Atturo Trail Blade A/T Review: All Terrain with Highway Comfort Tire

There is an increasing demand for an all-terrain tire with enhanced durability at a reasonable price. This great market niche has been seen by several tire companies, thus, new tire models sprouted in the market. Among all these tires, we are going to review Atturo Tire Trail Blade A/T All Terrain All-Season tire.

We chose this tire model for we see its features and performance having a great chance of meeting your requirements. In order to justify this, we are going to examine this tire model so you can have a better judgment about it. In our review, we will examine its features, performance, and show a chart of its pros and cons. Hopefully, we can help you decide and weigh things over.

About Atturo Tire

This tire company focuses on producing quality tires for crossovers, SUVs, and light pickup trucks. The company’s competitive advantage is delivering tires with creative tread patterns that both works on off-road and highway surfaces. In order to maintain top of the line tires, they have invested in research and innovation in producing tires suitable for all season and all-terrain conditions.

Atturo Trail Blade A/T Features

To have a better understanding of the quality of a tire means knowing its essential features. The features we are going to discuss include tire compound, tread design, and warranty service. Tire features play a critical role in determining the performance of any tire model.

Tire Compound

This tire model is made from a reformulated tire compound with increased durability to resist wear and tear particularly on harsh off-road surfaces. Likewise, in order to meet EU standards, the tire compound was made from hydrocarbon free oil. Overall, you get the desired rigidity while still protecting the environment. Read also: Tire wear pattern and when should I replace my tire

Tread DesignAtturo Trail Blade A/T Review

The tread design of a tire determines its traction and driving performance. For this tire model, it has the following tread designs: numerous sipings in the center tire section, wider shoulder tire blocks, staggered shoulder treads, four main circumferential grooves, and thicker sidewalls. Overall, these exquisite tread designs enhance the all-terrain features of the tire while still maintaining good highway driving.


The after-sale service of any product matters to us. For this tire model, it offers a 50,000 mileage warranty under eligible conditions.

Atturo Trail Blade A/T Performance

We are done with the features, now let us look into the performance of these features. Understanding its performance will give you a better insight into whether this tire meets your need or not.

Off-Road Performance

This tire model offers excellent off-road performance. This result is mainly attributed to the tread designs of the tire. To have effective grip and performance with the harsh off-road surface it has wider shoulder blocks and alternate tread block designs. In mud and dirt surfaces, it can still do better grip because of its circumferential grooves with sufficient depths, lateral grooves and multiple sipes. Likewise, it has staggered shoulders to help push back stones from the tire surface.

Dry Traction

It also offers effective dry traction abilities, be it off- or on-road surfaces. For dry traction performance, it includes effective cornering, handling, and steering response. The multiple grooves and sipes of the tire contribute greatly to this result. To provide better guard from curbs, this one has a rim protector. Likewise, the wider shoulder blocks help in maintaining balance and stability when cornering.

Wet Traction

Fortunately, there is good wet traction for this model. You can attest that to the four wide circumferential grooves, lateral grooves, and sipings of the tire. This helps remove water quickly from the tire surface so that there will be more contact between the road and tire surface.

Snow Traction

This is not exactly a winter tire but for light to medium snow conditions, this tire will do. The multiple sipes, staggered shoulders and alternate tread blocks help provide better biting grip on snow surfaces.

Noise Level & Comfort

The noise reduction ability of this tire is not that much compared to the all-season highway tires. However, the noise level produced in every turn is still manageable but if you go faster then expect your wheels to roar. Further, comfort has never been undermined from this tire model. It guarantees smooth and balances driving, thus, worry-free.

Tread Life

The tire compound of this model ensures there are good tread life capacity and balanced tread wearing. The enhanced rigidity of the compound makes it tougher and more resistive to chips and cuts. Thus, this can give you better savings for its longer tread life.



Atturo Trail Blade A/T

Let Us Wrap Up

Based on all the information, we think this is an excellent choice as an all-terrain, all season tire. Its overall performance and features are comparable to the highly expensive brands in the market. There are things to love and gripe about this tire. The setbacks of this tire include an insufficient capacity of handling deep snow and deep mud conditions. Likewise, the noise level is not that quiet compared to all season highway tires. However, the overall benefits of this tire outweigh its cost and setbacks. Hopefully, we were able to give you substantial details about this tire which is useful in creating a sound decision.

Source: Atturo tires

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