire lugs, which offers the tire more power for paddling away loose, powdery snow.


Finally, when it comes to sand ATV tires, what you get are maximum flotation and traction, the most important things for tackling sand dunes. The standard tire lugs are also replaced with long ridges circumferencing the tire, which serves to paddle sand away from the tire.


TractionA tire’s traction mainly comes from its tread pattern. Having good traction means being able to negotiate a terrain safely and without going off course, sliding, or spinning, while also having the tire respond well to power and load.

Tread style

The thing is, this tread pattern or style highly depends on the type of terrain that the tire is made for. That said, the tire’s tread style should strike a balance between performance and durability, especially when it comes to negotiating difficult corners. For example, mud ATV tires can dig deep into the mud in order to offer more hold and move your vehicle forward.

Ply rating

Tires come with different ply ratings, which indicate the tire’s intended purpose. Lower ratings, like on a 2-ply tire, signify better control and traction for vehicles riding on high inclines and with minimal loads, such as sports vehicles. This rating meets all your road safety needs while giving you a smoother ride over soft and muddy surfaces.

On the other hand, higher ply ratings, such as 6-ply tires, offer optimum traction and the best in terms of consistent handling when it comes to challenging terrains and towing heavy loads, especially in muddy and sticky conditions. These tires are well-tailored to accommodate heavier weights while also being puncture resistant and lasting longer.

Bias construction

Bias constructionBias construction really boils down to the ply rating of the tire, since it indicates the tire’s durability and strength. Bias-ply constructed ATV tires are more resilient than their radial counterparts, since bias construction offers tougher sidewalls and better puncture resistance. They also come with better traction, but the faster heating tires make for a rougher ride.


The radials on ATV tires feature plies that are perpendicular to the tread’s midsection, or in some instances, in line with the main cruise. The plies then stream to the sidewalls, going bead to bead, then over the face of the tire in order to form a wrapping pattern. Some special radial designs even include steel belt finishing for better stability and wear resistance. Check also radial vs bias tire.

Tire size

Did you know that tire size affects so many things about how your vehicle will perform? How small or big a tire is can have drastic effects on your handling, horsepower, gearing, torque, and body. For example, smaller tires over rev the engine and overwork the transmission.

To help give you an idea, tire manufacturers nowadays add dimensional ratings on their tires so you can better picture how big the tires are. This rating comes with three digits 1*2*3. For example, a tire size of 26*26*12 can be interpreted this way:

The tire is 26 inches tall, 26 inches wide, and with a wheel diameter of 12 inches. This is when it’s mounted on your vehicle and inflated to its recommended air pressure.


The most important consideration is perhaps how much money you are willing to spend on your new ATV tires. You want to be able to set a good budget and find the most suitable tire within this price range.

The thing is, ATV tires come in widely varying price tags depending on the tire’s brand, purpose, quality, and size, so you need to set your expectations depending on your working budget, or set aside more funds to be able to purchase the kind of tires you really want.

Final verdict: which is the best ATV tire brand?

Best ATV tire brandOnce you know all the important factors you need to take into account when shopping for the best ATV tires on the market, you are sure to make a better and more informed decision on which tire best suits your needs, preferences, lifestyle, and budget.

Remember, your tires are some of the most essential parts of your vehicle, and if you really want to make the most out of your suspension and engine, you need to invest in quality tires that can match your riding style and give you all the functionality and performance you need.

The best in that regard is the ITP AT Mud Terrain, which is an amazing yet economical option that gives you so much stability and responsiveness in difficult and challenging terrains while also letting you smoothly glide through sticky and slippery mud pits, and more.

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